Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapters 72-130 by ibeatmywifereally
Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapters 72-130by ibeatmywifereally
(Actually legit, the thumbnail is a meme) Originally meant for me to read as i caught up with translation chicken, and didn't want to read a pdf on my phone, but now peo...
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The New Threat (RWBY x Male Wesker Reader) [RWBY Harem] by -_Rafael_-
The New Threat (RWBY x Male Rafael Matsumoto
What if the Umbrella Corporation manage to survive the infection but little did they know that the world really change for millions of years that only 1 underground base...
  • action
  • reader
  • rể
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Uta X Reader lemon's  by queen_of_the_clowns
Uta X Reader lemon's by queen_of_the_clowns
Lemon's that involves you and Uta from Tokyo Ghoul in different scenario's.
  • manga
  • uta
  • sakuramoonlightph
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Tokyo Ghoul (Various x reader) One-shots by Tien_Feng
Tokyo Ghoul (Various x reader) Nana
Tokyo Ghoul one-shots. Featuring characters x readers. I do not own anything related to Tokyo Ghoul except the scenarios you are reading. Thanks for reading, hope you en...
  • ayato
  • naki
  • arima
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Re:Hero ~Love of a Quirkless Hero~ by Anime_MultiPlay_
Re:Hero ~Love of a Quirkless Hero~by Anime_MultiPlay_
Sort of a crossover between Boku no Hero Academia and Re:Zero. Izuku and Rem, two seemingly shy characters meet up and something brews between them. Is it love, is it li...
  • comedy
  • zero
  • rem
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Re:TEN Volume One. by Misaka_Omnitrix
Re:TEN Volume Mikoto Misaka
(written by MystoganSeven with assistance from MisakaLovesYou) In an alternate timeline, Ben Tennyson retired from the Hero Business after defeating the Highbreed. And...
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Please Come Back (Tokyo Ghoul X Reader) Sequel! by AbbyGuzman7
Please Come Back (Tokyo Ghoul X Abby Guzman
All the happy, sad and unforgettable memories you had were all washed away. You, (L/N) (Y/N), have forgotten who you are, believing in lies. You are now addressed as (_n...
  • tokyoghoul
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Facts about Tokyo Ghoul by -magicflowers-
Facts about Tokyo Ghoulby Raluca Elena
Informații despre seria Tokyo Ghoul Cuprinde informații atât din anime cât și din manga Seria Tokyo Ghoul: 1. Tokyo Ghoul 2. Tokyo Ghoul Root A 3. Tokyo Ghoul: Re 4. To...
  • facts
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My Sweet Riku by Ulteacup
My Sweet Rikuby Ulteacup
Hellooo Soooo, it's my first story in fandom Idolish7 Thanks to The Voice By Kina97_X57 I got an inspiration from her story I don't own Idolish7
  • yaotomegaku
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  • ryunosuketsunashi
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Anime Characters X Reader One Shots by Fried_FreedJustine
Anime Characters X Reader One Shotsby Nadika Lilica
FT belongs to Hiro Mashima, and the other animes/mangas belong to their owners. Just a variety of different anime/manga boys. Requests are open. I try to make all of th...
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Tokyo Ghoul :Re-start (AU) by JAMSGamer
Tokyo Ghoul :Re-start (AU)by JAMS Gamer
Jyose Buran es un muchacho de 19 años al que le encantan las ciencias, y hasta está investigando algo relacionado con los ghouls y el cacao. Sin embargo, como quiere din...
  • kenkaneki
  • rể
  • tooru
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Why? I loved you, why? *kinda on hold but not really* by TraleeNoonan
Why? I loved you, why? *kinda on Tralee Noonan
Jace cheats on Clary with this girl, Jada. Clary catches him and runs away to the Boston Institute, before moving with the Highswords to Idris. What happens there? Find...
  • jace
  • themortalinsturments
  • fanfic
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Tokyo ghoul Furuta X Reader lemons  by queen_of_the_clowns
Tokyo ghoul Furuta X Reader lemons by queen_of_the_clowns
Just like my Uta x reader lemons but with Furuta
  • insertreader
  • xreader
  • furutaxreader
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Blood of Tears (diabolik lovers crossover Tokyo ghoul re by 3090426g
Blood of Tears (diabolik lovers Haise's girl
Y/n was You'd adopted sister and older then yui she was tortured at a young age she can't see since then until she was send to live with yui but she was never scared and...
  • komori
  • latio
  • tokyo
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The Sky Falls 『Kaneki Ken oneshots』 by Sassan_
The Sky Falls 『Kaneki Ken oneshots』by エト👑
Just a bunch of lame Kaneki one-shots made by me \(T_T)/ Please note that most of these will be Female!Reader. I can, however, change the character into male if request...
  • manga
  • haise
  • tokyoghoulre
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I Just Wanted A Friend (Re:Zero X Bnha) by shadowtrans63
I Just Wanted A Friend (Re:Zero Shadowtrans63
Midoriya Izuku wanted to have a good life, he wanted to become a hero, to be like All Might. But nothing seemed to go his way, experimentation, Denial, Betrayal, Grief...
  • puck
  • rem
  • izuku
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devil within, rosita espinosa. by cIutterbucks
devil within, rosita 𝖏𝖔𝖑𝖎𝖊
how long can you silence the voices?
  • rể
  • rositaespinosa
  • love
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Moira Burton X Male Reader Resident Evil Lemon by Xtra_Plot
Moira Burton X Male Reader Xtra_Plot
Moira x Male Reader Lemon Story for Resident Evil fans
  • burton
  • moira
  • resident
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My Kuki (Kuki Urie X Reader one-shots) by Kuki_Queen_Zaara25
My Kuki (Kuki Urie X Reader Kuki_Queen_Zaara25
this contains lots of stories about Kuki Urie and you. I promised I would write this in my other story about Kuki.
  • fanfiction
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  • tokyoghoul
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When she was there by marisparklelove
When she was thereby mari_sparkle_loves_you
nina is a delusional 14-year-old depressed girl. mary is a 13-year-old happy positive but deceased girl. after ninas best friend dies she starts getting delusions. mary...
  • anime
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