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The security guard  by billiexavacado
The security guard by Autumn
Billie was looking for a security guard to go on tour with her as a personal body guard Autumn was a security guard looking to be a personal body guard for someone Aut...
Ghost Girl | Park Jimin [On Hold] by bbangpp
Ghost Girl | Park Jimin [On Hold]by w-ee-d
My name is Ko Dahae. It's hard to live a peaceful life when you know what's underneath everyone's smiling faces. What do you think of when you see a happy couple? Happin...
❝ Eʏᴇ Lᴀɴɢᴜᴀɢᴇ ❞ by angel_colenix10
❝ Eʏᴇ Lᴀɴɢᴜᴀɢᴇ ❞by Angel's line
❝ The eyes are the window of the soul ❞ ❝ What a beautiful language to learn ❞ ㅡI hope this book can help you for you to know if the people around you secretly loving yo...
I know, but... why_do_we_call_it_a_pair_of_pants? by andreals_13
I know, but... Andrea López Salazar
Do you ever wonder what is going on in the mind of others? Kara has the power to see inside her crush mind and know exactly what he thinks, but... is this an advantage...
Hear My Heart by MaricrisBago8
Hear My Heartby Maricris New
A girl named Margaret Reyes has the gift of reading minds. Everything was normal until she met Luke Evan Mendez, ang kaisa-isang taong hindi niya kayang basahin ang isip.
Rhiannon by RhiannonCook5
Rhiannonby Rhiannon Cook
----------------------------------------------------- Rhiannon is not like most humans, she can do things that humans cannot. She was adopted into a human family when sh...
The Good Girl Can Read Minds. ✔ by thatcurrysmine
The Good Girl Can Read Minds. ✔by Curry
Second Place - Teen Fiction In Charms Awards 💜❤️ Cover By : @Arodynamics ❤️💟 Alexis Williams is trying to lead a normal life, with whoever she has on her side. But Ash...
3 Is Better Than 1 by thingsbyb_
3 Is Better Than 1by bri
Hey! So basically this book is going to be sort of based off of The End Of The Fucking World on Netflix and Channel 4. If you haven't watched that, please do. It's an am...
The Time Between Us by nicolio95
The Time Between Usby Nic :)
“Analise? It’s me.” he said hesitantly, his bright green eyes filled with concern. “Ana- who? You mean Lacie…why do you keep calling me that? Who the hell are you?” I sn...
Powerful Mind by Fidan_Z
Powerful Mindby J2M
Ellie Rhines can read minds. It's as simple as that. She doesn't know why or how, she just knows that it happens. It's not until the day of her 17th birthday that she fi...
[CURRENTLY WRITING] Paranormal Perception || Andrea Garcia by andryagarcya
[CURRENTLY WRITING] Paranormal Andrea Garcia
Xander is born with a special power- he can see people's intentions during a time period of one minute to three hours, and when they will do it. One day, he bumps into a...
star's power by _starnova_
star's powerby Star Nova
Star can read minds, she likes Cameron and he likes her too but can she trust him with her secret? May sound like a kids book but they're 18 and apparently pretty horny...
Anomalies by AsaHGrey
Anomaliesby Asa H. Grey
As the world around her seems to be coming to an end, Amma rediscovers her power of reading minds. Having suppressed the idea of having an extraordinary gift as a child...
The Secret Keeper by Okiepotatoo
The Secret Keeperby Okiepotatoo
She always seems to know people's secrets. And always seems to find out what they are just by standing there. She may be invisible but she knows ur secrets. Her powers t...
A Weapon For The Army by XxToxicFangxX
A Weapon For The Armyby Toxic Fang
A story about a girl who can read minds but no one likes her because of it