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You who was born with a red scarlet-like eyes are abandoned by your parents in the age of 9, thinking that you will just become a threat to their life. You're walking an...
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Little Red Riding Hood • Aro Volturi & Niklaus mikaelson.  by harleyQuinnfan17
Little Red Riding Hood • Aro “ GOTHAM CITY ”
" You call yourself the king of Vampires - Aro. But, that is not the truth. Don't deny- that you are wrong. Because we, both, know the truth. Angelika, is, our trut...
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Cataclysm by accordingtocastiel
Cataclysmby Jayle
Cataclysm. My new name. I have a name. Not It. Not Girl. Not baby. Cataclysm. A real name. Ever wonder what a baby thinks? This entire book is t...
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Evolved (Sequel To Cataclysm) by accordingtocastiel
Evolved (Sequel To Cataclysm)by Jayle
Cataclysm December Oakley. A beautiful baby girl with crimson red eyes. Abandoned as a baby. Now a Junior in high school. And crushing on a life-long friend. Special tha...
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Red eyed Peter by ReindeerGames12
Red eyed Peterby Taylor
Peter wakes up one morning to find he had red eyes and black hair. He tries to hide it but it's kind of hard to hide your true self. A Peter Lokison story.
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I told you I would get you one day (Villain Deku/BNHA) by lageavi
I told you I would get you one 💙CringeYandere QwQ❤️
One Day, Deku gets in unknown letter from someone telling him to join in on their plan and Izuku gets tried of Bakugou's behavior he starts to hate him, one day his mot...
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I'm Yours by CherryBlossom2214
I'm Yoursby CherryBlossom2214
Who said being a god was easy, never mind the love life. So when the wedding of Hades and Persephone takes a big twist, things get real interesting. Will it be good or...
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Pokemon Rangers: Summer by MidnightMelodix
Pokemon Rangers: Summerby MidnightMelodix
Linked to Pokemon XY: Serena by Midnight Melodix Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs with the story of the game, and original ideas, in Summer's point of view. Summer in this...
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A Seceret Vampire by Yoongiisthatboi
A Seceret Vampireby Yoongiisthatboi
This is about a girl named Hayun and she lives as a vampire. She has a human friend and will face many problems. She will have to chose to be good or bad. Save or leave...
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The Legend Of Fables (Published, available in online bookstores such as Amazon) by mandythefletcher
The Legend Of Fables (Published, mandyfletcher
"My name," she said, "is Rubicund. But it is easier and preferable to call me Ruby." Rubicund, a fourteen year old girl with eyes filled with fiery b...
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Realm 37 by KumoKaraOchita
Realm 37by KumoKaraOchita
The superhuman race had been deemed dangerous and untrustworthy. A corporation called Humanity's Hand (known as The H.H.) make a deal with the President United States to...
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The Untold Story! by Seif74
The Untold Story!by SeifZ
Ever wondered how Joey ever got his Red-Eyes back? In this duel, I'll reveal what happened in the Duel between Joey and Yugi after Battle City that we never saw. I hope...
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Raizel returned Lukendonia to face a new threat. A mysterious force used humans to get their hands on his homeland, they knew something they shouldn't. His life's draine...
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A Little Bit Of Something by AussyFalls
A Little Bit Of Somethingby Sof Boi
Charlotte "Red" Calline is an average teenage girl. She's prone to anxiety attacks, loves Internet, loves music, basically everything an average teenager could...
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The Dangerous Queen by blue_eyes_1088
The Dangerous Queenby blue eyes
Idk just read the story
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Red Eyes by sweet_anime_angel
Red Eyesby T'is a secret
A princess. An assassination. And a red eyed wolf.
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