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Black diamond  A Steven universe fan fiction by darry4747
Black diamond A Steven universe darry4747
White created yellow then blue then she made pink but to her pink was a mistake so she made red diamond. After a while she longed to create a new diamond but not just a...
A Red Diamond In The Rough  by BlackArt23
A Red Diamond In The Rough by BlackArt23
Years after the rebellion has ended. In the kindergarten a new gem emerges. This gem makes new allies upon its emergence. This gem makes its way to Homeworld. But what...
red diamond by CharlotteBlue153
red diamondby Charlotte Blue
a story about a secret diamond that watches everyone, no everything. she has a secret court and only a few knows about her.. A/N; y'all better be ready for some bellow...
✨♦️ 𝚁𝚎𝚍 𝙳𝚒𝚊𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚍 ♦️✨ ~A Steven Universe Fanfic~ by SceneQueenzz
✨♦️ 𝚁𝚎𝚍 𝙳𝚒𝚊𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚍 ♦️✨ ~A SceneQueenzz
Description (Authors note down below) A few thousand years have passed since the "shattering" of Pink Diamond, and the Diamonds feel empty, frustrated, and sti...
Red As A Bloody Rose by FlameKingWarrior
Red As A Bloody Roseby FlameKingWarrior
Steven Universe OC "Let's see.... A diamond, a pearl, and a fusion.... Yeah, we'll be lucky to last the year." I don't own Steven Universe, just the ocs! Pictu...
Red Skies (Steven Universe x Reader)  by regret_911
Red Skies (Steven Universe x regret_911
This story is about Red Diamond (you/reader/yn) being created by all of the diamonds and being a powerful success. You're power is basically heat that could melt a diamo...
The Tale Of Red Diamond by Potatolover129
The Tale Of Red Diamondby Reina
White, Blue, and Yellow have decided they wanted another member of the diamond authority. Now of course they aren't trying to replace Pink but they just got lonely and w...
Steven and Nora universe  by TahirBond104
Steven and Nora universe by TahirBond104
you were the First Male Gem on Home World all the Gems were weird about it but all the diamonds loved your existence you spend time with all the the Diamonds until one...
Red Diamond (Garnet x reader) by waterbreathing12form
Red Diamond (Garnet x reader)by Wet ass coochie
This is a Dimond x Garnet story please watch Steven Universe before you read this because this doesn't follow the season it's what I want to write about at the time lol...
Red diamond (steven universe fanfic) by narusakurafan2
Red diamond (steven universe narusakurafan2
Steven, after finally setting peace across the galaxy, is finally settling down in his beach house with his freinds garnet amethyst and pearl. Steven is very happy to f...
The new diamond (steven Universe Reader Insert)  by laura4864obrian
The new diamond (steven Universe The lost lover
Earthquakes have been shaking homeworld from the deepest kindergartens in homeworld. All 3 diamonds investigate to find something happening in the very kindergarten they...
The Glorious Diamond Council by plainsofnothing
The Glorious Diamond Councilby caz
The Rebellion against the Council was a long one, led by the five quartzes and their Crystal Gems. It led to Red, Green, Purple, Orange and Pink Diamond getting shattere...
Diamond Times by SalixEnder03
Diamond Timesby Salix
I'm too lazy to devote myself to writing a full story about my Steven Universe AU, so I'm now writing a series of random one-shots from stuff that happens at some point...
Steven and Spinel: The Daughter by _Micheal_Afton_
Steven and Spinel: The Daughterby Michael Afton
This is a bunch of things kicking off with Steven and Spinel finding almost shattered gem that shoves something into Steven's arms. "Steven Universe! I know your a...
Red Diamond... by WolfieRubyy
Red I write abt ocs
Red Diamond... She was made in a ruby kindergarten on homeworld. Many thought she came out defective. she kept her gems shape secret from other gems and went along like...
The Tale of Red Diamond by Abnormaltitan244
The Tale of Red Diamondby Down Tremendous
This is the story of how Red Diamond was created and brought to life. Although White is happy knowing that things are going well, what happens when an old friend, or foe...
A Red Dance: Red Diamond's Story by Eldritas-Nacht
A Red Dance: Red Diamond's Storyby Felix
Here we go, a story about one of my MANY SU OCs, Red Diamond. She is the smallest Diamond, yet one of the most insane things the universe had made. Buckle up bros, we go...
Dear Diary by xXRedDiamondXx
Dear Diaryby Red Diamond
This is a story about a girl from another planet learning to read and write in English. She can already speak it well but has difficulty with the rest for she has learne...