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Unforgivable (Fairy tail next gen) by Analy286
Unforgivable (Fairy tail next gen)by Analy Sarai Eileen Mejia
DISCONTINUED (Lmao this story don't make sense😭) Nashi and Luke travel to Mangolia to find their long lost father, Natsu Dragneel, so they could learn more about their...
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Fairy Tail Next Generation: Twins of the Dragon Realm  by anime_fairy_05
Fairy Tail Next Generation: Anime_Fairy_05
What if Lucy found out that she was the future Queen of the Dragon realm AND that she was pregnant with Natsu's kids? Shocked by Natsu's betrayal, she decides to takes r...
Fairytail Next Generation  by fairytail_central
Fairytail Next Generation by ωяιтєяѕ вℓσ¢к
Join Nashi, Storm, Rin, Sylvia, Luke, Reiki, Rosemary, Kai, Nova, and Gale as they go through hardships of... - Drama - Break-ups - Fights - Weaknesses - Reunions? Oh...
Fairytail the next generation  by aphmauandshipping
Fairytail the next generation by aphmauandshipping
It is the story of are favorite fairytail characters children it is full of romance, action, and lots of trouble! I'm not done yet but enjoy 😉
Fairy tail next gen - The missing shadow by elibaba26
Fairy tail next gen - The elibaba26
Hi everyone! I was reading a lot of these recently and I wanted to make my ships..! :P So here they are in an original story inspired by the fairy tail's Universe! Hope...
Our Time Spent Together: Fairy Tail Next Generation Fanfiction by SaFireSammi
Our Time Spent Together: Fairy Ms.Independent
Through the thin and thick, through the sun and rain, through the day and night, our heroes have never faltered. With every challenge, demand, and hardship these wizards...
Fairytail: Next Generation!!! by PomeranianPups
Fairytail: Next Generation!!!by PomeranianPups
In this Next generation you will meet the following Characters *Nashi Layla Dragneel *Nash Igneel Dragneel *Storm Fullbuster *Sylvia Fullbuster *Rin Fullbuster *Nova Dre...
Fairy Tail The Next Generation [DISCONTINUED] by plain0_0face0_0asian
Fairy Tail The Next Generation [ V✌️(뷔)
Our favorite Fairy Tail couples finally became canon and thus came the next generation! It's time for these teenagers to find an adventure of their own! 💛TeamNash or 💛...
Fairy Tail: Our Generation by ASHtheINTROVERTED
Fairy Tail: Our Generationby Ash
SEQUEL TO: Fairy Tail: Next Generation Nashi Dragneel and the rest of the guild try to continue their lives normally with a guildmates death. It's been difficult, but t...
Stars of the Past Sky by Mrme098
Stars of the Past Skyby Mrme098
Nashi and her team went on a mission, but she wakes up confused and alone in the forest floor. When Storm and Reiki find her, they travel back home, but that home isn't...
A Little Too Late • Fairy Tail Next Generation Fanfiction by Pr1mord1al
A Little Too Late • Fairy Tail :))
FAIRY TAIL NEXT GEN FANFIC A small mission to save their friend lead to Fairy Tail's newest generation falling through a portal - causing them to travel back in time to...
Fairy Tail Next Generation Short Stories  by yukhei_loml
Fairy Tail Next Generation Short yoongito-gansito
Here you can recommend whatever type of FT New Gen stories you want! Weather it's action or shipping stories I'll write it! Hope you enjoy them!
Knights And Royals (Fairy Tail Next Generation) by FandomsInBooks
Knights And Royals (Fairy Tail FandomsInBooks
Welcome to the kingdom of Magnolia, where the army is strong and the kids are to cute to resist. The soldiers are hardcore and the commanders, Erza and Jellal, have made...
Fairy tail next generation: stuck in the past by fairylover24
Fairy tail next generation: Fairylover24
A glowing light appears and 4 kids are teleported to place that seems familiar but different. What will happen when the guild finds out these kids are their future child...
Legacy (FT Next Generation) by ASHtheINTROVERTED
Legacy (FT Next Generation)by Ash
The Lost Princess - "Life is better when you laugh, Don't you think?" The Forgotten Descendent - "There are some things that you learn in the calm, and so...
FT: NG Fanfic by CCBeatsRock
FT: NG Fanficby Zero/One/Two/Three
As time goes on, people come and go. Heroes are born. Deeds are done. A hero's deeds become famous. Which with the passage of time, become legends. Our tale is about a g...
A Secret Voice (A Stormshi Fanfic) by coolcat112312
A Secret Voice (A Stormshi Fanfic)by Abigail Fire heart
Nashi Dragneel is the daughter of the famous singers Natsu and Lucy Dragneel. She was neglected and hurt by her parents and older brother(Luke) because she couldn't sing...
4 views 1 story (Fairy Tail Next Generation Fan Fic) by LilTGirls
4 views 1 story (Fairy Tail Next lil girl and lilest girl
A little something for the fairy tail and i know this is different for me but ill do my best. hope you like
The Way We Were Before {Fairytail Next Generation} by AJ_Panda54311
The Way We Were Before { Ajana
Storm was known as the cold one. Nashi was the stupid one. Luke was the useless one. Metti was the petty one. And Reiki, well, you will find out about him later. This is...
Fairy tail Next Generation by BubblegumLove1
Fairy tail Next Generationby BubblegumLove1
All you favorite Ships in fairy tail now have kids: Nashi, Igneel, Gale, Emma, Nova, Reiki, storm, Sylvia, Ally and Jake. join them on there epically amazing adventure t...