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Fighting for Freetown by ComicRelief
Fighting for Freetownby Comic Relief
As Ebola ravaged Sierra Leone, it brought fear and confusion with it. But one girl wasn't about to lie back and do nothing. Ikmatu wanted to fight for her home.
Double Dare by ComicRelief
Double Dareby Comic Relief
Mia and Alex had good intentions. They were only trying to come up with a plan for their sixth form fundraising - one that'd be a sure-fire way of scooping the charity p...
Hassan's Dream by ComicRelief
Hassan's Dreamby Comic Relief
Through pain, fear and the sleepless nights, Hassan didn't give up on his dream. He knew that if he was strong enough to get this far, he's strong enough to carry on.
It's okay to feel bad sometimes by EverythingAAD
It's okay to feel bad sometimesby EverythingAAD
3/12/2016 was Red Nose Day in Belgium. RND was - for the second time - in theme of children and teenagers with mental health problems. 1/5 children have mental health pr...