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Howl Silently My Love by dandan101
Howl Silently My Loveby Danielle
On the night of the harvest moon the Crimson Maire Pack was destroyed by the rivalling Cerulean Mist. Or atleast that's what was believed until Damen, the new leader of...
  • hunted
  • life
  • tempting
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0RD1NARY by Neko_Noelle
0RD1NARYby Noelle (=^-^=)
Numbers hang above everyone's head, including yours. You can see everyone's but your own. A death date. They float above your head, a constant reminder of how short som...
  • teenfiction
  • clock
  • remaining
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Remaining One #NaNoWriMo2016 by Gravity_Piglet
Remaining One #NaNoWriMo2016by Gravity Piglet
"What's your name" she asked the boy, walking closer to him. "Name?" his questioned, wondering what she meant. "What are you called? What did yo...
  • nanowrimo
  • remaining
  • disease
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Hungry Like The Wolf (ON HOLD) by EclipseStories
Hungry Like The Wolf (ON HOLD)by Eclipse
This is the future. Raging storms, crumbling cities, lost families and mother nature throws everything at you. But that isn't the worst thing. Humanity is on the brink...
  • remaining
  • fight
  • armageddon
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The Remaining by Beyourself0509
The Remainingby Beyourself0509
Alex is 13 he is at a party with his friends and then they hear a loud scream,they look to see a girl turned around shaking she turns around and they see a...
  • new
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  • series
The Remaining one Hour by heyselll
The Remaining one Hourby heyselll
  • cancerlovestory
  • hour
  • loveuguys
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The Remaining Ashes by hannahhoran93
The Remaining Ashesby hannah
War. Not just any war. War. The kind where you fight for your life. The apocalypse has destroyed almost everything beyond the set city limits. The undead scattered aroun...
  • pg13
  • remaining
  • romance
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Those Remaining Days by JessieLovesJunhyung
Those Remaining Daysby Jessie LovesJunhyung
I won't be in this world for long. I only have months to live. Months will turn into weeks and weeks will turn into days. I'm running out of time to do what I want to do...
  • death
  • love
  • forever
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The Bad Boy  by Girlygirl21XX
The Bad Boy by Girlygirl21XX
Emily a normal 16 year old girl Aaron a normal 16 year old boy Emily moves back to town and who does she meet first Read more of you dare
  • 16yearsold
  • otherthings
  • remaining
Never Quite Enough by myra-knee
Never Quite Enoughby myra-knee
In the distant future lay a world in where the races have converged and there is "Peace". With global warming on the rise and male birth rates declining; over...
  • future
  • youngwriter
  • youngreader
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One Of The SLAVE  by xiubaekjinmark
One Of The SLAVE by xiubaekjinmark
its a exo fanfic so anyone can read i think sana i enjoy niyo story ko.
  • sensemaking
  • baeksumin
  • remaining
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Desperate Moves by seorcery
Desperate Movesby 002
Isang medyo shungang babaeng sasamantalahin ang pagkaubos ng mga tao sa mundo. Well, in the first place, siya naman talaga ang puno't dulo ng misteryong nangyayari. Ang...
  • remaining
  • mystery
  • endoftherworld
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Hit List by Jackx_x
Hit Listby Jack.
Jacques Manson, a troubled boy, is bullied all his life as he goes through a depression crisis. He swears he will finally take revenge when his best friend, Karina, move...
  • manip
  • block
  • depression
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Remaining by Radimont
Remainingby raquel 🦋
It has been the 200th year since the world wide cause had happened, which is known as the Separation. The Separation was supposedly help the society live in three separa...
  • sciencefiction
  • society
  • fiction
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The Remaining by dreams-of-drowning
The Remainingby Arrianne
7 years after a biochemical mishap, those who survived the fallout struggle to continue living whilst fighting off those who were victimized. There is little to no food...
  • victims
  • action
  • remaining
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