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Until She Left by xiiGinaiix
Until She Leftby x_Gina_x
Jane Scott, she was happy and full of life. Engaged to the man of her dreams and best friends with someone she's known most of her teenage life, life couldn't get any be...
Tortured - Short Story// COMPLETED by OynxBeauty
Tortured - Short Story// COMPLETEDby Beauty
I had my mate. He was a werewolf and I was a human. Perfect, right? Wrong. I'm beaten everyday by him. I'm raped every day by him. He let's all the other men in his pack...
Redeeming love by njhahmad_
Redeeming loveby Queen J
Redeeming love. It's the story of one girl name Adrienne Nelson who try to find her happiness. She never know who is her mother is because it's only her dad who's taking...
Rescue Me by Chiwazii
Rescue Meby Chiwazii
Lucy is getting bullied at school but she always smiles even though she is dying inside. She has a son to take care of and nobody knows this or her past. Natsu is one of...
Redeem by Beautyshineswithin
Redeemby Beautyshineswithin
"Faster," she moaned. He all but conceded to her demand. She was a leggy blonde of twenty, warm green eyes, pale as porcelain skin and a body to die for. He me...
His Revenge Her Redeem by iizainu
His Revenge Her Redeemby Zainy!
What happens when the top businessman of the city goes bankrupt over false allegations? What happens when not even his family believes him? Will he be able to prove hims...
Twisted Game by willowmoonblood
Twisted Gameby Willowmoonblood
Marshall and Kassandra try to rebuild their lives after the end of the their relationship. Kassandra Turner has now lost everything. Her husband Reuben died leaving her...
Villain Fem Izuku by FanMadeLover
Villain Fem Izukuby Jackson Michael Green
What happen that izuku become all for successor that tomura shigiraki but he was just a left handed man like kurogiri and then she was give few quirks for eliminate or...
Obliged Love by SCARLETTANGEL111
This is story of Adam Augustus- Son of Billionaire Sebastian Augustus. He was obliged to love someone who was forced upon him by circumstances. How the obliged love cha...
To The Ends Of The Earth (Naruto YAOI) by slasheRR
To The Ends Of The Earth (Naruto no thanks
KakashixObito twoshot. YAOI. A 'what if' sort of-AU story. In which Kakashi fixes a shattered memory, and, perhaps, saves the world.
The Redemption of Laughing Jack by JeffTheKiller_25
The Redemption of Laughing Jackby Christian
Join Laughing Jack as he tries to redeem himself after falling in love
The Path of Redemption(Warhammer 40K X RWBY) by liukwan2406
The Path of Redemption(Warhammer liukwan2406
A rogue Chaos rubric marine from Thousand Sons is accidentally teleported to planet of Renment(universe of RWBY).Then,he starts his journey to home,or perharps,his rede...
In honour of Severus Snape by bumblebee_5n4p3
In honour of Severus Snapeby Bianca
A collection of short stories dedicated to Severus Snape. Story titles include (please read first chapter for a plot summary of each story): The Prince Redeemed What's i...
A Child Of Wind And Flame by HarvestBowman
A Child Of Wind And Flameby Sunset Magpie
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a shadowy ninja looking for truth? Karai, Hamato Miwa, is kidnapped from a young age and forced to grow up as a ninja...
Talking to Carla by shrekyardigans
Talking to Carlaby shrekyardigans
Set after 'Spirit of a Wizard'. Elena has a discussion with Carla about what's been happening in Avalor lately. [I do not, and never will, own Elena of Avalor.]
BELIEVE IN ME *A Clyde Barrow Love Story* by OurHiddenFightress
BELIEVE IN ME *A Clyde Barrow OurHiddenFightress
"Not all criminals survive. Well... I did."- Clyde Barrow, 1935 I once used to believe that Bonnie Parker was my destiny, future, my soul mate. But once she di...
Short Stories Through My Eyes by tehdarkknight
Short Stories Through My Eyesby Dark Knight
The Journey of a lost Soul. I am an aspiring writer with alot of interest in short stories. Each chapter is a different short story. Wont take much time to read. Will...
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1-8002201032 MS Office Redeem msofficesupports
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