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Seven Bridges Road by TheQuietHufflepuff
Seven Bridges Roadby TheQuietHufflepuff
Since she was four years old, life has been abnormal for Johanna Winchester. She remembers the heat from that fated fire and her twin brother Dean carrying their baby br...
City of Fallen Dreams | Mortal Instruments (DISCONTINUED) by kittytwisaga
City of Fallen Dreams | Mortal Ins...by Kat (NOT ACTIVE)
CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS FANFIC What do hallucinations and dreams have in common? Both can distort your vision of reality. What do dreams and angels have in common? They c...
Celeste Academy One Shots by writtenlanguage
Celeste Academy One Shotsby writtenlanguage
Several different one shots focusing on the Celestial Twelve! Please feel free to send in requests!
Celeste Academy Oneshots by Marinity
Celeste Academy Oneshotsby Marinity
The Celeste Academy Series by MyLovelyWriter One-Shots Basically a bunch of what-ifs answered and the shipping of several shippinings. I know that's not a word. I own no...
The Baron's Daughter. by Prettylittlestorm
The Baron's Daughter.by Awesome people
Lies. Betrayal. Loss. Innocence. Fear. Florence never really knew the meaning of these words, truly, until that day when her father got arrested. That was the day e...
Frankenstein's daughter by GhoulJuuzou
Frankenstein's daughterby GhoulJuuzou
Frankenstein has a daughter he never knew about, what kind of father will he be? What kind of person is his daughter? How will their mismatched family work out?
Raziel's Exploit (A Jonathan Morgenstern fanfic) by badwritings12
Raziel's Exploit (A Jonathan Morge...by badwritings12
First time Raziel appeared to mortals was when Jonathan Shadowhunter needed help to defeat the demons. The second time was to tell a lazy girl to get her ass out of the...
Assorted pantheons read Percy jackson and the Olympians  by ProtogenoiofKhaos216
Assorted pantheons read Percy jack...by Nikki Protogenoi
Assorted pantheons read Percy jackson and the Olympians Pjo characters belong to Rick Riordan all others are property of assorted Mythologies or the Authors imaginatio...
The Angel and Their Gods by not-my-department
The Angel and Their Godsby 𝐯𝐨𝐝𝐤𝐚
Shadowhunters x Percy Jackson because why not. Cathedrals hidden in the shadows of all creation. A camp hidden in the shadows of all creation. Behind the darkness are th...
The Puppet Master [Noblesse] by iShrewd
The Puppet Master [Noblesse]by Mr. S
"You tell me you love me then go an betray me. You make me sick, Cardis Etrama Di Raizel."
Return by SaphiraNightshade
Returnby SaphiraNightshade
Clary disappeared after her and Jace have an arguement. Having nowhere to go, Clary decides to hunt down Sebastian. What is in store for everybody's favourite red head?
The Trials of the Twelve  by writtenlanguage
The Trials of the Twelve by writtenlanguage
With the impending war weighing heavily on the Celestial Circle, they must prepare for battle. They must face trials individually and as a whole in order to truly be vic...
Final Fantasy: Legacy Of Drakenlegion by Nelsongoken
Final Fantasy: Legacy Of Drakenleg...by Nelson
An RPG story that adds characters and scenarios from every RPG game you can think of.
Soul Bound, Heart Bound (Mortal Instruments fanfic) by hxllraiser
Soul Bound, Heart Bound (Mortal In...by Heretic Poltergeist Phenomena
The golden eyes looked at her softly, and yet they burned into her as if the Heavenly Fire itself. Now it seemed that she knew every scar on his ivory skin, every feathe...
Raziel ❃ Graphic Portfolio | Retired since a long time by Sbkakati
Raziel ❃ Graphic Portfolio | Retir...by AlienXPride
✙ a graphic portfolio ✙ contains: ❝ | random edits ❝ | collaborations ❝ | giveaways ❝ | themes ❝ | tips and tricks ❝ | graphic shop ✻ \ ra-zee-el \ ✻ ; Secret of God :...
The Vanquisher by mjikmanic2
The Vanquisherby M. Khan
Risen from the depths of darkness, the Udrani return to challenge the rule of the Vasienn. Prince Raziel must determine the cost of victory on himself and thoses he love...
Chapter #6 A Perilous Night by VentureUniverse
Chapter #6 A Perilous Nightby Kyle Canady
After narrowly surviving the explosive trap set by the assassin Cain, the group decides to finally rest and set up camp. Little did they realize the assassin's next move!