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The Thirst for Mutant Blood by liquid_nitrogen
The Thirst for Mutant Bloodby Rocky McKenzie
Vampirestuck Lots of ships will be in this fic. If you'd like one to be in it please don't hesitate to send me a message or leave a comment. There's a large amount of ch...
12 Solar Sweeps by team_homestuck
12 Solar Sweepsby team_homestuck
The back story of the ancestors of Homestuck. There are OCs involved. Don't like, don't read. This is a collaboration between Kawaiier and Marissareeb.
Piratestuck (DualPsii ♥ with hints of PsiiLeer ♦) by CanadianSnake
Piratestuck (DualPsii ♥ with Gaz
character list: Karin Vantas: Signless | Aradia Medigo: Handmaid | Tyson Nitram: Summoner | Castor Captor: Psionic | Athula Leijon: Disciple | Arabel Maryam: Dolorosa...
The weed in the rose garden  by Pastelziva
The weed in the rose garden by Pastelziva
A poem/monologue writing piece about parts of society And human nature as a whole looked at from an outside perspective, maybe by some form of higher-power.
Sadstuck shipped headcanons by cryingSeafoam
Sadstuck shipped headcanonsby cryingSeafoam
Sadstuck headcanons I have revolving ships. Sometimes it'll just be a solo character idk.
Stranded ||Human!stuck Karezi AU|| by Galaxybread413
Stranded ||Human!stuck Karezi AU||by Galactica💫
A bright summer day, why not go to the beach? It seemed to be quite practical to do so. And that's exactly what the Pyrope family did that evening. But soon a fun day in...
~TLC~ (motherly!Reader x various trolls) by MistressOfTheVoid
~TLC~ (motherly!Reader x various Mistress
Your troll friends aren't used to your 'human illnesses' so it's up to you to nurse them back to health. (cover art isn't mine. It belongs to
Poetic by HannahDewitt2
Poeticby HannahDewitt2
The feeling of emptiness that can only be filled by the idea of being in love
Signless x redglare by Blaze_Creations
Signless x redglareby Amy
This will be my first ever fan fiction of my first otp.
Gaji Mistake by MantleMaroon
Gaji Mistakeby Dominic James Sebastian Krone
This is an ebook regarding a small cult called Gajiism and its flaws.
Redglare's end by paradoxlarakroft
Redglare's endby ParaSenseii
Redglare's end. so i'm writing about how terezi's ancestor was killed by vriska's ancestor, mindfang. i will be wrighting this when i want to, so its till not complete...
Trouvaille by CrossFight1005
Trouvailleby Michiko Alia Liwanagan
"Why did I think College would actually be Normal?" With the kinds of people she's met prior,Michiko Asahina is surprised she even thought about her college li...
Homestuck X Human!Slave!Fem!Reader:A Slave For You~ by naruko88558855
Homestuck X Human!Slave!Fem! Naruko
I plan on looking at the votes on 12/29/16 to find who I will be doing next chapter. Please comment and vote!! Chapter one vote winner:The Signless ♋! Next possible cha...
Arachnid by team_homestuck
Arachnidby team_homestuck
In the world of Beforus, follow this girl's journey on becoming a pirate. Not just any pirate. A captain. A marquise.
Danvers' Flight by TheWandererStories
Danvers' Flightby
Kaya Danvers of Lethorn Squadron heads out on another combat mission, in a new starfighter.
Humanstuck Droplets by i8tomatesandpotates
Humanstuck Dropletsby Mo Tom
This is a Homestuck fan-work: This is the product of a Humanstuck AU I've been working on with my friend BA. There will probably be several drops within this universe...