The Family I Never Asked For by wonsiks-hamster
The Family I Never Asked Forby wonsiks-hamster
You wake up one day and find that your life is no longer how it used to be. You're surrounded with people you've never seen before. You're married to a man you've just m...
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my turtle in a half shell by RebeccaHymers
my turtle in a half shellby Rebecca Hymers
this is my first reader x leo story so ill do my best! :3 if anyone wants to be my editor send me a message! one day [y/n] was minding her business coming home from scho...
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Leo Valdez x reader by thehungergamesfan127
Leo Valdez x readerby tribute-demigod-daughter of A...
so my fantastic lovelies blue pancakes I am doing a leo valdez x reader story. Throughout this story there will be a few one shots (after actual book) and there will als...
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tmnt boyfriend X Reader  ♡ by hai_liza
tmnt boyfriend X Reader ♡by hai_liza
I love tmnt my frwand got me into this stuff and yeah . I made this for fun and cuz I was bored and why not . hehe welp bai
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Lock and Keys (Reader x Leo) by that-annoying-asian
Lock and Keys (Reader x Leo)by TAAOT
Your life was nothing but a confusing mess and it was no help that your mother is always away at work and your psychiatrist keeps encouraging you to end your life. One n...
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2016 TMNT Sugar Spice And Everything Nice by JarOfFangirl
2016 TMNT Sugar Spice And JarOfFanGirl🎐
Raphael×Leonardo×Reader°∆° You come back to NYC to live with your father Only to fall for an old friend from years back. Your 17, their 18. When things start getting h...
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Leo x [reader] the ring  by itsoffcialsam
Leo x [reader] the ring by itsoffcialsam
You lived a depressing past and is still trying to get over it and only have your best friend by your side until you stumble a ring and meet new friends .................
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