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Moments with Bree Collins by scarletnight
Moments with Bree Collinsby scarletnight
Moments between Remus Lupin and student Bree Collins during and after school. These moments make Remus proud to have been a teacher and thankful that Bree was a part of...
Tips From Unknown by Assassin2008Ace
Tips From Unknownby Assassin of Chaos
When Ace Reacher(Military Police Major) gets new that one of his team mate has been murdered but the police are declaring it a suicide. He goes to catch the murderer. He...
Future Stupid: A Joseph Tugger, Space-Cop Anthology by MadMikeMarsbergen
Future Stupid: A Joseph Tugger, Mike Marsbergen
Let's say five hundred years into the future, a badass loner wanders the galaxies, solving various crimes, shacking up with sexy alien ladies, and taking out bad dudes...
Love?  by Stera_Miller
Love? by Stera Miller
"Teaching you love huh? I don't if I can but I will try my best" Teaching him about love, I myself leart and feel in love, but not with him but 'him'.
Reacher Books by margueritereds
Reacher Booksby Marguerite Reds
Lee Child is the fiercely effective writer of 19 secret/anticipation spine chillers including Jack Reacher, an outsized superman of a hero, who just passes by the name o...
Tugg This: A Joseph Tugger Anthology by MadMikeMarsbergen
Tugg This: A Joseph Tugger Mike Marsbergen
More man in his sterile left nut than you've got in your whole sack. Six-foot-nine Joseph Tugger is a powerhouse of a bookworm. A Master Librarian who was kicking ass an...
Avisland: The Keep of Renaissance by MBLmordred
Avisland: The Keep of Renaissanceby MBLmordred
Wounds have scarred since the civil war and the break down of Raben. While public, Raben struggles to ensure the community of its value and its loyalty. Wren Koko, now...
A KILLING IN THE AIR - the Further Adventures of Bander by randynargi
A KILLING IN THE AIR - the Randy Nargi
GAME OF THRONES meets JACK REACHER. Retired Imperial Investigator Bander spends his days wandering the Empire of Harion and trying to avoid trouble. But when he is conta...
Learning Curve: Joseph Tugger #2 (Sample) by MadMikeMarsbergen
Learning Curve: Joseph Tugger #2 ( Mike Marsbergen
First there was Reacher. Then there was Puller. Now there's Tugger. Six-foot-nine Joseph Tugger doesn't have any military experience whatsoever. Everything he's learned...