S E S S O      {18+} by iamafrigginidiot
S E S S O {18+}by Fries&Milktea
18+ A Legal Pleasure. All mature [Do not read if you are uncomfortable reading porn story] ------- #1 in mature audience😉 [12.08.18] #1 in randomthoughts💦 [12.16.1...
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My Stupidity and Humor by A_Fucking_Accident
My Stupidity and Humorby Cocoa beanz™
Hey it's ya girl...uh..Cocoa beanz™ and This is some dumb shit I've laughed at or a story about what happened to me in my life learn from my misery WARNING: lots of cus...
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• Just You • by anikaendlaw
• Just You •by Anika
Don't ever crave for love and fall in it so deep that you're unable to get out of it. Let love crave for you!
  • memories
  • poem
  • emotions
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Asian LGBT Paradise For Rotten Women And Men by iLyna_chAn
Asian LGBT Paradise For Rotten Wom...by Lyna
  • xianxianovels
  • generalfiction
  • wuxiaworld
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infinity war support group by septemberstark
infinity war support groupby ellie ⚡️
hi my name is ellie and i am still crying over the marvel cinematic universe. come join the not over infinity war club! started: 29/4/18 THIS IS GOING TO CONTAIN SPOI...
  • marvel
  • infinitywar
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Every Rose... by Rosa950
Every Rose...by Adrift
...has its t̶h̶o̶r̶n̶ secret. Everyone else has a rant/journal/art book, so I figured I may as well jump on the bandwagon. Found here will be topics I've been tagged for...
  • rants
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Nefelibata by Calypsole
Nefelibataby Grace
A blog.
  • drama
  • girlpower
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Why am I (still) like this? The book by Sylveon12
Why am I (still) like this? The bo...by Chloe
Part two bitches Love you
  • imtired
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ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇƦ ;)  by daddydaddydolan
ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇƦ ;) by his princess
i love my princess. my priority. my family. my krew. //warning ᴅᴀᴅᴅʏ ᴋɪɴᴋ//ᴠᴇʀʏ sᴍᴜᴛ. enjoy :3:3:3
  • princess
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[UNDER HEAVY EDITING] The Vent Book by Sakurainn
[UNDER HEAVY EDITING] The Vent Bookby - Sakurainn -
[THIS BOOK WILL BE UNDER HEAVY EDITING TO PREVENT FURTHER CRINGING OF THE VIEWERS, THANK YOU] The place where I rant, express my boredom and go doodling This book also...
  • complain
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" woohoo ! " ( spam. ) by -preciouskuwonu-
" woohoo ! " ( spam. )by x x x
- yo , it's prettymuch. ( status: ongoing ) @-preciouskuwonu-
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thoughts, Quotes/sayings! (: by kazzy9183
thoughts, Quotes/sayings! (:by kazzy9183
just you know quotes, and well thoughts about random things. sorry if there are any repeats! also I don't own any of the quotes. (: I just read some in my free time an...
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☻ freeze Y o u R B r A i n ☹ by 1-800-ANTICHRIST
☻ freeze Y o u R B r A i n ☹by 👼🏻
t̵̛͍̹͕̝̟̳̥̀̇̍̌̕̕͞͞h̘̹͍̰͔͙̬͌̔̔̌̀̈́͢e̫͈̰͔̬̹̜͗̈̒̚̚͠ͅy̷̨̻͚̺̣̲̟̅͊̾̇͑̀́̑͋ m̷̢̡̱̤̲͖̺̱̫̹͑̔̋͒̅̂͡a͖̭͉̠̣̰̠̍͊̍͑͡ͅd̸̡̬͈̬̻͈̪͌̾̅̄͐̅͋̚͟͜ͅe̟̖̩̩̬̖̺͋̈́̅̎̾͜ͅ y̶̡̧̨̛̱̥̬͚̩̋̾̂̽͊͒̊͢ǫ̡̥̭̲͈͑̀́̓͝ͅ...
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Funtime Freddy's Diary by CGAME9
Funtime Freddy's Diaryby Funtime Freddy
MINE AND BONBON'S DIARY!!! (Idea From Ballora124 So Check Her Out) Also...BonBon...You Better Not Read My Pages Btw, YOU BETTER NOT MENTION ANYTHING INSIDE THIS BOOK TO...
  • sisterlocation
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Hope vs Despair (Monokuma reader x Rwby Crossover) by kittycat1001
Hope vs Despair (Monokuma reader x...by Matt Picard
(Y/N), (S/N), Junko, and Mukuro find them self in the hope filled world of remnant. And they will not let that stand so fallow them threw there journey to conquer remnan...
  • danganronpa
  • rwby
  • malereader
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0:00 by hippie-c
0:00by لاي
'All about you' Random thoughts and poems I've wrote ig lol
  • dark
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  • sadpoems
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how i wish by chmbelle
how i wishby chmbelle
【the things i wish for】 「dedicated for him」 'highest rankings' ♡ #19 in randomthoughts ♡ #5 in imbored
  • imbored
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  • specialsomeone
Emotionally Emotionless (Poetry) by HisDandelion
Emotionally Emotionless (Poetry)by T.N.S. TayNicker
Poetry Filled With; Pain, Emptiness, Insanity, Jealousy, Longing, Force, Fear, Confusion, Understanding, Happiness & Love ----- Highest Ranking: #1 In #poem
  • lifeexperiences
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What My Heart Says by Broken_lrig
What My Heart Saysby Broken_lrig💜
This book contains quotations, sayings, etc. from my own mind and heart. Some of it are inspired by my past experiences, current situation or emotions. I hope you enjoy❤...
  • randomthoughts
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The Temple Of The Brown Bear (Randomness #2) by AbbeyFazbear
The Temple Of The Brown Bear (Rand...by Merry FNAFmas!
The title says it all and the randomness is back. Well, more or less. Yeah....Anyways, you'll find rants, vents, shoutouts and more yet to come. Hope you enjoy your stay...
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