In Love With My Employee [Benson X Reader] by gowiththedamnflow
In Love With My Employee [Benson Ji
Don't you just love it when the title says it all?
  • xreader
  • benson
  • fanfiction
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Regular show x reader  oneshot/lemon by petparty123
Regular show x reader oneshot/ Pet ❤️
Most of these chapters are author's notes (Pictures and videos are not mine) (You should only be reading this on Wattpad)
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Persuading the Enemy by emillywinter
Persuading the Enemyby Emilly Winter
After one particularly boring day, Izaya is watching his neighbors fucking each other. Still virgin at 24, he tries to explain sex as something that he didn't have any i...
  • boyxboy
  • izayaorihara
  • mature
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The Secret Storm by Drevkin
The Secret Stormby Drevkin
He was a nobody working in retail. She was a powerful entity unaware of her destiny. They were both abducted by wizards and thrust into the magical world of ancient lang...
  • wattys2018
  • regular
  • monster
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The new worker (Rigby x reader)   by GingerBunny_love
The new worker (Rigby x reader) by GingerBunny_love
This is a Regular Show fanfic, it's Regular Show as a anime. The characters from Regular show don't belong to me the pictures do and the main character belongs to me.
  • love
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Morby One Shots (Lemon,Yaoi,Male/Male) by Johnnybuckland
Morby One Shots (Lemon,Yaoi,Male/ Johnnybuckland
A morby oneshot explicit scene.
  • yaoi
  • rigbyxmale
  • explicit
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Summer Reign. || Travis Scott by RichHomieAlly
Summer Reign. || Travis Scottby $TEEZY.
"Summer rain Whispers me to sleep And wakes me up again Sometimes I swear I hear her call my name To wash away the pain My summer rain"
  • fame
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One Shot Stories: Regular Show by MacyKSL
One Shot Stories: Regular Showby Kaila
You fall for him, he fell for you, but both of you got stuck on somebody else because you were scared to hurt them... A series of FanFics gone wild...🖤 Regular Show and...
  • diary
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Voltron Legendary Defender Onshots by mirrorv
Voltron Legendary Defender Onshotsby Life
Voltron characters x reader. Requests are needed. I do lemons, fluff, langest, and crack. This is my first work so please go easy on me. Hope you enjoy!! All art does...
  • regular
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Regular (GXG) by totallynotbb
Regular (GXG)by Noir (ノ・-・)ノ
❝You're anything but regular.❞ Sophia said calmly into my ear. She was just inches, from my blood red face. My heart was beating as fast as light travels. Sophia looked...
  • wattpride
  • totallynotbb
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My crazy sex stories by sorican_peacanta
My crazy sex storiesby sorican_peacanta
My sex stories TRUE STORIES
  • time
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Celebrity One-Shots (Smutty) by Ahriman666136
Celebrity One-Shots (Smutty)by T̤͓h̫̤͞e̖̺ ̸̹͕́A̴̟͘nt̛i͘͠ ̡̺̮...
Time to get the ships going It's going to get really Kinky and nasty (I know you Love it ; ) )
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  • girlxboy
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