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The new eve Diabolik Lovers subaru x readerp by INFIRED_by_JAMS
The new eve Diabolik Lovers thisgirllovesBTS
The Adam and Eve project was a complete disaster so the Sakamaki, mukamis and tsukinami are set off to a find a new Eve and that's you.
Diabolik Lovers || Zodiacs by xxnxcxlx
Diabolik Lovers || Zodiacsby 𝓝𝓲𝔁
BACK WITH ANOTHER BOOK I MAY REGRET XD But putting that aside, hope yall enjoy this :) Copyright masteroffxre Started》9th March 2019 Completed》-
Diabolik Lovers || Incorrect Quotes by xxnxcxlx
Diabolik Lovers || Incorrect Quotesby 𝓝𝓲𝔁
You'll either laugh your butt off or cringe till your brain shuts down from all the crap thats to come. >>>Started: 23/12/2018 >>>Finished: 09/02/2019
Dance with Devils Shiki x Reader by gaming367
Dance with Devils Shiki x Readerby Natsumezaka-san
This is a story of a missing girl who was find several years later in a other country by Shiki Natsumezaka the treasurer of the Shiko academi in Japan, Shiki will take c...
Shu x reader (diabolik lovers) by x_Mrs_Michaelis_x
Shu x reader (diabolik lovers)by Rachel
( First story guys sorry if its bad) You are transferred to new school and you are to live at the sakamaki mansion, what will happen when you start to fall for the eldes...
✞ Diabolik Lovers : Roleplay ✞ by Corrupted-Icarus
✞ Diabolik Lovers : Roleplay ✞by 「 S A Ɗ I S Ƭ 」
❝ You belong to me! ❞ --- a dl roleplaying book. Want to roleplay with thirteen hot vampires plus a beautiful girl? Here is the right place! Welcome, one and all! Your p...
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Mundo Rejet ^^ by ChicaSakamaki
Mundo Rejet ^^by Yuna Love
Recopilación continua de personajes creados por Rejet.
Marouane: La réligion change mais pas le Dieu... by lovely__lov
Marouane: La réligion change lovely__lov
Nous servons tous un seul Dieu... Pourtant la réligion reste source de conflit...
10 DAYS ; sakamaki ayato by Alisugawa
10 DAYS ; sakamaki ayatoby 『 明星 』
❝ IF ONLY TIME COULD STOP, I'D LOVE TO SPEND AN ETERNITY WITH YOU - EVEN IF SUCH THING DOESN'T EXIST. ❞ The necessary ingredients were gathered, the ritual circle was dr...
-o- Campaña Non-Toxic Dialover -o- by Maixsu
-o- Campaña Non-Toxic Dialover -o-by Maixsu Rhoera
Campaña creada para concientizar al fandom de Diabolik Lovers y apoyar a la franquicia así como también a Rejet.
Une journée dans ma peau : 24 heures 2 280 minutes 86 400 secondes by pickajay
Une journée dans ma peau : 24 pickajay
Je vous laisse découvrir par vous-même. Bonne lecture :)
The Girl Who Changed. by muffin1714
The Girl Who muffin1714
A small girl who is never noticed by the school happenes to be the mate of the alpha, but what happenes when he says he dosnt want her as a mate...
Bernard l'Authentique by ReineRuby_InSomnia
Bernard l'Authentiqueby InSomnia
C'est l'histoire d'un deuil dont on ne sait jamais remise... PAIX À TON ÂME BERNARD LE REJETÉ
A' x Reader by Lullaby207
A' x Readerby Lullaby207
Best boy no.2 *untukku. Si Trouble maker , good boy, tapi tragis ini *uhuk i love him Ngebayangin A ketemu sama pacarnya mungkin kayak gini. Kisah cinta di SMA. Rasanya...
Le jour où tout commence. by by_my_life_
Le jour où tout by_my_life_
Ne jamais dire jamais et ne jamais penser que sa nous arrivera jamais à nous parce que nous c'est pas eux. Certes ce sont des histoires différentes mais qui mèneront à u...
Everydays at the Sakamaki's by mewnadjaxJackFrost
Everydays at the Sakamaki'sby Mew
not really a stories but small scenarios