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FTRS/RAR One-Shots by DauntlessDemigodA5
FTRS/RAR One-Shotsby c h l o e
A little one-shot book with random stuff about the FTRS/RAR groups. All characters belong to Jen Calonita.
Power Play-An FTRS/RAR AU by DauntlessDemigodA5
Power Play-An FTRS/RAR AUby c h l o e
In a different world, where FTRS was never created, and Rapunzel and the other princesses decided to crack down on what they considered to be budding villains...what wou...
FTRS/ RAR one-shots. Welcome to my brain! by PotatoCatdotcom
FTRS/ RAR one-shots. Welcome to my...by Lyn
Just a bunch of fun one shots and short stories. I update when ever I have an idea. BYE!!
FTRS/RAR things by K1415100
FTRS/RAR thingsby Nightingale
These are my FTRS & RAR thoughts that will most likely include pins I find on Pinterest.
KOTLC Oneshots by IncognitoSprklDorito
KOTLC Oneshotsby A Dorito-Cheeto
So, under KOTLC Thoughts and Theories by me (I deleted it but I'm keeping the oneshots), duh, I wrote oneshot prompts for the Unlocked countdown. Each day I will complet...
A Fairy Tale Reform School and Royal Academy Rebels tale by Wolvesfandom
A Fairy Tale Reform School and Roy...by WolvesFTRSRAR
This is my first story.... So I hope you enjoy ! Kayla wakes up a sleeping Gilly 3 months after the battle. The RAR kids are at there school and Kayla woke her up for th...
Adaptive Headcannons-FTRS and RAR by DauntlessDemigodA5
Adaptive Headcannons-FTRS and RARby c h l o e
A few cute adaptive FTRS/RAR HC from the fandom ;)
Nežinomas gyvenimas LT by GabijaViktorijaLu
Nežinomas gyvenimas LTby GabijaViktorijaLu
Nauja mokykla, tai kaip naujas gyvenimas 16-metei Lolai. Lancaster - tai vienas iš Londono miestelių, kuriame, atrodo, laikas stovi vietoje. Bet taip nėra... Lola daug...
FTRS & RAR by Bookworm__2011
FTRS & RARby ~Meru~
This is oneshots headcannons and some story all characters belong to Jen Calonita unless I say they are my OC
You Owe Me One (You Owe Me One #1) (A Modern Fairy Tale Reform School AU) by GillianCobbler
You Owe Me One (You Owe Me One #1)...by Simping Over Keefe Sencen
*Based on the Fairy Tale Reform School series by Jen Calonita* (Please note that in this AU, all of the main characters are sixteen instead of twelve 🤗 I did this becau...
Banned: A FTRS and RAR crossover story by MultiMouse90
Banned: A FTRS and RAR crossover s...by Obsessed_fangirl_4_life
4 years after Cursed and our heroes defeat Alva and Rumpelstiltskin. Life has been quiet for Enchantasia's favorite heroes but what happens when the teachers at FTRS tur...
Welcome to Enchantsia (On Hold) by RobeyWanKenobi
Welcome to Enchantsia (On Hold)by Robey-Wan Kenobi
All characters and places belong to Jen Calinta. Updated whenever possible because of SCHOOL. Hope you all like it. The cover belongs to @lex3porter.
Reformed by Queen_Turqouise
Reformedby GillyBean/'Brina
When Devin and her friends make their way to FTRS, they encounter Enchantasia's once loved fairy, now the most wanted villan. THESE ARE NOT MY CHARACTERS, THEY ARE JEN...
FTRS and HoO meet by Cocobunny854
FTRS and HoO meetby Claire
What if our favorite characters from FTRS RAR and HoO meet? Disclaimer: I do not own the HoO or FTRS or RAR characters, they belong to Jen Calonita and Rick Riordan
Rumpelstiltskin's Reign-An FTRS and RAR AU by DauntlessDemigodA5
Rumpelstiltskin's Reign-An FTRS an...by c h l o e
COMPLETED! FTRS/RAR AU where Rumpelstiltskin takes over and Gilly has prophetic dreams. It features the main FTRS/RAR characters at 15/16. -disclaimer- all characters...
FTRS, RAR, and more Sampler by GillianCobbler
FTRS, RAR, and more Samplerby Simping Over Keefe Sencen
I saw this idea from someone (I don't remember who). Basically it's the start of books or fanfics that you ultimately didn't finish. So... here they are! Credit below wh...
Crossed-An FTRS/RAR crossover by SashaBrairwood
Crossed-An FTRS/RAR crossoverby Olivia Rodrigo
So I added a character named Skylar. So she is Jax's twin sister (I just did this for fun) Hope you enjoy!!!
🦋Butterflies🦋 (Ryanprunty X OC X Reader) by Lizzy_jackbs
🦋Butterflies🦋 (Ryanprunty X OC X...by Sae byeok~
Y/n Simon's is Cartersharer bestfriend since they were both young. she is part of team rar but after awhile she had to move to Singapore to get her actual dream job. A...
GATE: Thus the Rhodesians Fought There. by Burgudian_Gamer
GATE: Thus the Rhodesians Fought T...by Hermann Fegelein
Just me writing a Fanfiction from anime GATE, E.E Alterantive Rhodesia.
Six Minutes Stuffses ;_; by Pure_Wither656565
Six Minutes Stuffses ;_;by 𝙳𝙹 𝙴𝚋𝚞𝚕𝚊 ♎︎
Lets doooooo this. If you read this you MUST READ OBSIDIAN