The Electric Awards  by TheElectricAwards
The Electric Awards by TheElectricAwards
Are you an undiscovered author? Even though your book is amazing, do people not read it just because it doesn't have enough popularity? If so, then enter The Electric Aw...
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BTS Author Weekly by BLISSJIN
BTS Author Weeklyby BLISSJIN
Want to know a bit more about your favorite authors? Read the BTS Author Weekly to know about them:) Cover by: @seoul-aki
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haahahah okay, so uhhhh I'm sorry not sorry warning: cuss words @Jhon-Paul_Jhon-Paul Random story times
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Delinquents: A Role Play by alldaladiesluvleo-
Delinquents: A Role Playby alldaladiesluvleo-
You are a criminal. You've committed a crime, and you've been sent to Sun Valley Reform School for the Troubled and Misbehaved. It is run by this lady, who goes by the...
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The Crown • A Selection Roleplay  by accidentally_artsy
The Crown • A Selection Roleplay by accidentally_artsy
Two Princes. 25 girls. The chance of a life time. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• This is a high-quality Selection Role-play, and I pu...
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Experiments (Jensoo) by reveblink
Experiments (Jensoo)by reveblink
Jennie a fuckgirl hooks up with a straight girl named Jisoo I'm not very good at descriptions as you can see THIS IS CONVERTED AND ALL RIGHTS GO TO OHDEFINITALLY ON WAT...
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Will You Ever Be Mine???  (Shivika Ff ) by Fenil234
Will You Ever Be Mine??? ( Fenil234
What happens when you meet someone unexpectedly when you fall in love with the person when you realize the importance the other one holds in your life when you realize...
  • ishqbaaz
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Flipped- F.W by lovely_lieberher
Flipped- F.Wby lovely_lieberher
When they meet in second grade, Y/n falls instantly in love with her neighbor, Finn Wolfhard . Finn, however, does not feel the spark. From that day forward, he tries ha...
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BTS smut/ Audio ;) by jossydolan
BTS smut/ Audio ;)by jossydolan
Just something that is dirty all BTS memeber involved! Including audios ;)) how dare you not read this... BITCH LASAGNA... Namjoon/RM Jhope/hoseok Jungkook/Kookie J...
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Aftermath {hannie & jenzie} by leblancloves
Aftermath {hannie & jenzie}by leblancloves
One careless night kenzie and annie we're heading to a party when something terrible happens. Read to find out more! ⚠️mature⚠️
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Connected Webs (Spider-Man Male Reader x RWBY) by AEp124
Connected Webs (Spider-Man Male AEp124
Before the deaths of Peter Parker and later Miles Morales on Remnant, (y/n) (l/n) gained some weird powers on a science trip from a radioactive spider on Patch. The lab...
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Danganronpa V3 Fairy Tale AU RP! {CLOSED} by Magical_Himiko_
Danganronpa V3 Fairy Tale AU RP! { Magical_Himiko_
Certain characters from fairy tales were sent here, an abandoned mysterious building. A monochrome dragon explained why they were here. To kill. {Hopefully it won't be d...
  • danganronpa
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Transformers Prime (an RP) by PJGamerGirl
Transformers Prime (an RP)by PJGamerGirl
An rp, duh. Anyways, this RP is centered mainly around the old Netflix T.V. show. I'm sure that most of you peeps have seen it, it also links in with the most recent tra...
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pilhan ku bidadari ku by andxx11
pilhan ku bidadari kuby andxx11
seorang gadis berumur 17 tahun telah dihadapkan oleh masalah kehidupan yang tak seharusnya iya jalani di umurnya ini.... Anissa azahra seorang gadis SMA yang akan lulus...
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[KaiYuan][Chuyển ver/Edit]Thê Vi Thượng by BngHn9
[KaiYuan][Chuyển ver/Edit]Thê Vi BngHn9
Tác giả: Lục Dã Thiên Hạc Edit: YuYu + baekinc92 CP gốc: Cảnh Thiều + Mộ Hàm Chương (Quân Thanh) Thể loại: nhất công nhất thụ, cung đình, trọng sinh, ấm áp, công sủng th...
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The Wrong Side by Skychaser454
The Wrong Sideby Skychaser454
Every city has it's "wrong side of the tracks" where gangs, violence, prostitution, and drugs thrives. Here in this city, everywhere is the wrong side. Where...
  • random
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Mission 40|survival af by hiddenjyu
Mission 40|survival afby hiddenjyu
[CLOSED!!]40 trainees from different companies take part in a survival show named mission 40 to form a nine member girl group "who will make it to the debut group...
  • survivalshow
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Sophisticated [A roleplay] by -Dauphine-
Sophisticated [A roleplay]by -Dauphine-
A clan of unlikely characters is joined by their servants and mysterious nobles in Maeve Hall, a place where things go bump in the night during the 20th century in Engla...
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