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you're changing, i can't stand it.
  • realness
Her by QueenAsh23
Herby Ashley is mee
She fell in love with someone she'd never met. Then here came trouble. Then a surprise came.
  • depression
  • nonfiction
  • memories
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I Bored So I Post Memes 2 by theyokes123
I Bored So I Post Memes 2by theyokes123
Hey! So this is the second memes book I have because why not! Anyways hope you enjoy my book. Btw's if you don't like when some post 12 times in a row... Well... You've...
  • realness
  • bored
  • childishness
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C❤️ by tropicalbrazy
C❤️by C❤️
Wassup Bitches Y'all Know Who It Is
  • lovelife
  • beautiful
  • realness
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Meet the Author  by Musicnerdforlife
Meet the Author by Skye
Ask me questions, tell me what you want to do more or less of in my stories, this is so you can know the real me and help me figure out who me is. If that makes sense.
  • helpful
  • realme
  • lbgtqcommunity
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Biggest btch in town by Fionabea16
Biggest btch in townby ILLEGAL
A kontrabida's story
  • realness
  • inmymind
  • btsboys
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A chapter a day (or something like that) blog by ggrebell
A chapter a day (or something Kawaii Trashcan
I am just going to be writing whatever I want to write about every day, some days it might just be a quote or two. some days maybe a whole paragragh about a rant! anythi...
  • memetastic
  • livinthedream
  • yaassqueen
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The Nerd's Imperfectness by Iwcrawshaw
The Nerd's Imperfectnessby Iwcrawshaw
Everyone thinks that London's life was perfect. She was always happy and smiling. What happens when the least expected person brings down those wall she's built up aroun...
  • romantic
  • love
  • secrets
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cantu. by kharixo
#9 sad
Not everything is suppose to make sense, right ?
  • hardtroubles
  • meleanin
  • dramatic
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This is kinda meh by choe_lisa
This is kinda mehby choe_lisa
This is pretty much a diary for me but not really....
  • realness
  • diary
  • meh
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Spoonful of Time by SodaliteJourney
Spoonful of Timeby Dawn Aideen
Just some poems
  • limitless
  • highlights
  • life
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Horse Quotes by MidnightRideRanch
Horse Quotesby MidnightRideRanch
Horse quotes
  • quotes
  • realness
  • horse
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uh  by peopleareasetup
uh by Peopleareasetup
literally nothing
  • help
  • pain
  • aspiringsinger
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Me...... by MindlessForU
#14 Jakara Love
If For Some odd reason you come to find this "story" i want to say sorry but this is the only way i could think to vent about everything
  • mood
  • onlyhaveyourself
  • life
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Connectdis  by rannaytoday
Connectdis by rannaytoday
A poem about disconnection - RR
  • selflove
  • innerpeace
  • resonance
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RuPaul's Drag Race: KPOP by likeomigoshi
RuPaul's Drag Race: KPOPby satele!
twelve queens. seven different kpop groups. one crown, and a hundred thousand dollars. who will win? and who will be a bottom? rupaul's drag race with male kpop idols! S...
  • drag
  • interactive
  • realness
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Imagine by MahKaiLA
Imagineby MahKaiLA
What you are about to read has no story line. It's a novel I guess you could say. I am just trying to make YOU think. this may be non sense to you, but thats okay. All...
  • fun
  • heart
  • imagine
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