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Not As It Seems by -Jerzy-
Not As It Seemsby -Jerzy-
Once upon a time, Xadia was a unified land, filled with wonder and magic. At the dawn of time, there were six primary sources of magic, the sun, moon, stars, earth, sky...
I Never Had A Dream Come True by Multishipfan
I Never Had A Dream Come Trueby Fandom Fanatic
Callum, Rayla, and Ezran had been traveling to Xadia for 2 1/2 months. But recently, It started happening. Rayla started having strange dreams, dreams that freaked her o...
rayllum oneshots by SillyWatermelon213
rayllum oneshotsby sarah
lots of rayllum oneshots!! the dragon prince doesn't belong to me.
From Here on Out by geoedqueen
From Here on Outby Geoed
Rayllum story from their wedding on. STory told through POVs. (I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS JUST THE STORY!)
Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by Jenera3791
Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fond...by Jenera Parkinson
Rayla has been making herself more distant from Callum in an attempt to hide her feelings for him. This causes Callum to feel ignored, and he begins to see Rayla in a ne...
The Dragon Prince Oneshots by MagicCupcakeDragon
The Dragon Prince Oneshotsby MagicCupcakeDragon
Just a bunch of one shots that may become fanfics. Also ideas and theories :)
The TDP Characters Watching The Show by Lizzi_The_Raven
The TDP Characters Watching The Sh...by Lizzi_The_Raven
My magical self has transported the characters of The Dragon Prince to a movie theatre to watch the future.
The Dragon Prince: So This Is How It Ends by Lord_Guardian
The Dragon Prince: So This Is How...by Lord_Guardian
Callum and Rayla have not long brought Zym back to the Dragon Queen they think that everything is ok but when Callum see's a vision everything changes.
The Royal Mystery || Rayllum/ Book 1 by Mycolorguardian45
The Royal Mystery || Rayllum/ Book...by Eᴍᴍᴀ Pᴀʜᴏʟᴀ
[COMPLETED!] ❝Who is it?" Ethari asked the blue-haired sky elf. ❝Someone you loved.❞ ~•~•~•~•~•~•~ Six years have passed since the return of Zym, the dragon prince...
~The Dragon Prince Shorts~ by Kawaii_Schoolgirl_17
~The Dragon Prince Shorts~by Mistcresent_Plusie
This is just a ton of short stories about The Dragon Prince (Go watch it on Netflix, it's pretty epic). Will be any genre at times. I can do requests, depends on what. ...
New Place by Kay_Phoenix18
New Placeby Pheonix_Kay18
Rayla's parents died when she was in 7th grade- she never recovered. She pushed everyone away and became a jerk who was crumbling inside. - Ezran is excited about his n...
Pirates and Princes (The Dragon Prince pirate au) ✓ by Kiminotia
Pirates and Princes (The Dragon Pr...by ByMamocs
(cover by: eerna on Tumblr) More like origin story of a pirate au. With King Harrow now slain. Callum and Ezran have to get to Lux Aurea where their aunt is. But going t...
101 Rayllum Oneshots by HarmonicNova
101 Rayllum Oneshotsby HarmonicNova
(cover art by Ashleysayshey) Yes, take some of these fun stories I gathered up for you all in one convenient place!
A Lost Princess and A Lovestruck Bird by gbscorner
A Lost Princess and A Lovestruck B...by gbscorner
Princess Rayla looked down at the courtyard from her balcony, forearms and hands swinging over the railing. Her light seafoam green dress was ruffled by the slight wind...
When you are back with me... A Rayllum Story♥-♥ by Jonluke09u273
When you are back with me... A Ray...by FullyAlive
Ok this is my first story so you better enjoy! When all is said and done, Xadia trys to ally with katolis There were some elf tradition that needs to be done But Amaya d...
Cuddle time by trashpanda0224
Cuddle timeby trashpanda0224
A little one shot where Rayla has a nightmare and she goes to Callum for comfort (Cover art belongs to ByGhostFace)
Callum x Rayla-Darkness by Yalaxy_14
Callum x Rayla-Darknessby Yalaxy_14
Callum understands why Rayla left, but all it does it make him angry. He is angry with himself. He wishes that he could have been stronger. Maybe if he was stronger Rayl...
The Promise by Deh_Peh
The Promiseby Deh_Peh
A week after entering Xadia, Rayla knows they're being hunted. By what they have yet to find out. Cover by @byghostface Colored by @mikemcgeeart
Reactions to Rayllum by siIIydragon123
Reactions to Rayllumby siIIydragon123
Basically a lot of the TDP characters reacting to Callum and Rayla dating. That's all. Hope you enjoy my story!
Your eyes shine bright like the stars by C3_Productions
Your eyes shine bright like the st...by C3_Productions
Post season 3. After the battle of the Spire, Callum and Rayla wonder what the future holds but also what will happen to them now. Artwork belongs to @Ultear_Tigra on Tw...