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Vivisepulture by danebaker85
Vivisepultureby Dane Baker
I've been working on this first draft for my first book for several months now, but have struggled the last few weeks to continue on. Recently I was told about Wattpad...
  • midwest
  • vivisepulture
  • lifelessons
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The Four Horsemen's Game by readbrookesbooks
The Four Horsemen's Gameby Brooke
#808 IN SCIENCE FICTION The year is 2031. America's woes have increased tenfold. In an effort to maintain peace and order, politicians have looked not to the military, b...
  • superpowers
  • fiction
  • youngadult
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The time when I lost  by Mastanispeaks
The time when I lost by Reshmy Raphy
Losing is a part of this life. We lose something to gain something better.Philosophies apart there are loses which no one can replace. loses that can give you nothing el...
  • relationships
  • friendship
  • relevance
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High School Lyfe by FateXPro
High School Lyfeby FateXPro
Honestly I've been brought to this idea to a close good friend. Therefore this would be like my autobiography. I do not plan to make this official but things here are li...
  • teen
  • drama
  • struggle
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Suffocated by xcollabx
Suffocatedby jzfrvr
  • awareness
  • suffocate
  • social
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Movie Reviews by nobodyatallthesecond
Movie Reviewsby nobodyatallthesecond
A folder or collection of essays dedicated to reviewing movies with any genre, through in depth analysis covering every element the film possesses , or simple contempla...
  • selfanalysis
  • social-commentary
  • relevance
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Determined to be friends. by asrielthekid
Determined to be asrielthekid
When two students receive their own robot things can get exciting. But when the research center decide to reprogramme one of their robots to be a bit "different&qu...
  • relevance
  • robot
  • difference
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Relevance ( Story by Me ) by MegMeg030
Relevance ( Story by Me )by fuckingphsyxo
Rei Itsuna had a normal school girl life not until she met her two guardians Nathani and Uzima to protect her from then on while she learns on how or why they're here. G...
  • relevance