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A Secret Service [NOW PUBLISHED] by joymoment
A Secret Service [NOW PUBLISHED]by Joy
Now available in paperback! "I LOVE IT!" - CarniaHolmes "I'm going to break your nose, because I don't like your face," Carter said. She pointed...
Memes {continuing} by Haruka_Tsukiko1432
Memes {continuing}by ✧Moon Mother✧
Memes that'll, Blow your mind Be funny Be relatable And everything else. DISCLAIMER: I don't cater to your wants and if it offends you, then take up with me in person...
Broken Bottles by KiKi1417
Broken Bottlesby KiKi1417
Paxton Meyers is just a kid. He is supposed to be out with his friends causing trouble, instead he is trying his absolute best to stay out of it. He should not care what...
The Mafia's Unwanted Bride by reiigna
The Mafia's Unwanted Brideby ray😜
Him: Successful, rich, intelligent, harsh, fuckboy-that's what the media says about him. But away from cameras, he's a twisted, cruel bastard; a nightmare. A man oozing...
You game? (Soulmate AU) Tommyinnit x reader by 1Rain10
You game? (Soulmate AU) 1Rain10
You are a small female streamer. But what you never would have thought that your neighbor could be your soulmate. You go on an adventure of trying to handle fame and lov...
The Vampire Prince [COMPLETE] by xoxoGGii
The Vampire Prince [COMPLETE]by xoxoGGii
Stella's small world of her coven of witches turns bigger when she meets a real life Prince Charming, Zeke. Only, he's better. ...
Living with the Player by strwbrryglazeddonut
Living with the Playerby strawberry donut gorl
*previously called Living Situations Jennie has always been on her own. She stays out of drama, keeps to herself, and hates trouble. Specifically, she hates soft-haired...
My Crush's Brother (BxB) by GorgChocolateQueen
My Crush's Brother (BxB)by Eren is bae
Tristan Quinn is Hanover's popular jock. Even though he has girls falling for him everywhere he goes, he has always wanted Veronica Konajount. Veronica is the only girl...
LUCIFER by Renique_Nelson
LUCIFERby Renique Nelson
Dark. Cold. Dangerous. Were the words used to describe Ajax Parker. A powerful man with sources and favors everywhere. They described his business transactions as striki...
Fire & Desire : Pooh Shiesty Fanfiction   by rickirick
Fire & Desire : Pooh Shiesty kae🪐.
When a man loves a women .. and i mean really love a woman how far will he go for her ?
ZODIAC SIGNS by avengefandoms
ZODIAC SIGNSby Jenny ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Credit to IG & Tumblr Posts*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ BOOK 2 IS UP♡
Cheated (Mr. Control Freak) by -ArseHole
Cheated (Mr. Control Freak)by Jay Gotti
When he cheated, he created a slippery slope. One that would extend into his next generation and affect the lives of his family and those around him. Many lives were for...
The Golden Days by mysteriousmahek
The Golden Daysby Mahek D Patel
◇◇◇ "I didn't lose a friend. I just realized I never had one." Kiara Sharma is a teenager who is starting her new journey at Central High School. Her goals are...
Heart to Hart ✔️ by loiseaublanc
Heart to Hart ✔️by Clara Loisy
A friends to lovers romance. A year ago, Natasha packed her bags and hopped on the first train out of her hometown in Hampshire, England, leaving behind a dysfunctional...
The Safety Pin Affair by sabbbycat
The Safety Pin Affairby ✨ sabine ✨
Victoria Harris is a bull. Not literally, of course. But she's pretty true to what her zodiac sign says about her. She's stubborn as hell, sarcastic and witty, and...
Finding Us| ✔️ by PineappleGoddess_
Finding Us| ✔️by F a i t h 💫
It's always Luce and Kaden- inseparable best friends. Where you see one, the other is following close behind. And despite any problems in their relationship, they end up...
A Year Around the Sun by sabbbycat
A Year Around the Sunby ✨ sabine ✨
"This is a story about our love. An intoxicating, fast-paced love that didn't think of time as a source of measurement over the course of a summer that changed my l...
The subtle World Of Terraria. by FreiPixelz
The subtle World Of Frei Pixelz
Wounded and Hurt. Targeted and Chased in the dark moonlight. The smell of blood and copper penetrating his nose as he clutches his bloodied stomach without looking back...
The Bad Boy And The Prankster by -litbaby
The Bad Boy And The Pranksterby sadia✨
Bella Smith. The name doesn't sound harmful. Does it? But what if I told you that was a lie. What if I told you that Bella Smith, a smart, beautiful girl, who was practi...
Surreal Reality || Levi Ackerman by CrushXXX777
Surreal Reality || Levi Ackermanby Minnie YeonJi
A Levi Ackerman fanfiction A story told in a universe where titans don't exist, humanity doesn't have walls that confine them and people are free to feel emotions they n...