The King Heir by WitchandAngel
The King Heirby WitchandAngel
Quando Eislyn, unica figlia femmina del re, viene favorita ai fratelli per prendere la corona la sua vita viene completamente stravolta. Tra la ricerca dei cavaliere, l'...
  • alchimisti
  • demoni
  • vampiri
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Uta X Reader lemon's  by queen_of_the_clowns
Uta X Reader lemon's by queen_of_the_clowns
Lemon's that involves you and Uta from Tokyo Ghoul in different scenario's.
  • anime
  • mangalove
  • utaxreader
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Re:Hero ~Love of a Quirkless Hero~ by Anime_MultiPlay_
Re:Hero ~Love of a Quirkless Hero~by Anime_MultiPlay_
Sort of a crossover between Boku no Hero Academia and Re:Zero. Izuku and Rem, two seemingly shy characters meet up and something brews between them. Is it love, is it li...
  • deku
  • shy
  • highschool
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Tokyo Ghoul (Various x reader) One-shots by Tien_Feng
Tokyo Ghoul (Various x reader) Nana
Tokyo Ghoul one-shots. Featuring characters x readers. I do not own anything related to Tokyo Ghoul except the scenarios you are reading. Thanks for reading, hope you en...
  • noro
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  • amon
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Loneliness (Subaru x Rem Fanfiction) Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu by MysticalSpades
Loneliness (Subaru x Rem Neroreos
This is a Re:Zero love story I just can't wait for the romantic moments so I'll just make them myself but yeah I recommend you to read the manga or watch the ongoing ani...
  • romance
  • subaru
  • world
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Haven't You Hurt Me Enough? Kuki Urie x Human! OC by Kookie_Kylie
Haven't You Hurt Me Enough? Kuki kyli
What if Kaneki had a younger sister? A sister who was fully aware of everything that was going on in their world. Aware of the fact of what Kaneki had become, and what h...
  • originalcharacter
  • rể
  • kukiurie
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Infected by Ayanoshia
Infectedby Aggie Ayano
Historia nie jest przeznaczona dla młodych osób, które nie są przystosowane do scen drastycznych, wulgarnych i seksualnych. Przedstawiony świat, to zobrazowanie brutaln...
  • zaraza
  • residentevil
  • przetrwanie
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Honour by necr0misis
Honourby Shiragin’s cowlick
URIE KUKI X QUINX!READER (SORT OF HIGH SCHOOL AU) New town, new you. It appears the world's quite unfair and it took you a bit too literally on that saying. I DO NOT OW...
  • tokyoghoulre
  • fuckindramayall
  • rể
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A Different Choice (Rem x Subaru) by Cookiezxmilk
A Different Choice (Rem x Subaru)by Mxggiebear
Subaru asked if Rem could run away with him. This time, is different. She said yes. No hesitation, no conversation. She said yes she would. Now a whole different story i...
  • returnbydeath
  • emilia
  • romance
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Incubus by necr0misis
Incubusby Shiragin’s cowlick
(COMPLETED) INCUBUS!MUTSUKI TOORU X READER Bumping into someone on the streets is a cliché straight out of a romance movie, but is being an Incubus' next lunch cliché as...
  • mutsukitooruxreader
  • rể
  • mutsukitooru
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Las pocas letras que me dejes. by SaulASJ
Las pocas letras que me Saul A.S.J
Una compilación de mis noches de insomnio.
  • poesia
  • tristeza
  • desamor
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My Kuki (Kuki Urie X Reader one-shots) by Ureo_Kookies25
My Kuki (Kuki Urie X Reader @Ureo_Kookies25
this contains lots of stories about Kuki Urie and you. I promised I would write this in my other story about Kuki.
  • rể
  • tokyoghoul
  • fanfiction
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Re:TEN Volume One. by Misaka_Omnitrix
Re:TEN Volume Mikoto Misaka
(written by MystoganSeven with assistance from MisakaLovesYou) In an alternate timeline, Ben Tennyson retired from the Hero Business after defeating the Highbreed. And...
  • ben10
  • fanfiction
  • zero
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Tokyo ghoul Furuta X Reader lemons  by queen_of_the_clowns
Tokyo ghoul Furuta X Reader lemons by queen_of_the_clowns
Just like my Uta x reader lemons but with Furuta
  • ghoul
  • theclowns
  • tokyo
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Marchen Dream {IDOLiSH7}  by DRCSAAAA
Marchen Dream {IDOLiSH7} by DRCSAAAA
(Cinderella ONLY) You all remember the marchen dream ichiban kuji? Well here is the story. (i suck at descriptions) WARNING! THIS STORY IS SHOUNEN AI! IF YOU DON'T LIKE...
  • ichibankuji
  • osakasougo
  • gakuyama
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Please Come Back (Tokyo Ghoul X Reader) Sequel! by AbbyGuzman7
Please Come Back (Tokyo Ghoul X Abby Guzman
All the happy, sad and unforgettable memories you had were all washed away. You, (L/N) (Y/N), have forgotten who you are, believing in lies. You are now addressed as (_n...
  • ccg
  • quinx
  • haise
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My Sweet Riku (in hiatus)  by Ulteacup
My Sweet Riku (in hiatus) by Ulteacup
Hellooo Soooo, it's my first story in fandom Idolish7 Thanks to The Voice By Kina97_X57 I got an inspiration from her story I don't own Idolish7
  • nikaidoyamato
  • trigger
  • rể
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No Es Otra Historia Isekai  by MaxSangi
No Es Otra Historia Isekai by Max Sangi
Un hikikomori es transportado a un mundo de fantasía por una diosa que le promete cumplir su mayor deseo a cambio de salvar a este nuevo mundo de el Rey demonio. Esperen...
  • zeronotzukaima
  • dark
  • original
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