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Relationship Advice by Relationship_wrecked
Relationship Adviceby Keeks
Relationships are f***ing tough! There are so many different types of advice out there! What works for one person, might not work for the other, it's so confusing! Well...
Queen of hearts by TheQueensClub
Queen of heartsby 👄👑💎✨
Everything and anything you need to know about relationships. From friendship to dating, this guide is everything you need. ♛Look your best. Feel your best. Act your be...
sex talk with luca by lucatheloser
sex talk with lucaby くそっ
🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞 Sexual education that you aren't getting in school. Mostly will be sharing information that I've found and answering questions. Not...
In this book I will give you some advice on how to improve your writing, or at least what helps me! I AM NOT AN EXPERT. In fact, I am an amateur, and I would not, by all...
Why Do You Stay? by ShariSifuentes
Why Do You Stay?by Shari Sifuentes
Why do you stay in unhappy relationships and how can you break that cycle?
Use Your Words by ghostchilde
Use Your Wordsby ghostchilde
"I, ah, set off three explosions last, ah, week," the man muttered, hands making the motions of explosions, "I hijacked a bus of tourists and I held them...
Quotes  by their_all_taken
Quotes by Ness Forever
Just some quotes that I find meaningful and inspiring. Or just random ones that I like.
Uravity Falls [Izuku X Ochako] by BHSDesk
Uravity Falls [Izuku X Ochako]by BHSDesk
Still struggling with her feelings for Deku, Ochako Uraraka seeks advice from the most unlikely source ever. Oh yeah, this will go well. My first BNHA fic! Just a bit of...
Life advice by _DiamondLily_
Life adviceby _DiamondLily_
Just life advice, something I was told or found to help you in life.
My Wise Words Of Girldom by AyandaFrederique
My Wise Words Of Girldomby AyaTheHeartEater
The Queendom of Femininity is a little hard to navigate without the right help. Here's me hoping I drew the right map for those of you beautiful ladies who haven't disco...
Recovering from a Bad Relationship by ShariSifuentes
Recovering from a Bad Relationshipby Shari Sifuentes
Recovering from a bad relationship takes time and self-care.
Muse by bayleedesh
Museby Baylee DeShazo
A collection of relationship/love advice.
Relationship Advice From Yours Truly by harleyquinn283
Relationship Advice From Yours Harley Quinn
If anyone knows relationships, I do. I mean, I was in a relationship with a psycho maniac killer, but hey, everyone has to make a living somehow!
Dating 101 by http_alyssa_urban
Dating 101by Stalking much babe?
So here is some tips about dating
Life Advice by Group_Therapy
Life Adviceby Ila, Kat & Emily
I'm no therapist but I'll promise you this: I will listen. I will care.
POST-CHEATINGby Valume Living
Being cheated on is honestly one of the worst feelings a man or woman can go through! It's that feeling of self-doubt. VALUME is here to help! Here is some advice to he...
How To Get A Girl - A Helpful Version! by Unamusedmuse
How To Get A Girl - A Helpful Unamusedmuse
I couldn't find anything on here like this that was helpful to me- So as a female- (Who also happens to be a lesbian) I'm here to help anyone who may be wanting to get s...
Advice for Girls by Advice_column101
Advice for Girlsby Advice_column101
From hair to relationships I am here to help. If you have a problem just fill out the form and I will do everything I can. Or if you want to know how to do a certain hai...