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The girl and the best friends by allyannemarie
The girl and the best friendsby allyannemarie
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It's You ≫ scott reed  by lashtonvevo
It's You ≫ scott reed by nic
grant jackson was one to throw a party. he was only a junior, but was popular for his parties due to being home alone a lot and having connections for alcohol. he'd thr...
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Leilani and Reed||Instagram  by willowlee1234
Leilani and Reed||Instagram by WillowLee
A story which Reed discovers a pretty girl that he falls in love with|| Reed is Aged up to 18 same with Leilani||In this story they are the same age
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Bad Bixch💀💔 by kaycortina
Bad Bixch💀💔by kaycortina
this is about a girl named kayla who falls for a player ends up being played and broken but found someone who cares her parents abondend her so her real mom calls her yo...
  • cheating
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Falling in Love with the Devil by zyrelle321
Falling in Love with the Devilby zyrelle321
" I am so sorry but your mother had a car accident. The person who she crashed into was unfortunately drunk and unaware of what he was doing."He said in a calm...
  • action
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Just Another Reed900 Oneshot book by SofiaLuvsYou
Just Another Reed900 Oneshot bookby Dip Cake
The ship is still relevant god dammit- Only posting original content- (its sarcasm)(and a joke) Will not write NSFW stuffs. Idk I hate writing them. Maybe the only book...
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