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The Secret Sibling // Red Dead Redemption by _NicoleSolo_
The Secret Sibling // Red Dead Once Upon A Time...
In 1877, Arthur was picked up by Dutch Van der Linde and Hosea Matthews. Being only fourteen and an orphan, he began viewing the two as surrogate father figures, as Arth...
Miracle Girl - A Red Dead Redemption Two FanFiction by v0c4l_d4d
Miracle Girl - A Red Dead v0c4l_d4d
"Say aaahhhh." The girl opens her mouth mimicking the sound as the doctor puts the tongue depressor in her mouth "Aaaah." "Now, have you been co...
cut by my love, cut 'til i bleed by Ieaveawhisper
cut by my love, cut 'til i bleedby danny
*Published to Ao3 under the same title* The name Gene "Beau" Finley sent shivers down Aiden's spine. The man was a silver-tongued serpent dressed to the nines...
Allison Marston // A Red Dead Redemption Story by _NicoleSolo_
Allison Marston // A Red Dead Once Upon A Time...
John and Abigail Marston had their lives set. Their little boy Jack and their beautiful ranch. Coming out of the events from Red Dead Redemption 2, John had finally gott...
The Peacekeepers  by rdr_White_Wolf
The Peacekeepers by White Wolf
This is a story based in the world of Red Dead Redemption Online and was created by me and all my amazing friends. It is ongoing and will be updated regularly as time go...
Alena's journal - A Red Dead Redemption 2 Story by reakkyfee
Alena's journal - A Red Dead reakkyfee .
A journal kept by Alena Pinkerton from 1888-1916. Alena Pinkerton is a red dead online OC of mine. This is a red dead redemption story. Highest Ranks #16 in Western (H...
Douggan by chipsmcgee
Dougganby Chips McGee
The story of Buell Douggan, Outlaw, Trapper and another lost soul to the harsh wild west
Lonely Hunter Julius Blue  by ModHackerHD1899
Lonely Hunter Julius Blue by ModHackerHD 1899
There are Many Monsters In The Swamp All of Them In Different Sizes and Forms Some Even Look Harmless
The Story of Joseph Fisher by JasperwithJ
The Story of Joseph Fisherby JasperwithaJ
My red dead online characters backstory 😮‍💨
the pot , marty cheng. by -ONEOFTHREE
the pot , marty ᵐᵃʳᵗʸ
kangaroo done hung the juror with the innocent .
THIS PUSSY IS penis popper
Y/N commits arson. During arson you accidentally burn down college buildings and your house as well. You get caught by Miles Edgeworth but have nothing to pay him with...
The Hooligans ~Red Dead Redemption 2~ by Khaleesi_wh0
The Hooligans ~Red Dead Tabitha
A blonde bimbo and his immigrant side chick- I mean kick. Follow the story of Marion Carver and Jacko Lanister as they ride the rollercoaster that is the Dutch Van Der L...
The Periwinkles 2 by Jeannie712
The Periwinkles 2by Jeannie712
It's been five years since the attack against The Periwinkles and those who remain of the gang are trying their hand at going straight. There's a lot of growing up to be...
The Periwinkles OLD VERSION by Jeannie712
The Periwinkles OLD VERSIONby Jeannie712
this is the OLD VERSION of the Periwinkles, please go and read the NEW AND FINISHED VERSION <3
Nuevo Paraíso by John_Deere_Lover1837
Nuevo Paraísoby Beth K
She knew him a long time ago. Where he went? She never knew, just like he never knew where she went.
Bounty Hunter Julius Blue  by ModHackerHD1899
Bounty Hunter Julius Blue by ModHackerHD 1899
Julius Blue was one of The Deadliest Bounty Hunters of His Time Maybe He wasn't The Strongest or Smartest But He was a Expert With His Weapons
Lady Jane's Becoming by Ink_Whisperer7
Lady Jane's Becomingby Ink_Whisperer7
Grow up with Jane and follow her story of how she became the person she is today. An unsettling altercation at the fathers job changes everything for Jane for the worse...