CRUSH ⤵️ Applyfic by daymint-
CRUSH ⤵️ Applyficby daymint-
+ di mana 9 orang gadis yang pernah direject oleh crush mereka ketika suatu dahulu. Tetapi kini, crush mereka sendiri yang cuba memikat hati mereka semula. Start ; ▪ 170...
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Hogwarts Roleplay by Arcticwolf07
Hogwarts Roleplayby Arcticwolf07
Welcome to Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Are you a brave Gryffindor? Kind Hufflepuff? Intelligent Ravenclaw? Or maybe you're a cunning Slytherin, waiting...
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Batgirl Graphics Returns! ✩  Graphic Shop by -reyskywalker
Batgirl Graphics Returns! ✩ -reyskywalker
In which a real life Batgirl opens another graphic shop to help anyone who needs a cover. ✩ ✩ ✩ El libro en el que Batichica hace graphics hace graphics para los que lo...
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The Sky is Falling • The 100 Role Play by michelle1234445
The Sky is Falling • The 100 michelle1234445
•Based on the Series 'The 100'• 100 years ago the human race engaged in a nuclear warfare that destroyed all Life on earth. Or so we thought. We are on the arc, a safe...
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ICED COFFEE.  (unpopular opinions ) by JAlDYN
ICED COFFEE. (unpopular opinions )by JAlDYN
❝ miss keisha? miss keisha? oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead. ❞ © 2018, jaidyn UNPOPULAR OPINIONS BOOK STARTED...
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Bowers Gang Preferences/Images by stiraandscira
Bowers Gang Preferences/Imagesby stiraandscira
Basically, the title tells you everything. I'm not doing Belch. I don't know why, but I'm just not feeling like doing him. I TAKE REQUESTS! [ 19 February 2018: #79 - Ran...
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I Just Want A Quiet Life ( Kira reader x Highschool DxD ) by ZhenXian8
I Just Want A Quiet Life ( Kira ZhenXian8
Jojo's Bizzare Adventure belongs to Hirihiko Araki P.S His works are great.GO READ IT This is my first time writing by the way, so ya, rookie mistakes.
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♥️Chatroom♥️ by Http--Heartless
♥️Chatroom♥️by Http--Heartless
This chatroom will have rules and I will accept you into our Spamily if I want or not! c: please follow rules or you get kicked out~
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DREAMS RAAANDOOOM LIFE!: Book two! by DreamSans_Official
DREAMS RAAANDOOOM LIFE!: Book two!by DreamSans_Official
Hello! And Welcome! This book is filled with action, drama, and TOOOOONS of "stuffs". So anyway, I hope you enjoy...
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Partners In Crime [Role Play] by SuperSilvi101
Partners In Crime [Role Play]by SuperSilvi101
Nunca los van a atrapar con vida, juraron que la muerte los iba a separar, amantes y pareja en el crimen.
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Just Remember Me (sfs) by TrxllSiera01
Just Remember Me (sfs)by TrxllSiera01
NO H8. If you don't support stud for stud relationships exit👉🚪 Aida Michelson is a 25 year old millionaire. She's the head of the company her father built. Love has...
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❤"D-Don't Stop...~"❤ [A Yaoi Roleplay: Uke Edition] by x-Yaoi_Queen-x
❤"D-Don't Stop...~"❤ [A Yaoi x-Yaoi_Queen-x
> Highest Rank: #316 in Random < > Current Rank: #316 in Random < {Status: Open!} lust /ləst/ noun 1. A very strong sexual desire. > [▪❤ • ❤ • ❤▪] < &q...
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The 2018 Nefarious Awards •OPEN• by The_Nefarious
The 2018 Nefarious Awards •OPEN•by The_Nefarious
The 2018 Annual Nefarious Awards are open and accepting entries until the end of July. Judging will then commence and winners will be announced in December.
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Descriptive Individual Roleplay by DancerGirl00008
Descriptive Individual Roleplayby DancerGirl00008
|OPEN MID FEBRUARY| Mostly male characters. Title explains it all. A detailed individual with spine chills and supernatural's along with some fascinating human individ...
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The Writer Trials by PajamaWriter
The Writer Trialsby PajamaWriter
Wattpad, honourable Wattpad. Writers, readers...An aspiring author. This is the site that provided heaven. 24 genres that were protected, loved, fed. But then came the W...
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So uh.. TO CELEBRATE 40K VIEWS ON NICK X JUDY TEXTS (holy shizzle that's a lot) I MADE THIS BOOK. It's a book where I look at each and every comment and give it a rating...
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Solaris and Stellaris (a fantasy kingdom roleplay) by russetfox12345
Solaris and Stellaris (a fantasy russetfox12345
Two kingdoms with opposing aspects; sunlight and moonlight. Solaris and Stellaris, two kingdoms of elves, have known only years of enmity and animosity. So different, th...
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Supreme 5 Scenerios by LadyDangerous
Supreme 5 Sceneriosby LadyDangerous
Lui: I never agreed to this. Xander: Well, when you think about it, we really didn't have a choice... Zac: Who cares, I'll be in the spotlight! Again! Free: *yawns* As l...
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