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Remedy (NamJin ff) by 7elsasnow
Remedy (NamJin ff)by Joonie⁷
Namjoon is a famous idol suffering from depression but doesn't show it to their fans. But on one fanmeet, he met Seokjin. Every time he see Seokjin smile, he feels happy...
Catching the Right Arrow - Hawkeye and Remedy by emkdickson
Catching the Right Arrow - Emily
Remedy Silver was a simple girl that never knew her life could change so drastically in such a short amount of time. At one moment, she's with her mother living her life...
Fortnite: Quest Buddies by trash-bandits
Fortnite: Quest Buddiesby 🦝Howie🦝
Skye Nimbus is an agent in a secret organisation called Ghost. When she starts getting dreams of her past, she has to keep it a secret. However, when the leader of Ghost...
Beautiful Scars [1] ✔ by RandomNugget14
Beautiful Scars [1] ✔by Katlyn DeRouen (Meadows)
The face is normally the first thing a person sees when they look at you. Physical appearance is what makes the first impression. But what if you had a horrendous physic...
Remedy || Lucas Sinclair by MistyNotHere
Remedy || Lucas Sinclairby WallsOnTheFloor
CURRENTLY UNDERGOING EDITING ! Fighting an inter-dimensional monster and finding a girl with superpowers definitely wasn't how Skylar intended her evening to go - but if...
Remedy  by OneChance01
Remedy by OneChance01
"I feel like we met for a reason..." Sometime you just can't escape the love it's meant for you. You can choose another path but life will alway guide you back...
Fortnite: Strike Team E.G.O by TrickyTheLynx_
Fortnite: Strike Team E.G.Oby Mothy_irl
The second book in the Fortnite: Spies series Teamwork. Survival. Friendship. When Turk signs up to a spy agency known as Ghost and gets assigned as the leader of a str...
She's my pup (Katelyn × Reader) by crazyfanlove
She's my pup (Katelyn × Reader)by Grim
We sat on her couch. Cups of hot chocolate in our hands. I took a shaky breath. She was beautiful really. I wasn't sure about having a mate. But if it's her I can handle...
"New World." (Fortnite X Male Reader.) by SpartanOfLegendary
"New World." (Fortnite X Male GhostOfShawn
Y/n Was your Amazing Gamer. He lives in an apartment with his two friends, and his favorite video game is Fortnite. He was on PS4 and got all the characters, Emote, Back...
"Noble Of EGO." Noble Six Male Reader X Fortnite. by SpartanOfLegendary
"Noble Of EGO." Noble Six Male GhostOfShawn
The Planet Reach has been Falling and lost. The Lone Wolf or Noble Six was stay alone and ready to fight the Covenant. He just Did complete his mission on deliver Contar...
Games ~TaeKook ff~ by 7elsasnow
Games ~TaeKook ff~by Joonie⁷
"Hey, that's mine!" "But I got it first!" "But I'm the one who saw it first!" "It's still mine!" "No! Give it to me! I want...
"Love on OG." Fortnite Harem x Male Reader. by SpartanOfLegendary
"Love on OG." Fortnite Harem x GhostOfShawn
There was Young boy name is Y/n L/N. He was an average teenage boy who just pass both college and High School at Young Age. But Now he is 18 years old. He has a His Cous...
"Son of Reaper." Male GTA Reader x Fortnite by SpartanOfLegendary
"Son of Reaper." Male GTA Reader GhostOfShawn
Y/n Speed was a son of Claude Speed And criminal He haves been grown up and training. He can Swim, Guns, Drive Fighting move from his Father, He can Talk and Mute for si...
Remedy ~ Wilbur soot x reader by LasNevadasIsHome
Remedy ~ Wilbur soot x readerby 𝐷𝑖𝑜𝑛𝑦𝑠𝑢𝑠
They met in a hospital waiting room. two very different injuries and people ,but never the less, they bonded. This story is in its first round so sorry if it's eh. Tw: C...
Fortnite: ALTER EGO by trash-bandits
Fortnite: ALTER EGOby 🦝Howie🦝
Throughout the island, ALTER is trying to capture big POIs in Shadow's name. When Midas senses a power surge from Slurpy Swamp, Ghost's Strike Team, EGO, is summoned to...
A Woman For The Modern Age by annamariemirage
A Woman For The Modern Ageby Orion//Mirage
I have been trying to prove myself to others. But I don't need to anymore. I have a desire for something that is so much more than what it is right now but each to thei...
Best Natural Home Remedies and Tips by besthomeremedies
Best Natural Home Remedies and Tipsby besthomeremedies
Are you also facing problems of your skin, health, disease, cole, sugar, so here are some best and effective working home remedies that will help you better, and save yo...
Dear Ambitious Writer [ C L O S E D ! ! ! ] by BalladPhoenix
Dear Ambitious Writer [ C L O S 『 r a i 』
DEAR AMBITIOUS WRITER: Have you come to get your book reviewed? Do you need advice? If so-- You have come to the right place~! The review wil...
(New Criminal Player.) "Grand Theft Auto: Fortnite City."  by SpartanOfLegendary
(New Criminal Player.) "Grand GhostOfShawn
One day, there was a Adult man was playing on GTA Online and Fortnite too. He wants to wish to go to fortnite and Become GTA Protagonist. Then He heard a ring bell and g...
Islamic Quotes  by AnamQureshi1D
Islamic Quotes by AnamQureshi1D
Feeling sad or depressed..? Or you just want to give up.? Well I got the remedy... It really works for me and in shaa Allah it will work for you too...