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Dramatic|Madara Uchiha| by mcho1907
Dramatic|Madara Uchiha|by M. S. Christie
A young girl enamoured with theatre, music and drama just can't seem to find her break and is surprised with a sudden unusual visitor. A visitor from her childhood favou...
Guess Who Came Crashing In by Wolfeine
Guess Who Came Crashing Inby Wolfeine
FIRST BOOK IN THE ISAMI SERIES IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REWRITTEN It began with them crashing through a mysterious black hole. They weren't expecting to be placed in a co...
Meeting You  (Levi x Reader) by Lil_ackerman94
Meeting You (Levi x Reader)by Ღ Ꮥꭵꮭꮙꮛꮢ Ʊ
What if you suddenly arrived in aot world from the real world and you have the chance to change their world as you wish. Will you be able to make it better or worse? It...
limit (BNHA X READER) by Aria_Feather136
limit (BNHA X READER)by Feather10178
lim·it /ˈlimit noun noun: limit; plural noun: limits 1. a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass. "You actual piss baby. Shut up...
Naruto Characters in the Real World (DISCONTINUED) by Forever_Moonwalker
Naruto Characters in the Real Dead account
Misaki, a regular 18-year-old that works at a coffee shop. She adores cats and is obsessed with anime (mainly Naruto). One day she wakes up to unexpected guests in her a...
The Numbers on Her Wrist by KatherineHinchley
The Numbers on Her Wristby Katherine (Kat) Hinchley
Best rank: #1 in Action! Included in Action's Featured List! Amelia Reyes has been raised within an orphanage her entire life, but she just recently broke free of their...
When Lennon met Harry  by GotTheStyles
When Lennon met Harry by GotTheStyles
Lennon somehow manages to drift her way into every girls dream job, being part of Harry Styles inner circle of employees, despite the fact that she neither looks nor act...
Whipped Billionaire by HephziLolami
Whipped Billionaireby Ayomipo
Billionaire's series ~ 4 Angela Alfonsi is the last born of the Alfonsi family, a family of businessmen and women involved in the Italian chain of market. When she is ar...
🎄love my forced husband🎄 🎄(tharntype🐢mewgulf)🎄 by🎄 k.bunny🎄 by koalabunny13
🎄love my forced husband🎄 🎄( koalabunny13
🍒though it started from forced vows but when i saw my heart he already engraved his name over there🍇 tharn said while seeing the person feeding his kids🍒 🍒all right...
The Scars on Her Back (Prequel to The Numbers on Her Wrist) by KatherineHinchley
The Scars on Her Back (Prequel Katherine (Kat) Hinchley
The life before 564 became Amelia Reyes is a gruesome one; a story that she could not and would not tell to many people. She had been labeled at a young age by three s...
🌻lust leads to love🌻(tharntype🐬mewgulf)🍂(complete)🍂 🍦by🍦k.bunny🍒 by koalabunny13
🌻lust leads to love🌻(tharntype🐬 koalabunny13
🍩lust leads to love is the only grace of my life.from mud of lust , my saviour dragged me to real pool of love. my love, my life my gulf appeared as oasis of tulip who...
Aphmau's Secret Youtuber Life by abbyuniverse
Aphmau's Secret Youtuber Lifeby abbyuniverse
Aphmau is a new student at Phenix Drop High, she has no parents so she lives alone, she faces bullies and love. but no one knows her secret identity is the famous youtub...
SASUKE......IN THE REAL WORLD?!(Sasuke xReader) by TheFlamingphoenix
What if Sasuke gets transported to the real world? Find out by reading this book! ~*~ Psst, Please don't steal my works. Pm/Dm me here immediately if you find my storie...
Auction by AJShillington
Auctionby AJ
World leaders wanted control. Control of every aspect of the population Mass murders of those who went against what people deemed normal, leading by fear. Today's societ...
PRINCESS - in search of lovable life by hidden__puzzle
PRINCESS - in search of lovable ✨Priy@nk@✨
She is too stubborn too achieve anything but failed miserably to achieve love in her life. Her family and the society make her weak. The words throw on her directly pier...
Of Myth and Magic by Wonkington
Of Myth and Magicby Wonkington
She knew it wasn't good for her, standing here like this, waiting for something that wasn't there to appear. Something spectacular to happen between mis-numbered houses...
Delude | bwwm by KengKene
Delude | bwwmby Kene
Book 2 of LET'S | bwwm
Your Name by mcho1907
Your Nameby M. S. Christie
Right after her wedding Izuna disappears. Tobirama isn't just going to let her go though, he's determined to find her. Join Tobirama as he travels to the real world in s...
Online Couple (On-going) by EyesOfAce
Online Couple (On-going)by ꧁𝑨𝒍𝒂𝒔꧂
Agatha Vergara, was an honor student and an independent girl. One day, she met a boy on social media named Prince Tristan. All of the sudden, the conflict hits them and...
Undercover  (The untamed fanfiction) by saikikk
Undercover (The untamed Emma Grace saddoris
What happens when a light appears out of nowhere? What happens when you follow it? Well that's exactly what happened to Meixiang. Meet Meixiang. She dreams of being one...