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Community Idea Page by TheRecessionSquad
Community Idea Pageby TheRecessionSquad
Hello, Recession members! This is for our new and existing members of The Recession Squad to come up with ideas to make our community safer. Even if you don't have a pos...
Recessionary Times by breonn2
Recessionary Timesby breonn2
This story follows the day in the life of three teenagers from a small rural Irish town that was bypassed by the motorway system and bypassed by the Celtic tiger. With n...
                Economic Recession and Hardship  by Precioussiaajogi
Economic Precious Sia Ajogi
This all about economic declination.
How I Met Stefon  by mediumsqurr
How I Met Stefon by mediumsqurr
Warning: this story contains mature themes such as coffee drinking, the Great Recession, and the Oxford comma. Not for the faint of heart!
smth idk by WGdeJamal
smth idkby WGdeJamal
experimental story/throwing out ideas I always have in my head
A Place to Go by CalebMason5
A Place to Goby Caleb Mason
Down and out on the recessionary streets, an aging man meets a young woman.
Blue Collar by rodkackley
Blue Collarby Rod Kackley
Blue Collar tells the story of three Baby Boomers who are doing the best they can to survive the Great Recession in metro Detroit. When they find the American Dream is a...
The Big Short by priyanka1978
The Big Shortby priyanka1978
Short story outlining the causes of recession during yr 2008-2009
TB Poems by ThomasBerryman
TB Poemsby ThomasBerryman
1. Couplet: Welcome 2. Sonnet: Working 3. Rondeau 4. Acrostic 5. Triolet 6. Ballad: Albert 7. Haiku: Crane 8. Tanka: Growth 9. Tyburn: Willis 10. Free Verse: Rise
The Reporter by stavrogin
The Reporterby stavrogin
The year was 2023. The world population was diminishing by the hour. News channels didn’t exist - nor media of any kind for that matter, technology and infrastructure ha...