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Bleed Me Hollow by denisaacl
Bleed Me Hollowby Denisa Logojan
Too young to become monsters. Too old to be forgiven. And too many broken bones, silent screams, lives lost. If she still had her memories, she would have remembered the...
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The Shade of These Dark Waters by denisaacl
The Shade of These Dark Watersby Denisa Logojan
WATTY'S 2018 SHORTLIST. Pirate captain Dazaara Aviraz holds an intricate relationship with water. Exiled from her homeland, she longs to return home, to a father who ta...
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Total Drama One shots and Imagines by JJBAhasconsumedme
Total Drama One shots and Imaginesby Leaving Wattpad
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Changes by palelemon
Changesby Monika ☀️
I look around at all of the rubble surrounding us. Tears stream down my face as I look up at him. "This isn't what I wanted." His eyes are dark and I see a smi...
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The mystery of love (mystogan X reader) by white-dragon_empress
The mystery of love (mystogan X white-dragon
I suck at descriptions and the previous description didnt match my new story plans i hope you like it as its my first x reader story Many thanks -white-dragon_empress W...
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"Our Little Secret" - JJK x Reader by dearbangtan_1
"Our Little Secret" - JJK x Readerby dearbangtan_1
Kim Y/N and Jeon Jungkook. Student and Teacher. A whirlwind relationship kept a secret. But will that relationship crash as fast as it took off - as all of the odds are...
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Undesirable. by hey_its_lexiii
#7 Lexi
Senior year isn't meant to be more stressful than it's supposed to, that is unless there's a serial killer on the loose. Melody Castillo went into this year expecting t...
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Spiritual Milestones by ImBatman08
Spiritual Milestonesby BUNNY
Questions will accepted from everyone. I will try to publish a Quranic Ayat, Hadith or Dua regularly 📬 In Sha Allah, I may also relate some of them to first hand exper...
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Intangible  by ImBatman08
Intangible by BUNNY
Spiritual quotes, Ayats, Rumi's Quotes, and many more to make your day a little better than it already was!
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my life by Sunsetstardom
my lifeby Sunsetstardom
Molly has known Harrison since she was young. They used to do everything together, but that was before Harrison moved to Australia, leaving Molly confused, sad, and alon...
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About Time | Andy Fowler  by LilyEllis652
About Time | Andy Fowler by Lily Ellis
When Rye's sister returned to Somerset, Andy was devastated. Although he had his own reasons for missing her of course. A year passed and as if it was planned, after exa...
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Allusions - Quotes by ImBatman08
Allusions - Quotesby BUNNY
Random, romantic, philosophical, spiritual, and many kinds of quotes to make your day better! Hope you guys like it! Regular updates. P.s Quotes may be in texual form or...
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The Vanishing: A Westfall Academy Novel by Blue_Eyed_Ginger
The Vanishing: A Westfall Jessica
*Part of the Carnation Awards 2020 and The Fam Awards* Disaster prone Arden Montgomery is hoping for a fresh start after burning her old school to the ground. Not on pur...
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Star Wars: Heir to the Sith (Part 1) (#Wattys2018 shortlist) by tomc100
Star Wars: Heir to the Sith ( TS Church
Shortlisted for the #Wattys2018. In the final hours of Emperor Palpatine's reign, newly promoted Captain Pina of the Star Destroyer Reaver is sent to quell unrest amids...
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Healing Bella by avacotton
Healing Bellaby Ava Cotton
*UPDATES EVERY SUNDAY* | *THE FIRST BOOK OF THIS NEW SERIES* When Bella is adopted by a young billionaire model, her whole life turns around. She has everything any teen...
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Shikadai x Reader.  by JordanaUchihaHatake
Shikadai x Reader. by Mandy Hyuga
What happens when a boy with pineapple hair starts to have interest with an alcoholic transfer student from the hidden sand? Read if you want to find out. :) WARNINGS ...
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HOMELESS          ~•Tony Stark X Reader•~ by Polomints28
HOMELESS ~•Tony Stark X ❄️WinterIron4ever❄️
You are an ordinary girl, working hard for a living. But one day, on your way to work, you bump into a homeless man- no other than Tony Stark. However, the whole world b...
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Ascension [A Yu-Gi-Oh! FanFiction] by Tarangifer
Ascension [A Yu-Gi-Oh! FanFiction]by Tara G
A rebellious uprising. An arranged marriage. A rising threat against Egypt. How will the youngest son of Pharaoh Aknamkanon cope with them all? [My take on the leadup to...
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Tainted Hearts by justanothergirl2005
Tainted Heartsby justanothergirl2005
Mwiza is an aspiring African musician who gets a scholarship to a music academy in London. Andrew is a famous musician with a failing career, they meet and fall in love...
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Marauders: Kate Potter by MeikBond
Marauders: Kate Potterby Tomeika Bond
Kate is the twin sister of James Potter, she is a trouble maker, also something called an anamagi this means she can turn into any animal she wants. But what happens one...
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