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Art through words by meijoyamorado
Art through wordsby clumsydéese
A collection of words worth reading. (This 2020 I discovered a whole new world full of beautiful souls and minds: credits to the talented writers here on Wattpad) Highe...
Engagement [Book 3: SEKTOR V Trilogy] by SEKTORV
Engagement [Book 3: SEKTOR V SEKTORV
In the epic culmination of the SEKTOR V Saga, the final vestiges of Humanity are scattered across the far reaches of the galaxy. After the apocalyptic loss of their hom...
What I Learned From Mankind by amanezca10307
What I Learned From Mankindby Miguel Flores
A Neb boy named Pilot, member of an spacefaring species of android children, finds the universe is much more mysterious than he ever imagined. As he masters the secrets...
Enlightenment [Book 2: SEKTOR V Trilogy] by SEKTORV
Enlightenment [Book 2: SEKTOR V SEKTORV
Book two of the SEKTOR V Trilogy expands into the Galactic unknown. In Enlightenment, Humanity's myopic and solitary existence is suddenly thrust into the domain of str...
Time Off by authorburton
Time Offby Scott Burton
Humanity has latched on to mathematical equations that appear to describe many of the workings in our universe - the so called "fundamental laws". Now a voice...
The Bridge: A Science Fiction Survival Story by Leoduhvinci
The Bridge: A Science Fiction Leo Petracci
Centuries after an asteroid smashes into a star ship, the inhabitants must learn to survive space without technology or perish. Join princess Airomem and Horatius the h...
He's Fast and She's Weird (The Maximoff Twins Short Story) by juliatheawzom3274
He's Fast and She's Weird (The -✧𝐆𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐈
Pietro and Wanda Maximoff hate their life. Their parents when they were little and they were taken by Hydra to be used for their 'experiments'. Their new strengths are e...
My Raining Heart by vannarain
My Raining Heartby Savannah Rayne
Some poems that I've written. Please give me suggestions on how I could do better for you to enjoy it.
Relativity by belledelis
Relativityby adabelle delis
just like monsters, the term "us" is only relative to what it involves. I guess we were monsters in our own sense. ©belledelis 2016
LunaXSol by TopazTheBear
LunaXSolby TopazTheBear
This story is about two entities known as Luna and Sol they are the offsprings of the Moon and the Sun. Luna is the rebel one who wants to find out everything head on al...
The Large Boundary of Space by KnownDisc
The Large Boundary of Spaceby Discworld and Known Space
On the ideology of an expansive and utterly extremely large universe or a static one that remains the same wherever you are. This man from a normal world suddenly discov...
My Own Personal Singularity by Glen123
My Own Personal Singularityby Glen Robinson
What if time and death were related? This very short, short story considers both in a way that science can't...yet.
Doctor Who: Cancer of the Soul by AttakZak
Doctor Who: Cancer of the Soulby Zachary Denoyer
Doctor Who Alternate Series 11 Episode 11: Cancer of the Soul: A Time Lord of pure hatred and wrath as taken control of the TARDIS, putting the Doctor, Megan, and Michae...
Marionette Heart by Korelias
Marionette Heartby We Were All Born To Die
"I am addicted to this dangerous game called 'Love'". Love can be a cruel mistress. She can be either really sweet or really sour. The manipulation of sprea...
Call Me What You Wanna by tishaboo4life
Call Me What You Wannaby Leticia Wilson
I don't try to fit in, neither do I try to stand out. If something is wrong, I refuse to sit in silence in let it happen. Let me tell you, the 8th grade is no joke. Peo...
The Theory of Relativity (Troyler) by amanda4799
The Theory of Relativity (Troyler)by amanda4799
There are exactly 4 reasons why I can't date Tyler Oakley. 1. Reality 2. Practicality 3. Other People 4. The Theory of Relativity