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The Ghost: Injustice 2 x Ghost of Tsushima Crossover (Male Reader Insert)  by PrimeofPrimes115
The Ghost: Injustice 2 x Ghost Jack
Supergirl x male reader *takes place after Absolute Power ending* With Brainiac defeated, and the Regime being victorious over Batman and his allies, Superman used Brain...
Injustice: Son of The Phantasm (A FanFic Inspired By The Video Game) by TonyGarcia348
Injustice: Son of The Phantasm ( Billy the Blue Beaver
In 2008, Superman killed the Joker after the Clown Prince killed his wife & unborn child, and destroyed Metropolis with a nuclear bomb. after that, Superman formed the O...
The Survivor x Injustice [1-2](Harem) by ThatEhhGuy
The Survivor x Injustice [1-2]( Civil Warrior
It all happened so minute I was going home from a long day at work when the explosion threw my car off balance..and when I woke up I saw so many people..gon...
What I Can by Nemovanilla
What I Canby Nemovanilla
I was sitting at my desk, supposedly focusing on Akual's presentation about the sun, when I heard it. A loud, screeching noise. Like an animal being viciously slaughtere...
If Minato Namikaze was in the Justice League by swordviper121
If Minato Namikaze was in the swordviper121
What would happen if the one and only Minato Namikaze happend to merge with DC?
BULLETS(insurgency deathstroke x reader) by PagiePuff
BULLETS(insurgency deathstroke x Mercy101
there weren't any deathstroke x readers so why not make one
Immune by jane_wood3932
Immuneby Jane Wood
What happens when you find out that you are not one of the people around you? What happens when you set out to come back home but never do? -------------- Natalie Ash...
A Queen's Destiny by LanggamChocoNice
A Queen's Destinyby LanggamChocoNice
Everybody doesn't like a king to rule because they're fools and arrogant. They decide wars with unreasonable reason or invading other lands just to have slaves and innoc...
Mech x4: The Way of the Technopath by greenese10
Mech x4: The Way of the Technopathby SG
WARNING: very likely includes spoilers if you are not up to date with the mech x4 series and the mech x4 episode where the boss/main villain is revealed! Description: Th...
Project 1970 by lizzynodame
Project 1970by Leizl
I'm a working man with a vision in sight, dreaming for a bright future for me and my son. I stand alone in raising a family that my wife left behind as she was taken fro...
Regime by cman654
Regimeby Chad Suissa
This is merely a short story that will be the basis on a novel i plan to write. It is the year 2054, the aftermath of a third World War. A small nation has been at fault...
The Raidlands (Work-In-Progress) by MothkingTTV
The Raidlands (Work-In-Progress)by Avery Owen
We got to be NUMBER ONE in the Regime tag!!! Description: I've only actually been to the Raidlands once before. I was still a kid, maybe 9 or 10 years old, but the thing...