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Crazed Minds | ✔️ by evaobrien1982
Crazed Minds | ✔️by eva
Switch your normal high school with a boarding school for troubled youths and the 'it' boys with two unnervingly gorgeous mental cases. Don't forget the students are cra...
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  • murder
  • love
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The Rogue Assassin (Mafia Love Story) by FathimaShif
The Rogue Assassin (Mafia Love LiveLove
I am John, an assassin. It is fair to say I am one of the ruthless killers the world has ever seen. I am dangerous, merciless and everything bad. So it isn't arrogant wh...
  • muslimah
  • interracial
  • forbidden
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To Reform - A Special Goosebumps Fanfiction by Forlot_Forever
To Reform - A Special Goosebumps 🌟Princess🌟
Slappy is a wicked puppet, right? So why does he keep having dreams about the girl who lives across the street? She has done nothing for him. Or has she? All rights go t...
  • baby
  • love
  • tamara
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Busting Up The Bad Boys' Bet by vblawnola
Busting Up The Bad Boys' Betby V. B. Law
Ally is a very cool chick. She's smart, down to earth, feisty, funny, and perceptive. She may or may not have a ghost on her side - do you believe? Ally's not falling fo...
  • romantic-comedy
  • comedy
  • highschool
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comfortably numb. by guacardo
comfortably ⋆ 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐬 ⋆
࿐.∗̥⁺ 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐲 𝐧𝐮𝐦𝐛. ❛ now i've got that feeling once again, i can't explain, you would not...
  • neelamgill
  • secrets
  • madelainepetsch
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Impact by SongofTheNightengale
Impactby Caleb
Camp Pinecove is a reformatory camp for troubled teens. Issues from depression, to partying, to huge scandals are all things you'd expect to see from teens that get plac...
  • superpower
  • sciencefiction
  • government
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YOUTH//the end of the fucking world by Crustiel
YOUTH//the end of the fucking worldby teenangstbullshit
"what if we run away?"
  • reform
  • new
  • love
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Reconnaissance by TaeddyxShooky
Reconnaissanceby Dork
What happens when you hold a mirror to society? Do you find yourself back in a mirror maze where you can see the reflections of all that scares you as you try to find yo...
  • bitterreality
  • everyonesstory
  • philosophy
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The Un-Reform by Konata_Izumi283
The Un-Reformby Konata Izumi
Sparkle Light wants to make all of the Changelings Unreformed so they can feed of love again...will she succeed? Read to find out
  • starlight
  • gen
  • light
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Storm Warning by NinjagoZaneFan14
Storm Warningby NZF14
(I'M GOING TO REWRITE THIS STORY) (Ninjago Fanfiction) A story of what happened if Morro survived his sacrifice and the aftermath. The story of his redemption and his pa...
  • friendship
  • ninjago
  • morro
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Reform by twelveyears
Reformby Abby
(sequel to fb, fg, but can be read as stand alone) Parker Waide, to be straightforward about it, is a fuckboy. Violet Lyon, in the simplest terms, is his reform.
  • fuckboy
  • fuckgirl
  • love
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Romania and its fake Identity by elilstar95
Romania and its fake Identityby Vesa Calin
On many occasions, I heard so called "Romanians" claiming they are related with the ancient glories of Rome and Italy. The problem is that they are brainwashed...
  • latin
  • soviet
  • balkan
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Accidents by Animolistic
Accidentsby Animolistic
Accidents happen right. Some accidents are worse than others but most can never be taken back. Paige had an accident that couldn't be taken back. She accidentally killed...
  • murderer
  • stranger
  • love
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The Girl with the Bare Feet by once_upon_A_time_02
The Girl with the Bare Feetby Alexandra
This is an original of story.... It's 1993 in a reform camp for girls, but this isn't just any reform camp it's the biggest in the country. Filled with some of the worst...
  • sciencefiction
  • snake
  • reform
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FTRS rp by depressed-aqarius
FTRS rpby Queen of Depression
It's your turn to explore the halls of Fairy Tale Reform School! What did you do that was bad anyways???
  • adventure
  • friendship
  • reform
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Letters to Loki by PicklesAreInMyLife
Letters to Lokiby Kat N. Lowe
When Alessandra Valeria Romano, or "Val", an average teen New Yorker, has to change someone's life for the better as a part of her graduation project, she goes...
  • marvel
  • humor
  • reform
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Troubled Youth by living_stories
Troubled Youthby bye bubbles
Blackwell Academy, a very prestiges boarding school for the troubled youth. With only one goal in mind, to reform the corrupted, Crystal Mazzey is exactly the last thing...
  • boy
  • academy
  • bad
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Rebellious by ashton_irwins_dimple
Rebelliousby ashton_irwins_dimple
Ashby Donovan is rebellious and has a "fuck it" attitude toward everything when her parents, if you could even call them that, get sick of her rebel side and s...
  • reform
  • 5sos
  • school
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