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Foreigners of Humanity (Trolls x Reader) by AWSOMEwh69A
Foreigners of Humanity (Trolls x AWSOMEwh69A
As the Trolls try to escape the Bergens, a mysterious entity pushes them into a hole in the forest. They find themselves in a very unfamiliar place, and only one thought...
Him || Kim Taehyung  by taesgirllll
Him || Kim Taehyung by taesgirllll
Y/n just moved to a new city, in school she meets Kim Taehyung a handsome, arrogant boy. But will they be friends? Lovers? Enemies? Started: October/4/2020 Completed: N...
Living with NCT || Kim Jungwoo  by taesgirllll
Living with NCT || Kim Jungwoo by taesgirllll
Jung y/n, Jaehyun's little sister is moving in with him and his members to be closer to her university, how will she adjust living with NCT? Will she get close to the me...
"Come Into My Office. Yes, The Restroom." by Kittensrcute1494
"Come Into My Office. Yes, The iamlowkeycrying
All Midoriya Izuku wanted to do was to do good in school―U.A. General Studies, at that―and keep up with his part-time job, but all these weird hero students keep popping...
COMPLETE [BTS Ff] ~ 8th Member Of BTS  by DaydreamJhopeJh
COMPLETE [BTS Ff] ~ 8th Member Daydream
your 15 and you audition for big hit to be the 8th Member of BTS they choose you over your own sister. BTS thinks of you as a little sister and you think of them as Olde...
Why Me(my story) by keishcapone
Why Me(my story)by Keish
Harmonie is a 17 year old who is getting rape by her uncle. Her mom doesn't know . Read to find out what happens. Read
The Alchemist and Engineer by ghostoflimbo
The Alchemist and Engineerby stuck_.inlimbo_
(EDITING) A world where the sun and moon gave two gifts to the earth, a boy was getting ready for one of his greatest adventures yet, until fate had someone join his jou...
Twin Image: Family, Before Anything by Rosaceae-
Twin Image: Family, Before Anythingby 🌹
"what's the definition of risk?" "The possibility or chance of loss." "Exactly! The possibility or chance of loss. And what's engraved on th...
YANDERE ANTICS! (Yandere-ish? kcc x nb reader) by D1SPLEASURE_
YANDERE ANTICS! (Yandere-ish? KYLER <33
This story is about a nonbinary person (and some others) help out a certain someone with social anxiety, make 100 friends. Who knows..Will they grow a harem? Will they f...
Trap Nigga2 (Family Drama)🤦🏽‍♀️ by keishcapone
Trap Nigga2 (Family Drama)🤦🏽‍♀️by Keish
Love ain't so perfect after all . secrets get aired and people life change forever. Trap Nigga series
When love kills by keishcapone
When love killsby Keish
I will do whatever it take for you to love me. Her boyfriends beats her but she still stay read to find out what happen. .
Scared Potter?  by Scorbus11
Scared Potter? by Lesbian girl
Draco Malfoy is known for his selfish ignorant ways, but Harry believes there is more to him than what meets the naked eye. Will Harry be able to able to figure Draco Ma...
My best friend's sister 😍🤤 by PrinxessErii
My best friend's sister 😍🤤by ✨👸🏾PrinxessErii👸🏾✨
My name is Tori. Danielle has been my Bestfriend since I could even remember. Me and her did everything together ...even her annoying ass little sister Destiny...but th...
Eternity  - Juke | JATP FANFICTION (BOOK TWO) by browneyedbeautiful_
Eternity - Juke | JATP Trisha
Hey Fantoms! This story is all about Julie and the Phantoms, welcome to book two, follow the band of friends as they go through the ups and downs of the ghost world, and...
Backflip - BTS Kim Taehyung FF by hobiverxse
Backflip - BTS Kim Taehyung FFby II 𝓣 • II
Past mysteries and Destiny to end up with each other? Depression and anxiety play in their life as they stay away from each other for 8 years. Taehyung finally discovers...
Gilmore Girls: Wish Upon a Snow by pjwoodsie
Gilmore Girls: Wish Upon a Snowby PJ Woods
The story picks up at the ending of A Year in the Life. Rory has tough choices to make. Will she strike out on her own or lean on Lorelei more than ever? Characters and...
Trap Nigga 3 (Coming Together) by keishcapone
Trap Nigga 3 (Coming Together)by Keish
Read trap nigga 1 & 2 before you read this one. Fight for what you believe in....
love me by papyayadahlila
love meby Dahlia
okay so basically this book is gonna be about a girl aaliyah aka liyah and she is a plus size lesbian. her dad doesn't approve of her sexuality so she dates an abusive g...
Love Conquers All - Juke | JATP FANFICTION (BOOK ONE) by browneyedbeautiful_
Love Conquers All - Juke | JATP Trisha
Hey Fantoms! This story is all about Julie and the Phantoms, Sunset Curve are set to play The Orpheum, when they eat some bad hotdogs. The car chemicals must of got into...
... by bbyteddybearz
#20 bbyteddybearz
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