I'm Not Ready [UNDER EDITING] by baepsaepic
I'm Not Ready [UNDER EDITING]by Riptid3
(Ready Player One FF) 'Three hidden challenges reveal three different keys. Are you ready, players?' Riptid3 (riptide) and Art3mis are known as the sixer fixers or the 3...
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Parzival +Wade Watts oneshots #wattys2018 by AmberLee453
Parzival +Wade Watts oneshots 1-800-PopCulterQuotes🏝
Oneshots of Tye Sheridan, Wade Watts and Parzival. I Take requests. And I love to write!
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Just A Player  by KittyGotham
Just A Player by Mrs.Scamander
Ready Player One Wade Watts/Parzival love story Take on me (take on me) Take me on (take on me)I'll be gone for a day or two So needless to say Im odds and ends but that...
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READY PLAYER TWO ; wade watts ; ready player one by -txssa
P̴̡̱̾̎r̶̫̊͜͠ȋ̷̱͙s̶͖̺̄̕ỏ̷̮̓ň̴̫̰ě̷̢̟r̵̗̐ ̴̞́0̵͇̪͐0̸̫̆̆6̵̖͌7̸̬͋ ̷̨̽Ń̴̰̥E̴̫͂̚E̷̱̥̍D̷̬͂S̶̺̉ ̸̟̼͑ŷ̷̱ǫ̸̙͊̾ṵ̸̅͒r̸̞̼̀ ̷͍͎͊̉h̸͎̃e̶͍̝͐͌l̴̳̿̑p̸̼̣͋.̴͙̓̔ ̸̱͌C̴̢̪͌̉o̶͍̎ń̵͓͘n̸̂...
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limelight : daito's ready player one fanfic by rosettafear
limelight : daito's ready player sharon marilyn
Rachel was never happy in her whole life. she hated most of the people as much as she hated her family.she used oasis as an escape. but when the oasis was in danger, cou...
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The spectacular six (A ready player one story) by Erose389
The spectacular six (A ready alpha Emily wolf
I am Godde6s the sixth player on the score board. I have just been contacted by ART3MIS and I will help Parzival destroy IOI and find my true calling. I, no We are The...
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Through Your eyes - PARZIVAL; ready player one  by Smashedtomatoes
Through Your eyes - PARZIVAL; Smashedtomatoes
"Did you really think I would've chosen you over her?" He screamed "No..." F4ith whispered looking at the floor. Parzival clenched his jaw, he hate...
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Another Player [ Wade Watts/Parzival x Reader ]  by Vanilla_Patchouli
Another Player [ Wade Watts/ ✌︎✈︎✌︎✎✌︎
In the OASIS, anybody can be anything, and they can build and do anything. It was an escape from reality. And for y/n, it was so much more. Hiding the fact that your t...
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Heart To Heart  (Wade Watts (Parzival) x Reader ) DISCONTINUED by littlesseok
Heart To Heart (Wade Watts ( cpt.mvrvelxus
A story about a young teenage girl named (Y/N), she is just a normal teenager who loves to play a games, but one day when she first introduce to Oasis or virtual world s...
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MetaWars: Fight For The Future by thejeffnorton
MetaWars: Fight For The Futureby Jeff Norton
In the near future, two teens are swept up in the battle for the internet. A fast-paced thriller about the consequences of the choices we make. Jonah Delacroix can't...
  • thematrix
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(Ready player one) A parzival x reader story. by Maritinex
(Ready player one) A parzival x Lowkey dying inside ♥
(Y/N) lived a normal life, with her one older brother. Until a new game called the OASIS came inside the picture. When the creator ''James Halliday'' dies, he leaves beh...
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ESCAPE // Ready Player One by asimplealien
ESCAPE // Ready Player Oneby a simple space kid
The year is 2048, three years after the High Five took control over the OASIS and defeated Innovative Online Industries. Valerie Woods (Val for short) is your typical m...
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X reader one - shots / multifandom by pastelbitxh
X reader one - shots / multifandomby pastelbitxh
X reader one shots of different characters from video games, movies, tv shows, etc ( my native language is not English so sorry for miss spellings and stuff like that )...
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Ready Player Kavi | Daito by thesilentcrescendo
Ready Player Kavi | Daitoby The Silent Crescendo
Katrina never considered herself a Gunter. But when she's thrown in the warpath of IOI, she must help the High 5 win the contest and save the matter what it t...
  • daito
  • readyplayerone
  • sho
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World of Pure Imagination by iiOmq_Oreos
World of Pure Imaginationby iiOmq_Oreos
Just read the book (Parzival/Wade x OC)
  • daito
  • readyplayerone
  • parzival
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Ready Player Zero by lycheepearlmilktea
Ready Player Zeroby lycheepearlmilktea
Two years before Wade Watts will make a revolutionary change to the Oasis and the world it exists in, internationally-ranked Oasis player Toshiro Yoshiaki has just moved...
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  • sciencefiction
  • toshiro
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•Tye Sheridan Appriciation• by malthehufflepuff
•Tye Sheridan Appriciation•by kxllerquee.n
❤️Tye Sheridan❤️ ENDED 12/3/18
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Multi Fandom RP by SidekickOfThanos
Multi Fandom RPby Ella Strange
Wattpad deleted my other one... :(
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Survival Quest (LitRPG series The Way of the Shaman: Book #1) by V. Mahanenko by Magic_Dome_Books
Survival Quest (LitRPG series Magic_Dome_Books
Barliona. A virtual world jam-packed with monsters, battles - and predictably, players. Millions of them come to Barliona, looking forward to the things they can't get i...
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War of the Planets (A Ready Player One Story) by ZombastikGaming
War of the Planets (A Ready ZombastikGaming
This is the first story in the War of the Planets Series. It is set in the Ready Player One universe and follows a 17 year old kid named John.
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