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Never Kiss a Toad by JudeKnight
Never Kiss a Toadby Jude Knight
[A Victorian romance continuing family stories begun in the various Regency books of Jude Knight and Mariana Gabrielle.] David "Toad" Northope, heir to the Duk...
  • family
  • saga
  • romance
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Danvid Story- Camp Camp by MehWhyDoIEvenRead105
Danvid Story- Camp Campby (DeadHeadBand¿)
I just got an idea in my head and want to put it on Wattpad. The story is that Daniel returns to the camp apparently reformed, but Max thinks otherwise. Something just s...
  • ascendeddavid
  • therewillbedeath
  • donttrustdaniel
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BillDip 》Reformed by Manimatsu
BillDip 》Reformedby ( Yama )
|| A rewritten version of my first BillDip fanfic. || Bill has thought over what he has done to the Pines family in the past, feeling guilty for every single, horrib...
  • billdip
  • billdipreformed
  • reformed
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The Lion guard: The Darkness of the Ring by JacobLorenzo0
The Lion guard: The Darkness of Jacob Lorenzo
After the war against scar, a ring was discovered. It was found to have the most darkest powers ever. To stop it, the animals who were once enemies must travel to anothe...
  • jasiri
  • lionguard
  • romance
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new beginning, a riddler fanfic by hannahawsome2
new beginning, a riddler fanficby Just a fan
Edward or better know as the reformed criminal the riddler, struggles to overcome the desire to out smart the dark knight once more.
  • romance
  • riddles
  • reformed
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REFORMED by fingermonkey02
REFORMEDby fingermonkey02
What will you do when your past meddles with your present life? Harley a reformed bad girl has changed and moved to a new city. What will happen when she is forced to co...
  • badboy
  • anger
  • playboy
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True Omega by cupcakeDJA
True Omegaby cupcakeDJA
Cleo Marriah Crystal Carter is a delinquent sent away to reform school because of pranks and behavior. Coming after a year at reform school she meets her mate, which by...
  • asher
  • mates
  • boyfriend
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  • calvinist
  • helvetic
  • confession
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Stay--A Samurai Jack Story by Monte-chan
Stay--A Samurai Jack Storyby Monte-chan
Set after Episode XCV of 'Samurai Jack'. After taking journeys of their own, Ashi and Jack reunite, becoming partners and friends. After their latest victory, they rest...
  • stay
  • jack
  • jashi
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Starting a House Church by gregjgordon
Starting a House Churchby Greg Gordon
"I will build My Church..." The Lord has always had His Church (Matthew 16:18), it has not been perfect, has failed and at times, has needed to be reformed and...
  • faith
  • jesus
  • startchurch
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An Angel's Simple Wish by Http-Hell
An Angel's Simple Wishby Gary's Ghost
"All I wanted was to be loved for myself" ~Erik The world had seemed to have forgotten this insane man but that is far from the truth. Every so often, he encou...
  • raouldechangy
  • erikdestler
  • reformed
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Peddie- Gone by sweetie_yacker
Peddie- Goneby Alex
( Sequel to Peddie pregnancy)6 years. 7 months. 29 days. 7890 minutes and 20 seconds have been the longest and hardest time for me and Eddie with Jade. Finally Jade's 7t...
  • reformed
  • jade
  • anubis
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Reformed by MelanieDoesArt
Reformedby MelanieDoesArt
Only a few months ago, a brave Changeling named Thorax stepped up to the evil queen Chrysalis along side his friends Starlight Glimmer, Discord, and Trixie. They succeed...
  • discord
  • thorax
  • mlp
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FREE AGAIN by DaveEngland2
FREE AGAINby Dave England
This is a story about a man who at a young age gets mixed up with the wrong group of friends and starts a life of crime. From love to death this true story from a reform...
  • truestory
  • excon
  • prisoner
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Empty Everything (STOP SIGN REVAMPED) by sydthesquid42
Empty Everything (STOP SIGN sydthesquid42
"There's a story at the bottom of every bottle, and Honey, you're addicted to them." ----"STOP SIGN" REVAMPED (NOW CALLED EMPTY EVERYTHING)---- Aman...
  • spiritual
  • faith
  • freshstart
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