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Remain (Greta x Brahms) by Nikkette
Remain (Greta x Brahms)by Jewel
She stopped, pausing for a moment to see if he would try to grab her and drag her out, and when he didn't, she pushed herself forward and hesitantly - ever so hesitantly...
♫••||Music||••♫ by HeroesNeverDiex
♫••||Music||••♫by Hanma/ Katakuna
Here I posted different songs, by Linkin Park, Skillet, BvB, Red, Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback, Apocalyptica, Evanescence, Cascada, Sum41, Chemical Romance, Powling for...
Top by odellbeaconsfield26
Topby odellbeaconsfield26
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Other by cadeltraub98
Otherby cadeltraub98
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Whether by klumpschervish88
Whetherby klumpschervish88
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Toward by perkinbarret83
Towardby perkinbarret83
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National by nicoliszeitlin73
Nationalby nicoliszeitlin73
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Civil by lenettepoma25
Civilby lenettepoma25
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Color by zelayerganian18
Colorby zelayerganian18
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Just Like That by Topheter
Just Like Thatby napat_reipsaj_dyoll
Why do you have to always decide? Bakit ba ang lahat ng bagay ay may makaakibat na desisyon.... Na kapag hindi napag isipang mabuti ay mapupunta ito sa hindi magandang r...
Throughout by schnabelmaddox83
Throughoutby schnabelmaddox83
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Rock by fortnarosenwald87
Rockby fortnarosenwald87
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