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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
  • disaster
  • air
  • thugs
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Akame Ga Kill: Weilder Of The Demon's Heart by Deutschbahg
Akame Ga Kill: Weilder Of The Deutschbahg
A father of a teenager named "Takeshi Takeo"/Travis Miles from the lands far Northwest of the capital accidentally fell into a secret cave where the Past Em...
  • flames
  • lubbock
  • mine
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Relics and Gold (Hearts&Spades Vol.1) by BetelgeuseWatson
Relics and Gold (Hearts&Spades Betelgeuse Watson
[Completed] Dalmishian Ealdwine is the heir of the kingdom, Alyssa Ealdwine is a young and cheerful princess, Loran Abbey is a young squire from an impoverished noble ho...
  • knight
  • rebellion
  • thehistoricalawards2019
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The Void and the travellers (Irene's sister book 3/Void Paradox crossover) by LunaWolfKitten
The Void and the travellers ( LunaWolfKitten
~*Warning! Spoilers for the second book in this description! If you haven't already, go check out the first 2 books (the Irene's sister books)*~ Just as Eclipse, Vylad a...
  • minecraftdiaries
  • relic
  • sister
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Myth Of Music (A Pokémon Fanfiction) by Doodledoo2431
Myth Of Music (A Pokémon Mediocre_Gamer
Yuki Aria has always been a very shy girl. While tending to her families farm, she stumbles upon a mysterious injured pokémon. Against her usual timid nature, she helps...
  • song
  • mythical
  • relic
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the girl who called mystreet her home (a travis x reader) (#3) by FourStarCarrot
the girl who called mystreet her bisexual ax400
"now i never wanna see you cry i will keep screaming till you find the way." --amalee, strike back o o o o o (Y/N) (L/N) rose and fell from grace countless tim...
  • sequel
  • vylad
  • aphmau
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Changelings: The Novelization (Book 1) by CarlyBryannYoung
Changelings: The Novelization ( Carly Bryann Young
Legends, folktales, and bedtime stories all spoke of creatures called Fae. But no one thought they were real - until the Fae invaded. Now it is up to a rag-tag group of...
  • sword
  • soldier
  • mermen
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The Sacred Mirror by Ben-Midland
The Sacred Mirrorby Ben Midland
  • adventure
  • suspense
  • jews
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The Red Twins by TechnoYawnn
The Red Twinsby Colm Deeny.
The beginning of a zodiac monster themed short story series.
  • short
  • token
  • twins
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Nexus by Daggerfell
Nexusby Dagger MC Jagger
-Incoming Transmission- START START START AI COMM// OMEGA SIGN ON Indirect anomaly found; exo-system scans show signs of relic. Unknown origin. Locati...
  • scifi
  • adventure
  • alien
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For I Have Sinned... by Candii13
For I Have Candii13
What do you do when your life has an expiry date? That your entire life was simply a lead up to an ultimate sacrifice. Yvonna is a vampire. A vampire with 390 days left...
  • hope
  • destiny
  • blood
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Reign by EmersonSparks
Reignby Emerson Lea Sparks
Prince Rylan is about to be crowned King. Princess Rhiana and her mate Alpha Jerome are finding out new things about their toddlers. Princess Eve has found her mate, and...
  • luna
  • princess
  • werewolf
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Knowledge is Deadly: Book 1: The Azuran Series by foxandthorns
Knowledge is Deadly: Book 1: The Fox
Magic doesn't exist right? •~•~•~•~•~•~• When Katelyn Pierce, an 18 year old medical student's, life gets thrown off balance, she must learn how to cope with the change...
  • adventure
  • relics
  • fiction
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The Writer by TheMidnightVampire
The Writerby griza
(@CharlesMcChesnut's gave me this idea! don't judge mehhhh) Welcome to the realm of the Internet. I have gathered you all here today for you to help me gather something...
  • author
  • fun
  • thewriter
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New Relic users email lists by EmailAppend
New Relic users email listsby EmailAppend
To see the response rates and the conversion rates With every marketing campaign that you roll out use Email Data Group's complete email list of companies using New Rel...
  • relic
  • list
  • email
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The last relic war by Shadowfang445
The last relic warby Shadow
This story has changed in it's original plot This story is about a young werewolf, they must face a difficult choice when their sister goes power hungry and takes a spel...
  • swords
  • dragons
  • relic
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Army of Shadows by TheBrysonMcGuire
Army of Shadowsby Bryson
In the southern world of Halron, a boy named Ascot loses his family and village to a raid of bandits. Ascot seeks refuge in a school of magic craft and before long he un...
  • medieval
  • battle
  • arcane
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