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The Ants that Carried Us by minahava
The Ants that Carried Usby minahava
✵2019 Watty Winner! ✵ They say that the two things Shah Minos loves most are fire and spies, but what he actually loves most is order. Even if it is maintained through t...
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Steven Universe One-Shots by Farla_Blackdragon
Steven Universe One-Shotsby Farla
Pearl-focused, angst-heavy.
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The Further Tales of Meneltarma by IsaiahLeIstya
The Further Tales of Meneltarmaby Isaiah Le Istya
This will be a collection of short stories, based in the same world, as The Chronicles of Saironelloistya. They will likely not be chronological, and will probably resul...
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Regicide vol. 1 by Mason6856
Regicide vol. 1by Mason Seitz
A devious mastermind. A vengeful prince. A courageous warrior. Betrayal. Adventure. Loss.
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regicide by NoxWrites
regicideby NoxWrites
a collection of poems about women taking the power back from the men who claim to be kings and gods
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Regicide by Khzar13
Regicideby Khzar13
How much does it take to topple a mountain? In her life of service to the Mountain King, Kri has seen nearly everything there is to see in the Valley of the Four Peaks...
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Regicide by maggiealfonsi
Regicideby maggie
In a post-apocalyptic world, Eldred struggles his way to make it through life as it gets increasingly more difficult. His life takes a turn for the worse when he touches...
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The Spoon Prince by dumb__ass
The Spoon Princeby dumb__ass
"The King died and then the Queen died. Story. The King died and then the Queen died of grief. Plot."- E.M. Forster
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The Tragedies of Jacob Kenney by earloftees
The Tragedies of Jacob Kenneyby Jacob Kenney
This a collection of some of Jacob Kenney's best tragic plays. Immerse yourself in his dreary worlds and follow every words from the lips of his malevolent, Machiavellia...
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The Castle #30-The Rise Of Regicide by TheAsylum01
The Castle #30-The Rise Of Regicideby TheAsylum01
Regicide returns and makes the earth his, Andrew and the others must run and hide to survive.
Lost and Found by Ppotterheadd2000
Lost and Foundby sphoenix
'Do not be forgotten, re-spark the memories of the old' - - - - A lost princess, her best friend and Voltron are all thrown into the rapids of her past. She is left with...
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The Rebel's Lament by raelinnrivers
The Rebel's Lamentby RainRain
Rebellion - is a way of people on opposing the government using violence.
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Dragon Queen by SupportHolland
Dragon Queenby A
dragons have existed as an opposition to humans for a long time until one human tries to bridge the gap from a young age Angel could understand the song of the dragons s...
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Sunflowers Forever by pickled_moon
Sunflowers Foreverby Pickled Moon
Once, in the midst of war, 12-year-old Robert Northwell and Callisandra May dreamed of sunflowers. The world wasn't hell back then. Years later, the new queen Cassiopeia...
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Regicide by CatoriLusine
Regicideby Catori Lusine
An apprentice sorceress is forced to join the rebellion against the tyrant king to save her family.
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