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The Dragon Prince: Breath of Hope by Ray-Ken
The Dragon Prince: Breath of Hopeby Ray-Ken
Ten years ago, humans killed the Dragon King and his heir. Now, the elves seek vengeance. Rayla finds a boy, chained to a wall, weak, and tortured, but alive: The Dragon...
Breaking the Chains - The Dragon Prince fanfic by Chimpukampu
Breaking the Chains - The Dragon P...by Chimpukampu
After the failed assassination attempt, Ezran found out that there are still people who refused to accept the peace between the human and the elves alike. The question i...
You Are My Light by EelynIslie7990
You Are My Lightby Eelyn Islie
On the night moonshadow elves came to assassinate King Harrow of Katolis and his son Ezran, something is found that can change the world forever. What if the Dragon King...
The Assassin and Her Prince by amala_koala
The Assassin and Her Princeby nomad
Rayla, Ezran and Callum complete their mission and bring peace to Xadia. Soon after, negotiations for the alliance begin, but certain elven traditions require interestin...
The Other Half Of Me - Rayllum by aame1ia
The Other Half Of Me - Rayllumby amelia
Humans and elves are at war. Rayla, a young moonshadow elf who swore to protect Xadia. Despite her age, she is the fastest and strongest out of her people, although she...
Reactions to Rayllum by siIIydragon123
Reactions to Rayllumby siIIydragon123
Basically a lot of the TDP characters reacting to Callum and Rayla dating. That's all. Hope you enjoy my story!
Mօռֆȶɛʀ : The Dragon Prince Rayllum - (COMPLETE) by StarENyte
Mօռֆȶɛʀ : The Dragon Prince Rayllu...by FLORAL LOVE
When a rare epidemic spreads throughout Katolis and Xadia, everyone is caught off-guard with a disease with no cure- called Verum accumsan, causing you to reveal the tru...
Trying again by emwillow14f
Trying againby Book lover
Everyone had just made it safe out of rex's lair, Rayla got her Runaaan and parents back and Callum had just told her he was glad she was back. The gang now has to find...
The Dragon Prince: Rayla x Callum by ABitchWhoDontLikeYou
The Dragon Prince: Rayla x Callumby QuarantinedBitch
What You Mean To Me by Multishipfan
What You Mean To Meby Fandom Fanatic
Starting a new life in an unfamiliar territory, wasn't a decision Rayla made, but doesn't have much a choice. Of course starting a new life around humans wasn't somethin...
Forgotten Memories ||The Dragon Prince|| by HappyLlama160
Forgotten Memories ||The Dragon Pr...by HappyLlama160
After the Final Battle, Callum is plagued by awful dreams. But when a terrible future is shown to him in one such nightmare-- a future without Rayla-- Callum knows he mu...
I Never Had A Dream Come True by Multishipfan
I Never Had A Dream Come Trueby Fandom Fanatic
Callum, Rayla, and Ezran had been traveling to Xadia for 2 1/2 months. But recently, It started happening. Rayla started having strange dreams, dreams that freaked her o...
White Wings - Rayllum One-Shots (OLD) by StarENyte
White Wings - Rayllum One-Shots (O...by FLORAL LOVE
A whole lot of Rayllum, fluff, and angst. Love that for us bbs :^) Rated #1 in Rayllum, 1/27/20
The great adventure  by Peri_Dorito42
The great adventure by Peri_Dorito42
1 year after the final confrontation, Ezran is the king of Katolis, Rayla got unghosted and moved into the Silver Grove with Callum, Queen Zubeia declared peace with the...
Rayla x Callum- The Rejects- A Rayllum Story by Yalaxy_14
Rayla x Callum- The Rejects- A Ray...by Yalaxy_14
This is basically a modern AU of Rayla and Callum going through high school.
Rayllum One Shot Collection by theunknownweeb
Rayllum One Shot Collectionby sadboi
Hi, this one shot collection is about Rayllum//Callum x Rayla from The Dragon Prince, hope you enjoy ^w^
Devotion ○||Rayllum||○ by Im_Shipping_Trash
Devotion ○||Rayllum||○by 🔸Shipping Trash🔸
He's a quiet kid who loves to draw in his book, and she's the new girl who loves to run in the schools track team. They hit it off straight away and become great friends...
Watching Their Shows by PhoenixSweet
Watching Their Showsby Phoenix Sweet
My OC's decide to have some fun with their favorite shows. And fun they shall have.... Supernatural, Korra, Avatar, Race To The Edge, Swat Kats, The Seven Deadly Sins, T...
A Lost Princess and A Lovestruck Bird by gbscorner
A Lost Princess and A Lovestruck B...by gbscorner
Princess Rayla looked down at the courtyard from her balcony, forearms and hands swinging over the railing. Her light seafoam green dress was ruffled by the slight wind...
Rayllum Fluff/One shots by RaylaxCallumxLove
Rayllum Fluff/One shotsby RxCxL
I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!!! RAYLLUM IS JUST TOOO CUTTTEEE!!!! I NEED TO DO ONE SHOTS!!! (i sorry. I'm obsessed XD) Disclaimer: I do not own any of these memes unless i say i...