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The Mortal Crown | The Legacy Relics #1 by kaleykwan
The Mortal Crown | The Legacy Kaley
Five relics. Three kick-ass women. One goal. The Ebony Order, a secret guild of all-female spies, assassins, and thieves, assigns their best three the biggest mission of...
  • spy
  • danger
  • theebonyorder
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Brána depresím otevřena by Silvestr_Edl
Brána depresím otevřenaby Silvestr Edl
Ááá, další debilní báseň!
  • jojo
  • sranec
  • sebevražda
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Relics and Gold (Hearts&Spades Vol.1) by BetelgeuseWatson
Relics and Gold (Hearts&Spades Betelgeuse Watson
[Completed] Dalmishian Ealdwine is the heir of the kingdom, Alyssa Ealdwine is a young and cheerful princess, Loran Abbey is a young squire from an impoverished noble ho...
  • featured
  • projectdiscoveryourtalent
  • medievalhistoricalfiction
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The Void and the travellers (Irene's sister book 3/Void Paradox crossover) by LunaWolfKitten
The Void and the travellers ( LunaWolfKitten
~*Warning! Spoilers for the second book in this description! If you haven't already, go check out the first 2 books (the Irene's sister books)*~ Just as Eclipse, Vylad a...
  • crossover
  • minecraftdiaries
  • readerinsert
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Kami No Ibutsu  by Baveed
Kami No Ibutsu by Baveed
A boy wanted power to eliminate the demons that eradicated almost the entire human population. But little did he know with great power comes great responsibility... and...
  • relic
  • magic
  • action
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Lockwood & CO. Fanfic ~ To love a ghost by quicksilverfoxheart
Lockwood & CO. Fanfic ~ To love Quicksilver Foxheart
16 year old Shadow-Ash is an orphan relic girl who looks 10 and had been living in the London streets since she was 10. She loves ghosts and often steals agents missions...
  • lockwood
  • love
  • orphan
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Dragon Ball Hifz Dai 2 by Baveed
Dragon Ball Hifz Dai 2by Baveed
The sequel to the story of Lettu and Mato. More to be discovered in the universe, more to discovering their powerful race, the bounts and jameels. More characters and mo...
  • dragon
  • hifz
  • heroes
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Set It All Free - (Aaron's Twin) {Aphmau FF} by OneLastChance12
Set It All Free - (Aaron's Twin) { OneLastTime
"I want this school. Plus, I can make my own decisions and so do you." He spats. I sighed and looked at him apologetically, "I'm sorry, I just want us to...
  • lucinda
  • darkess
  • vylad
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The Keeper and The Key  by _EmeraldCrystal122_
The Keeper and The Key by ♥_EmeraldCrystal_♥
Savannah Rhiane Sanford. Smart, Caring and Over protective. She runs from her past. Still, it hunts her down. Hurt, betrayal, and pain. She journeys far across the land...
  • mage
  • gate
  • traitor
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The Relic by EllanaWindras
The Relicby EllanaWindras
The twelve races have lived together in relative harmony for half a millennium. But tensions are rising, and a war is brewing. Ancient legends of a relic with the power...
  • relic
  • war
  • featured
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Reign by EmersonSparks
Reignby Emerson Lea Sparks
Prince Rylan is about to be crowned King. Princess Rhiana and her mate Alpha Jerome are finding out new things about their toddlers. Princess Eve has found her mate, and...
  • luna
  • rogues
  • werewolf
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Assassins Creed by AlmostALegend
Assassins Creedby The Maker
When Desmond Miles wakes up in a foreign country being held captive by odd scientists he is forced to re live a past he never thought possible, and learn truths he'd nev...
  • warren
  • assassin
  • templar
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The Truth about Cat Wolfe and Irene the Matron (MCD story) by _Mikaela_Danziger_
The Truth about Cat Wolfe and ѕιѕтєя ѕcниαρρє∂
"Cat!! Stop!! What made you so evil?!" Irene shouted, tears running down her face. "My relic made me see the truth. In everything." Cat replied, pull...
  • irenethematron
  • wolves
  • aphmau
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Finding farther  by loveacting
Finding farther by loveacting
It's a long road when you can not die.
  • magic
  • relic
  • salem
A Tale of Two Brothers From Hell by Ruckis-Rookie
A Tale of Two Brothers From Hellby Ruckis
This is a story about two demon brothers, Rudy and Drake. Rudy is a goat demon with a big heart and a love for cartoons while Drake is is a laid back reptilian demon wh...
  • adventure
  • water
  • rain
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Dark angel  by loveacting
Dark angel by loveacting
The only time there is any light is when the moon is the fullest. The only time mother is distracted is when she is watching her orb. And she seems to be particularly an...
  • maiden
  • relic
  • salem
Irene's sister (Aphmau MCD fanfic) by LunaWolfKitten
Irene's sister (Aphmau MCD fanfic)by LunaWolfKitten
Y/n. A name no one knows. Why? Because Irene. Y/n is Irene's younger sister. As everyone knows, Irene was blessed, a divine. Her sister was too and Irene feared the safe...
  • mcd
  • relic
  • past
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The Relic: Extra Information by EllanaWindras
The Relic: Extra Informationby EllanaWindras
This book is for the Relic, it includes things like maps, character profiles, race profiles, general extra information and maybe a few back stories. May contain spoilers...
  • relic
THE ELIOUD TOME: The Watcher's Book of Books by DavidSnow9
THE ELIOUD TOME: The Watcher's David DeLane Snow
This is the SACRED BOOK of a lost people known as the Elioud. It began as a scroll, kept in an ornate box. Later, the boxed-scroll was viewed as a holy relic. In ti...
  • elves
  • rituals
  • enoch
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Character Book. by Relic__
Character Relic__
Character descriptions.
  • character
  • relic
  • roleplay
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