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Aphmau Disney descendants RP!<3 by _Mask_girl_t
Aphmau Disney descendants RP!<3 by _Mask_girl_
THE FIRST ONE GOT DELETED! @SparkleChanForever Thx for inspiring me to make this Roleplay book <3 hope you all enjoy So I made this book and it won't let me make anymo...
Female Dominance (A roleplay) by WolfTeen6t
Female Dominance (A roleplay) by WolfTeen6
In a world where the female race is dominant over the males, our only hope at putting this strange world back to its place may very well be its own citizens, or outside...
{Uke} True Love{Yaoi Roleplay❤️} by OriOriharat
{Uke} True Love{Yaoi Roleplay❤️} by OriOrihara
"I love you, maybe." "You mean definitely." Anyway, this is Uke Yaoi Roleplay, >.> this is my fifth time doing this but I have fun, I still have the same baby ukes from...
December 2016 issue by WattmagUSAt
December 2016 issue by WattmagUSA
Welcome to the December 2016 issue! Our new edition features an interview with Chris Buono, SPG and Graphic tips,a review section with the ladies of LOL-35 and many more...
Selection Roleplay {Three more male needed including rebels, guards and maids!} by Sapphics15t
Selection Roleplay {Three more mal... by Sapphics15
5 kingdoms. 5 princes. 4 princesses. 30 selected. Do you reckon you can break the walls of our dear royals and get them to experience love? Guess you'l...
Heaven and Hell (Individual Roleplay) by DevilishDreamt
Heaven and Hell (Individual Rolepl... by DevilishDream
This is a recreation of my other book (Kingdom in Hell and Heaven)! The remastered version is here, please enjoy!
I'm a celebrity get me out of here (adam thomas) by kardashian3456t
I'm a celebrity get me out of here... by kardashian3456
Layla is off geordie shore and heads into the jungle what will happen (BTW I'm making adam single in this)
Romance RP by _Music_Master_t
Romance RP by _Music_Master_
You were walking down the street when you bumped into someone What will happen? Individual RP is allowed.
Countdown To Christmas!! by AnimeNightcoreClubt
Countdown To Christmas!! by AnimeNightcoreClub
Christmas is almost here!! Yes!! So I created this book to celebrate each day before Christmas starting today!! There will be Christmas songs of all kind and we'll t...
My OC Individual RP Book   {Open} by WeirdKittenXUnicornt
My OC Individual RP Book {Open} by WeirdKittenXUnicorn
Just like the title says. I'll post my OC's if you want to RP with them. These rules will be different from my other Roleplay book rules.
Roleplay Meow~ Romance RP by BlazeIceAmberDartt
Roleplay Meow~ Romance RP by BlazeIceAmberDart
this roleplay because there is a few of my friends and myself don't really feel that we are loved so might as well roleplay right? :) my name is Alicia btw... i am going...
✨HABITACIÓN S-26. Te recuperare✨ººSick FNAFhsºº ✨Tu x Springtrap ✨ by LCDL11t
✨HABITACIÓN S-26. Te recuperare✨ºº... by LCDL11
"Todo fue mi culpa" Se escuchaba muy a menudo aquella voz que provenía de la S-26... a veces sollozando, a veces riendo de manera desquiciada. Springtrap, quien iba recu...
We Got Married|| A.F|| by -Wonjito-t
We Got Married|| A.F|| by -Wonjito-
14 Lucky idols will be selected and paired to make 7 couples. They will act like a married couple at the show We Got Married. So come join us on a new season of "We Got...
Transformers Prime - Roleplay by AinsleyPinest
Transformers Prime - Roleplay by AinsleyPines
What's the title say? ^-^ This story will be a roleplay on Transformers Prime. It's pretty straight forward... so the description will be poorly written.
¡Let's Daddy! [BTS] by -Kiminiie-t
¡Let's Daddy! [BTS] by -Kiminiie-
No se si hubo un problema con la otra historia Pero aquí estamos ya :v Por favor les pido, si tienen algun problema con este tipo de historia de...
Hopeful Runners S/MB by aph-momt
Hopeful Runners S/MB by aph-mom
The same fucked up brat back at it with screaming again content: - shit - shit - shit - more shit - idefk but absolutely shit - just read this to find out idfk » all...
Individual Roleplays (closed) by Xx-Time_Lord-xXt
Individual Roleplays (closed) by Xx-Time_Lord-xX
Closed!!! Sorry but getting to stressed with so many people rping ((All or most of the images used to represent my characters are NOT mine))