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Girl Meets Rebell | Slow Updates by msftsavages
Girl Meets Rebell | Slow Updatesby Jessica
You know Girl Meets World. Riley's uncle, Josh Matthews, falls in love with her friend Stella. The artistic rebell with sass and a heart of expression. [A/n: This will b...
  • rebell
  • fanfiction
  • humor
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The Alpha Kings mate by RoyalityCrown
The Alpha Kings mateby Maja
Sierra Moon is a rebellious fifteen year old werewolf who hates everyone that think they can control her. The thought of a mate creeps her out, she doesn't want someone...
  • delta
  • alphaking
  • alpha
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We Said We'd Grow Old Together by profile101
We Said We'd Grow Old Togetherby profile101
Kira,Yuko,Shel,and Ren all meet in unique ways...as enemies or obstacles but when they all become friends they make a promise "We will all grow old together till th...
  • partners
  • wanted
  • life
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En ny tid, en ny värld by saglun
En ny tid, en ny världby Saga Lundberg
När du inte ätit ett mål mat på över en månad, när du inte har talat med någon annan än din son på över en vecka, när du inte druckit på över en dag och när det inte gå...
  • dod
  • novell
  • liv
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Toxic by CheesePizzaInParis
Toxicby CheesePizzaInParis
Fight. Blood. This is all the children have ever known.They're government says its so they can grow up to be guardians, and earn there powers awarded by the government.B...
  • phenominom
  • killing
  • rebel
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The Watson brothers surviving Samantha by olajvi
The Watson brothers surviving Sama...by olajvi
A family lost at the age of 17 is probably not something you wish for, that is exactly what happend to Samantha.With no relatives alive to take care of her there is one...
  • rebell
  • family
  • brothers
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Legion of the Black by mccorbre
Legion of the Blackby mccorbre
  • extruestory
  • legionofblack
  • bvb
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KC Rebell Zitate  by JasonGewalt
KC Rebell Zitate by Jason Gewalt
  • rap
  • rebell
  • rapzitate
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A Perfect Utopia? by XxTheDarkAngelxX
A Perfect Utopia?by XxTheDarkAngelxX
Which part of you childhood had been real, and which part implanted? What if all that had just happened was a test, and you were failing miserably at it? What if your wh...
  • mrs
  • elders
  • aliyah
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Little by Little by DocLMin
Little by Littleby Doc
Who would have thought that falling in love with an angel is possible? 1 mission. An angel and a rebel. This story is about how a not so good girl takes her steps little...
  • wattpride
  • angel
  • rebell
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He smirks. ''I like your guts.'' Nobody had ever dared him to a bet this dangerous - let alone without even knowing what the bet would be about. ''So it's a deal?'', the...
  • change
  • stay
  • bad
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Death Too Must Be Earned-Shadows by Dinalk
Death Too Must Be Earned-Shadowsby Dinalk
inne i den djupa skogen bland de högsta bergen. Var inte en hjort. kolla uppåt.
  • si-fi
  • uppror
  • äventyr
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Music, a Teenager, and Recovery by elenaxfh15499
Music, a Teenager, and Recoveryby Elena
Music saved Brooke Mitford. Music kept her strong. Music kept her distracted. Music saved her. Music was her haven, her escape, her safety.
  • nature
  • rebell
  • power
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The Unnamed Child by AlisonSanger
The Unnamed Childby Alison Sanger
When I was a kid I loved to hear stories of magic and the wizards and witches that could do amazing things. A long time ago, they kept the peace in this land. But that's...
  • magic
  • fantasy
  • rebell
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Kontra by Aavaeika
Kontraby Aaväika
In diesem Werk zeige ich euch meine einzelnen Bilder, welche ich für das unglaublich anregende Lied "Kontra", inspiriert vom Roman „Revolution", in Zusamm...
  • politik
  • bilder
  • entscheidung
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Wild Hearts by a_bittersweet_tale
Wild Heartsby a_bittersweet_tale
"I just needed one thing to hold on to," she whispered, clutching his drenched shirt, "You gave me the universe" *A -sort of- love story* They were n...
  • police
  • rebelliousteens
  • bloodbath
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Feuermond - Ausbruch by MerlesZauberwelt
Feuermond - Ausbruchby MerlesZauberwelt
|Spannende Dystopie mit einer starken Heldin| Alles wurde zerstört. Wir leben in einer Welt nach dem Krieg. Nach dem großen 4. Weltkrieg und den ganzen Umweltkatastrophe...
  • system
  • rebell
  • wattpad10
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Rebell  by ohnolwtx
Rebell by ohnolwtx
Andere sagen ich sei rebellisch. Ich sage: Ich bin anders.
  • tattoos
  • rebell
  • piercings
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Wie ich der schlechte Einfluss wurde by JonathanStys
Wie ich der schlechte Einfluss wur...by JonathanStys
Ich hätte nie gedacht, das ich eines Tages so tief sinken würde. Das ich an einem derartigen Platz landen würde und mich mit solch eigenartigen Leuten abgeben würde. Das...
  • drawing
  • thriller
  • sarcasm
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