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Final Heist [Nct Gangster! Au]  by FTWinwin
Final Heist [Nct Gangster! Au] by Jai☕️
"This is the last chance we got, better make it count." [WARNING! Some mature content like gore and murder and stuff]
  • irregular
  • mark
  • yuta
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CURSED HEARTS by fuxkers
𝗯𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 </𝟯
  • life
  • regular
🙃 by kblavar
🙃by ♡
Greatness awaits.
  • regular
the V by qiansk
the Vby ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎
[ see the vision ] ────── a wayV fanfic by mars! or ;; mars puts your wayV bias in a cyberpunk universe , screws them over a few times , as they screw over the corrupt...
  • kun
  • wayv
  • hendery
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Jirou's Random Book by KyokaJirou08
Jirou's Random Bookby Kʏᴏᴋᴀ Jɪʀᴏᴜ
"Uhm..I post random things here..." She rubbed the back of her neck.
  • roleplaying
  • forms
  • radom
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another world | mark lee. by breisgreat
another world | mark breanna!!
>10 powerful families from wealthy and classy lifestyles where money, fame, and power control their lives. >but maybe underneath it all, they're just like us-flaw...
  • irregular
  • nct127
  • marklee
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Regular | Kpop Cover Shop [CLOSED] by AddictedToYuta
Regular | Kpop Cover Shop [CLOSED]by —Pearain.🌼
[Temporary closed] ❝Granting others' regular dreams in this irregular office.❞ [In progress of arranging the cover shop for a better experience] [Busy] [Previously know...
  • nct
  • bookcover
  • banners
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The new worker (Rigby x reader)   by GingerBunny_love
The new worker (Rigby x reader) by GingerBunny_love
This is a Regular Show fanfic, it's Regular Show as a anime. The characters from Regular show don't belong to me the pictures do and the main character belongs to me.
  • lovetriangle
  • cartoon
  • love
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&lt;3FAIRYTAIL AU RP&lt;3 ( XxKyKaixx
-Read the Rules please!! <3
  • canon
  • modernau
  • angelxdemonau
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A Change Of Fate || A Tower Of God Fanfiction by FantasyAlastair
A Change Of Fate || A Tower Of Fantasia08
What if a girl who was destined with power, a girl whose destiny was greatness, accidentally changed her own fate? DISCLAIMER: I do not own Tower Of God or it's characte...
  • khun
  • survival
  • fanfiction
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Regular | nct by Neozen_21
Regular | nctby Xuxi Wong
"What I have isn't a gift.." "it's a curse" •NCT alternate universe fanfiction. 𝙍𝙚𝙜𝙪𝙡𝙖𝙧🏹 _____________________________________________
  • nctfanfiction
  • nctdream
  • nctu
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Jaehyun x Queso by nct0ppars
Jaehyun x Quesoby Extremely Gay ™️
The only love story that matters
  • nct
  • cheese
  • nct127
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🎞💻||Welcome to the irregular office (NCT127) ff  by strawberylemeoldytea
🎞💻||Welcome to the irregular ♡strawberrysweetea♡
NCT127's welcome to the irregular office. Contains:"Romance💖,comedy😂,smut😈,and flashbacks.📝". Warning ⚠️:"It would include 😇fluff and smut 😈in there...
  • johny
  • taeyong
  • yuta
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Intelligence Subliminal; Diary/Log by subliminal-user
Intelligence Subliminal; Diary/Logby harmony
Just a book to keep track of my subliminal results, and maybe talk to others about subliminals! Feel free to read and see how subliminals are working out for me! I updat...
  • intelligence
  • diary
  • update
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My Thoughts by pro_cras_tin_ate_15
My Thoughtsby Sarah
This is just a bunch of randomness.
  • regular
  • annoyances
  • thoughts
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Poetry From An Unconventional Mind by AimeeJones466
Poetry From An Unconventional Mindby FanFicfromahalfblood
A selection of my poetry, hope you enjoy. Many of these poems are inspired by genuine thoughts and feelings so are straight from the heart. If you like this, please chec...
  • triggerwarning
  • endthestigma
  • heartfelt
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Catfish | NCT Jaemin x Reader by WORLDWIDEWEIRD
Catfish | NCT Jaemin x Readerby 親族を捧げよ.*
He got cat-fished but ended up falling in love with her anyway
  • najaemin
  • catfish
  • regular
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thoughts 💭 pt. 2 by carradioatorchadeath
thoughts 💭 pt. 2by a_carradio_a_torch_a_death
These are some more of my thoughts.
  • thoughts
  • random
  • thinking
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Porcelain by 8ad8usan8itch
Porcelainby You.Don’t.Own.Me
  • hashtag
  • irregular
  • regular
Help Me (Percabeth)  by that_book_is_lonely
Help Me (Percabeth) by I_am_lonely
Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, two broken teenagers who need help. The question is can they help each other or do they just give up?
  • cute
  • fiction
  • fanfiction
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