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Spooky Nights: Nightmares on Fat Street by ratatootee
Spooky Nights: Nightmares on Fat Miss Ratatootee
So many stories to tell, but only a few could be remembered.
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Life by CAT742
Lifeby CAT742
Poems and song lyrics written by me or another person.
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Finding Her soulmate☆ by Naimahtullah_sirboh
Finding Her soulmate☆by Naimahtullah_sirboh
they met before she left she dreamt she went in search Finding one's soulmate isn't easy let's see how she finds hers She's searched him up for years When she finally...
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Little Problems Shattered Heart by Taylor_TDM_101
Little Problems Shattered Heartby Taylor_TDM_101
I wasn't expecting this to be my first story, but I want to write about my life and my problems. This is gonna be a vent diary so 1. If you don't want to be sad don't re...
When He Loves (Book I & II) | ✔ by Emma5304
When He Loves (Book I & II) | ✔by ♔Emma MK♔
#5 in lone #1 in rawemotions #53 in unrequitedlove #73 in newadult #thewritersawards2018 Book 1 [Completed] Book 2 [Completed] _________________________________________...
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QUANNYA'S RANTS by slimesznhoes__
QUANNYA'S RANTSby slimesznhoes__
this book is about my life basically , imma vent to yall and everything 😌
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Creepypasta experiences | Scary experiences by FriskyBits278
Creepypasta experiences | Scary FriskyBits278
I dont care if you dont believe me. I have had some scary things happen to me, I've had weird things happen. Some may just be what I've talked to cleverbot about, I just...
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Random thoughts by lesleyamm98
Random thoughtsby -Lesley-
Random thoughts that I have
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Me Reflecting You (SOON) by ixaxnxnxe
Me Reflecting You (SOON)by × iyah billones ×
Bata pa lang si Noelle kinukumpara na sya ng lahat sa kanyang napakagandang kapatid na si Rika. Isa itong modelo ng mga magazines at sikat na sikat ito, perfect ang ting...
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Females X Male readers  by Mattewaina
Females X Male readers by Mattewaina
This is my 2nd attempt to write a new book and I wanted to write it again and I apologize for not being able to get the first one done.
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Perception in Life by graciellaxxyu
Perception in Lifeby Graciella
Everyone has their own philosophy. Our own hows and whys. We differently have ways on showing varieties of understanding. Do you know yours? Kaya mo bang panindigan ang...
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Neko x Neko girl reader by REVENSKYI
Neko x Neko girl readerby kirishima14
(Y/n) was a beautiful neko girl she was bullied by her classmates because she was 'abnormal' which she didn't care up until it got to carried away in kindergarten she en...
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story time!!! by blueieee
story time!!!by blueieee
This is about my life as a human, and all that jazz.
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Snowflakes ‣ Poetry by angelic_angelie
Snowflakes ‣ Poetryby 𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖊 ♛
❝Snowflakes in her hair, Ice in the way she stared. She is cold, vile, But she has the warmest smile.❞ In which a teen girl tries to be as poetic as Shakespeare.
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My Online Journal by Zariah_Duncan
My Online Journalby Winter Wonderland
I hate writing about my life knowing no one will read i. It does not make me feel better, so I figured "why not write on here". It's simply a day in my everyda...
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The Story Of Us by kristankrian
The Story Of Usby GreatPretender
This is a GXG story. If you are not fun of reading a Girl To Girl or you are a homophobic person, You can immediately leave. Thank you! Date Started: August 28, 2019 Dat...
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Boredom by TheNevermoree
Boredomby TheNevermoree
me wrtting when I'm bored Edit: 8/30/18 Highest Rank (so far) Rank 29 In the Real-Life tag. I dont know why, I don't know how, but it made it there.
Ezrabine/Sabezra vol3: enter the Rebelverse by NOVADAN99
Ezrabine/Sabezra vol3: enter the NOVADAN
Time to mix you Bad Larrys up, we're hitching a ride onto this volume, and I will leave you hungry for more :)
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My Grandfather by Cypher1972
My Grandfatherby Cypher1972
A true story about a troubled young teenager who's life changes when meeting his grandfather at the age of sixteen and how simplest of things which we all take for grant...
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Cuando la cámara se apaga by antoba966
Cuando la cámara se apagaby El duo robo
Un ''poemario'' lo digo entre comillas porque no se si tratarlo como uno. Cuento experiencias de mi vida y que toda la gente puede vivir. Solo quiero que al finalizar te...
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