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Fixing Delilah by dellie0209
Fixing Delilahby Dellie
*COMPLETE* "You could stay with me." I laugh in spite of myself. It sounds watery and pathetic. "Funny." "I'm serious-" "Khan, please...
Strength and Sensuality [Completed] by HeraHarker
Strength and Sensuality [Completed]by Hera Harker
A modern Pride and Prejudice story. Only sexier. Mira is a refugee, starting a new life far from home. She has to deal with her troubled past, her son, and her enigmatic...
Cursed (Paranormal Romantic Suspense) by EliseNoble
Cursed (Paranormal Romantic Elise Noble
Rania Algafari never asked to be different, and when she escaped the war in Syria and moved to the UK, her only goal was to live her life in peace. Get up, go to work, a...
In Love with the Bully by FathimaShif
In Love with the Bullyby LiveLove
I am a bitch. I am. I drink, smoke, do drugs and whatever I like. No one is above me. I don't give a f*ck about weak people, I am self indulgent and most of all, I know...
The Refugee by jamieelyoung
The Refugeeby Jamie Young
Alex Clark has been a truck driver for seven years. At the ripe young age of twenty eight, he and his reliable flat-nosed truck have travelled hundreds of miles around t...
On the Other Side by jilly2272
On the Other Sideby Emily Patterson
Would you risk everything to be free from war and conflict? Even risk your own life? Refugees do this every day, and Najid and Jawl are no different. The war in Syria is...
Beyond The Obstacles by jeylaanZ
Beyond The Obstaclesby Hanaa Ahmedı
☆السلام عليكم ورحمة الله☆ She was the light of hope to the afflicted. He was a dedicated soldier of his country. Hoorain Rashid has always lived her life in the simplest...
Seeking Refuge by Lil_StoryGirl
Seeking Refugeby Melina Kanli
When the war started I was scared... When they killed our parents I was sad... When they destroyed our hopes I was determined... To seek refuge in a peaceful island and...
CHIBOK (COMPLETED) by Vittorio_topaz
Aminat jerked from her bed the instant the concussive sound reached her ears, a sweaty hand grabbed hers which hung freely by her side from the lower four poster bed, sh...
Spellbound Smurfettes by Firelance2361
Spellbound Smurfettesby Firelance2361
Smurfette meets a strange witch named Cassandra, whom she takes in and protects from her pursuers, before shortly falling in love with her new refugee turned love intere...
They Stole Our Lives  by grngykithes
They Stole Our Lives by laila :>
[Under major editing and rewriting] "All I asked for was peace. Not any less or more." Both teenagers, Hassan Saad and Radiya Mansour lived a life of sereni...
Kingdom of Refuge by Cfbear2
Kingdom of Refugeby Scatter
My kingdom has fallen. I am the only royal family member that escaped, but what is a sixteen year old girl supposed to do? Me and my two servants escaped across the east...
Broken by cherryblossomhijabi
Brokenby Hijabi❤
Imagine living in Syria, The beautiful syria before war, When happiness, joy, love existed and then all of a sudden your world turned upside down. happiness was replaced...
The Dragons Mark by GypsyCe
The Dragons Markby GypsyCe
Teal, a 23 year old P.O.W. and refugee was forced to live under extreme rules. Today's torture: a visits to the zoo with a group of verbally abusive 15 year olds. But no...
Beyond The Horizon by TheTemporaryWayfarer
Beyond The Horizonby Bushra. A
[ Winner of Competitive Journeys held by Spiritual_Universe ] Junaid was not interested in proceeding on with life, not until he saw the girl dressed in a black abaya. S...
Stuck In A Trance (An African Story)  by nasranalha
Stuck In A Trance (An African his.niqaabi
two girls brought together by Allah... one Somalian, one Kenyan one running from the law: the other running away from a broken family. both give up hope. One has los...
Refugees Welcome by kbkula
Refugees Welcomeby st. calistus
Lived the realities of three young women living in refugee camp in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland who fled from their home in Colombia due war. This is their stories.
The Refugees' Annex - Unrevised by CowLord_Ravenclaw
The Refugees' Annex - Unrevisedby CowLord_Ravenclaw
After Azadija's parents are violently taken away by the police, she struggles to support her siblings. Rajimyna, a girl in the neighboring country's home is destroyed by...
Rejected and a Refugee: First Moon by Min_MingLing21
Rejected and a Refugee: First Moonby Min_MingLing21
Young boy meets his Alpha mate in a different pack.