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Their Mate ||1D & 5SOS|| ✅ by angelstyles-
Their Mate ||1D & 5SOS|| ✅by rosalie 🛸
'Because in the end she was our mate' © 2014 Rosalie (angelstyles-) All rights reserved Completed January 2015
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A R R A N G E D | Ethan Dolan (UNDER MAJOR EDITING) by random_paradise
A R R A N G E D | Ethan Dolan ( popsicleparadise
"Well, for starters, you're basically forced to marry me." ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ DO NOT COPY MY ORIGINAL CONTENT, I HAVE COME UP WITH THIS ON MY OWN, AND IT IS UTTERL...
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The Makeover (Magcon Boys FanFiction) by leesuh
The Makeover (Magcon Boys lisa
Hailey Reneé is now 16 years old. But when she was 14, the boys now in a group called Magcon would bully her and beat her up everyday at school. Her sister gives her a m...
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the makeover ↠ magcon boys fanfiction DISCONTINUED by 28_stylinson
the makeover ↠ magcon boys 28_stylinson
skyler is tired of being bullied. tired of being just a lame high schooler. she's fed up with cameron dallas and his crew telling her she's worthless every day. she's do...
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Some Kind Of Love // JcPenny by iijenny_
Some Kind Of Love // JcPennyby jennifer 🕊
Shes just a girl trying to fit into L.A. But One Day, Her Whole World Flipped Around.
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loving you is not a mistake by khanada20
loving you is not a mistakeby khanada20
This is a story about a teacher and student that feel in love,but the we're things that make the student hide her self Read...
Fixed (ThatsoJack) by likeyaddict
Fixed (ThatsoJack)by likeyaddict
After a long, emotional phone call, Bailey's life has changed forever. Not only does she get to live in her dream place, but she all so gets to live near her dream boy...
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The Life of Sea and Cedar by Embattaglia
The Life of Sea and Cedarby ALadyB
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Fab5 Youtubers by ShipTr0yler
Fab5 Youtubersby ShipTr0yler
It was the day before the fab5 reunited . Anthony ,Jenn , Jack , Andrew , and Rebecca were getting everything ready for the event . They were all going to meet up in LA...
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Adopted By O2L by shannsfanfics
Adopted By O2Lby shannsfanfics
When 15 year old Ava is adopted by Connor Franta, and lives in the O2L house with all of the guys, she soon meet her true love. The question is, does Connor approve? Rea...
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Misunderstood by stilesxgatto
Misunderstoodby rach
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Change| Youtuber Story by trxyemxllet
Change| Youtuber Storyby trxyemxllet
Hi my name is Kiara and this is my story. I'm a vlogger. I make youtube videos for people's enjoyment. But what happens when I go to vidcon and meet my favorite youtub...
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You killed Jenn Mcallister by elenyglitz
You killed Jenn Mcallisterby Leny
Never Trust A Pretty Girl With An Ugly Secret.. When Lia Marie Johnson kills Jenn Mcallis...
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I Guess Its Love? by mmnnnbb
I Guess Its Love?by mmnnnbb
Clara, a popular 19 year old youtuber, moves to Los Angeles. She starts a new beginning for herself with her YouTube friends and a lifetime of happiness and craziness
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Laura's Song Parodies - Volume 5 by HeiwaRoraAi
Laura's Song Parodies - Volume 5by Laura Williams
Volume 5 features: . A video game version of Blowin' In The Wind by Bob Dylan . A Conker's Bad Fur Day parody of Friday by Rebecca Black . A Powerpuff Girls parody of I...
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The Drug That Went Too Far... by Katally
The Drug That Went Too Katally
jc caylen is part of a clan he was kicked out though lets be honest he would be the one to be kicked out because he is only one from o2l that didnt attempt a singing or...
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Moving in by O2LGRMCM
Moving inby O2LGRMCM
Our 2nd life (minus Trevor and Sam) moves in with Rebecca black, Sarai jones(krazyrayray) and Gwen the main character. They have friendships and bonds and a little more...
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Not Alike. | Carl Grimes by melancholylala
Not Alike. | Carl Grimesby es-meh
"Sometimes, you just have to let go." "Why?" "To survive." Edith is the daughter of a ruthless leader, Negan. Although he expects her to b...
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