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Playing The Game by just-A_potato
Playing The Gameby D.G
Not every blonde is stupid. In the South if you're a beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed girl high expectations are made. Either you're not extremely smart, so you find...
  • teen-fiction-drama
  • real-life
  • determination
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Facing the Kings by just-A_potato
Facing the Kingsby D.G
"With his death I nearly met mine. Till revenge told me to behead the King." Cameron Martinez, an unnoticed girl who lives in Chicago which seems to be Gang He...
  • gangs
  • love
  • romance
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the window stalker (based on a true story) by al3playals
the window stalker (based on a casperwasper45fan
this is based of stuff that happened to me and towards the end my brother so enjoy no i don't believe in MOST creepypasta's the only one being the most popular (And infa...
  • horror
  • real-life
[ON HOLD] 36 Students in a Classroom by AwesomelyBlaze
[ON HOLD] 36 Students in a AwesomelyBlaze
Update: This story has been discontinued. I won't be updating any additional chapters. Please don't blow up my inbox asking for updates, as there won't be any. If you ch...
  • real
  • watty
  • 2013
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Becoming A Queen by just-A_potato
Becoming A Queenby D.G
SEQUEL TO FACING THE KINGS Cameron Martinez was chased out of her hometown by the gangs in Chicago. She and a friend are in hiding, hidden away from their family for the...
  • gangmember
  • love
  • cameronangel
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OngNiel | Mine. & Yours. by plc_ent
OngNiel | Mine. & PLC ent.
An OngNiel Drabble Collection #01.Good Talk: Real Life; Fluff; Sleep-talking #02.Home Run: 16+; Baseball au; jealous!Niel -- Brought you by P.L.C ent. -- Truyện dịch...
  • real-life
  • danwoo
  • baseball
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Best Friend | HARRISON OSTERFIELD by Moonessola
BEST FRIEND | "I MEAN, YOU'RE NOT BAD BUT I PREFER THE BEST FRIEND" Harrison osterfield x fem oc Social media fic Cover by @coldapples
  • osterfield
  • scarlettjohansson
  • ivy
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Snowflakes ‣ Poetry by angelic_angelie
Snowflakes ‣ Poetryby angelie
❝Snowflakes in her hair, Ice in the way she stared. She is cold, vile, But she has the warmest smile.❞ In which a teen girl tries to be as poetic as Shakespeare.
  • laughter
  • unspokenlove
  • haiku
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Short Love Stories by niconamirobin
Short Love Storiesby niconamirobin
A collection of short love stories for you guys to read and enjoy from around the web!!
  • groom
  • love
  • oneshot
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Sabezra: Juniors by 1234a53
Sabezra: Juniorsby 1234a53
Sort of a real life AU were the ghost crew are in high school. The only thing not real is that Jedi are still a thing
  • ezrabine
  • real-life
  • swr
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Real life marvel girls by Bulltial
Real life marvel girlsby Bulltial
if they were in real life
  • characters
  • malereader
  • real-life
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Paranormal Experiences by Kurisu-chan_15
Paranormal Experiencesby Kurisu Daiski
Different encounters of non-human activities. People talking about ghosts or demons and other stuff related to the paranormal. This may not be an entire story written ab...
  • real-life
  • thriller
  • truth
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Real life roleplay by _Lolli_the_pop
Real life roleplayby Lollithepop
Roleplay in real life duh!
  • real-life
Finding Her soulmate☆ by Naimahtullah_sirboh
Finding Her soulmate☆by Naimahtullah_sirboh
they met before she left she dreamt she went in search Finding one's soulmate isn't easy let's see how she finds hers She's searched him up for years When she finally...
  • love
  • pastandfuture
  • real-life
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NielOng | Xé đôi thế giới | Tear The World In Two by plc_ent
NielOng | Xé đôi thế giới | Tear PLC ent.
"Em sẵn sàng xé đôi cả thế giới này nếu em ấy cần." __ Tags: Real-life, Light Angst ,Fluff, YMC is snake, Oneshot Written by AuthorUnniOng Brought you by P.L...
  • ongniel
  • daniel
  • ong
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My unconditional love by oreocremes
My unconditional loveby Babyxori
This "story" is actually short pieces of writing that I've written during mental break downs. Some are relatable so I've decided to put it out there. *PLEASE E...
  • real-life
  • loneliness
  • well-being
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"MESSAGES" & "QUOTES" (COMPLETED) by autumreen
MESSAGES/QUOTE/POEM (English Tagalog) Also TIPS about, sa life, for you nadin sa magbabasa, sa mga taken, single, broken hearted.......dito kana din makakakuha ng aral p...
  • happiness
  • inlove
  • single
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Scary stories and Urban legends by moonlightdoll
Scary stories and Urban legendsby Seraphim Rose
Turn the LIGHTS OFF and start READING.
  • real-life
  • urbanfiction
Reach by Tutteredboast
Reachby elisa day
Would you rather be a prisoner of your own body or dead? And when you can't love yourself, what limits are you putting on your ability to love others? A story of a paral...
  • mental-illness
  • roywalker
  • paralysis
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"K" by Paranox
"K"by Paranox
A collection of random stuff on the internet that makes me laugh.
  • people
  • posts
  • friendship
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