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Asleep by MikaelaBender
Asleepby Mikaela Bender
In a time when kidnapping is a common occurrence, Nora is about to become her father's science experiment. Taken away from her family, Nora is trapped inside of a dream...
Behind the Mask: a Superhero Story by RenaeeRed1
Behind the Mask: a Superhero Storyby Renaee Red
Imagine living in a world with a society where people are punished for being them, or looked down upon, or regarded with distaste, seen in a different light. Oh, wait, t...
Crown of thorns and lies by May_Flower516
Crown of thorns and liesby May_flower516
Adilynn Desnaro is a young girl with big ambitions. She wants to change her country. Until the choosing ceremony, she never thought it would come true. But will it all g...
My Ride or Die Girl by Annken727
My Ride or Die Girlby Annken727
Aria aka Angel parents decide to live out of state right before her senior year. She is devastated. She loves to ride and race her motorcycle though and it's the only...
Curtain Call (The Jewel Project #7) by Wimbug
Curtain Call (The Jewel Project #7)by Stef
"This is it. The curtain call. Where we go from here is entirely your choice. Funny how we're right back where we started." It has been four years since Sam an...
Choosing A Vampire Queen  by calikoo998
Choosing A Vampire Queen by Callie
It's that time again! The time where 1 girl out of 100 is selected to marry the future vampire king! Win and you get a lifetime of riches and happiness. Lose and well...
TWELVE VESPERS by pearlplath
A twist of a finger can start wars. / 30112020
Imperium (Book One of the Defiant Series) by sumejjap
Imperium (Book One of the sumeyyap
Novus is a perfect society, a perfect life. Everyone craves it. Everyone desires it. But only a handful gain access to the utopia that is Novus. They are the lucky ones...
Year of Terror 3 by camillazoetanya
Year of Terror 3by camillazoetanya
The Charmings are coming. Definitely not Raven's ideal chapterbreak. All five of them are staying all summer and worse yet trying to talk Raven's dad into sending Rave...
Sunflower | Tom Holland X Reader | by timpollandfannn
Sunflower | Tom Holland X Reader |by timpollandfannn
"But i'm a sunflower, a little funny, if I were a rose, maybe you'd pick me, but you have got no such clue, that the sunflower's waiting for you, waiting for you&qu...
The Flame of Freedom by JustTheBestAround
The Flame of Freedomby Kathryn Marie
The kingdom of Terriana had known many years of prosperity. Then the current king turned it into a land of horror where one word could turn your best friend into your wo...
Darkness covering the light by Destroyer0099
Darkness covering the lightby Coop
Jade was normal. She was happy to some degree. When she found out that she could do magic it was a dream come true. That dream was crushed pretty fast turns out she is t...
the middle of twilight 《 a star wars story 》 by iv-asoa
the middle of twilight 《 a star elliose
A young spy working for the Resistance in a time of danger. After several years working for the Trade Federation, she knew a thing or two about blending in a crowd wher...
Mad Hatter {ON GOING} by Carter_Casterwill
Mad Hatter {ON GOING}by Carter Casterwill
"You either die a hero or live a villain." ********** Daughter of the most infamous gang leaders in New Arcadia, Marinette Kasey-Cole isn't used to playing nic...
Reign by ArtemisReign25
Reignby Artemis Reign
Enter, Two royal blooded siblings, Auristela and Caelholdt, destined to fight for a throne neither of them wants. However, after learning a few truths... they are now de...
The Hybrid Heiress [3] by _Black_Rose_0121
The Hybrid Heiress [3]by Black Rose
A girl that doesn't know her past nor what the future holds for her. A mother lost in a hopeless search for her daughter. A man looking for the love of his life. A wo...
Free by Auiak_BW
Freeby Auiak
The world is based on a hierarchy. The supernatural at the top and humans on the bottom. The more powerful supernatural species are at the top while the less powerful on...
The Picking by galeisa20
The Pickingby HersheyKisses
The picking occurs every five years. Twenty people are chosen from Enchantria and the Kingdom of the Isle. The winning side gets a new king/queen. The only way to become...
Fighting Back | Sam Wilson by s_milner_
Fighting Back | Sam Wilsonby Sophie Milner
"Each day you have to make a choice. Will you give up, give in, or give it your all?" ----------------------- The blip has been reversed and the entire world...
Hard Paper  by Nobody_Never_will_be
Hard Paper by ||NOBODY||
The world is cruel indeed. Our story takes place in a school where that is no joke. Bullies are normal and nobody cares enough to do anything about them. Woman who don't...