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The Eyes of a Young Life by Buttercup3101
The Eyes of a Young Lifeby Buttercup3101
This book is random poems or short-stories that I write because I need to release some pent up emotions. I wasn't going to do this and keep my poems to myself, but I fee...
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Drastic measures  by SpaceAndTime246
Drastic measures by spaceandtime
Alex is a 15-year-old high school student who can normally keep his cool, but when a homemade video of him gets out he has to take drastic measures to get it down
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A suicide note a day by sleepycollegekid
A suicide note a dayby sleepycollegekid
One day it will all make sense
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Us. by itsJCRod JC Rod
Us is a two part story, within it there are two people sharing the same situation with a different point of view. Or do they?
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some sad teenage girl shit by ufeelthefukinvibez
some sad teenage girl shitby misty
lol read if u want
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Life or Lifeless by HafMal0810
Life or Lifelessby HafMal0810
Benevolent, proud, vexed, upset, heartbroken, frightened, disturbed. Do you have someone to share your feelings and thoughts to? These are mini chapters that anyone can...
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Beyond the Clouds.   by mynotsomagicallife
Beyond the Clouds. by Rachel
This book is more for me. But here if you read it. Caution though. It's my darkest thought I have alone in my room when I feel trapped inside screaming with no one to li...
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If it makes you happy, then it's important  by AzuraFlake
If it makes you happy, then it's Cashew
We need to appreciate the little things that makes us happy because life is short and only one
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Rapid Release (PDF) by Jewel Allen by xalyrebu6902
Rapid Release (PDF) by Jewel Allenby xalyrebu6902
Read Rapid Release PDF by Jewel Allen Listen to Rapid Release: How to Write & Publish Fast For Profit audiobook by Jewel Allen Read Online Rapid Release: How to Write...
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