The Sky is Falling • The 100 Role Play by michelle1234445
The Sky is Falling • The 100 michelle1234445
•Based on the Series 'The 100'• 100 years ago the human race engaged in a nuclear warfare that destroyed all Life on earth. Or so we thought. We are on the arc, a safe...
  • galaxy
  • survivalofthefittest
  • theark
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Hogwarts Roleplay by Arcticwolf07
Hogwarts Roleplayby Arcticwolf07
Welcome to Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Are you a brave Gryffindor? Kind Hufflepuff? Intelligent Ravenclaw? Or maybe you're a cunning Slytherin, waiting...
  • hogwarts
  • magic
  • book
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ICED COFFEE.  (unpopular opinions ) by JAlDYN
ICED COFFEE. (unpopular opinions )by JAlDYN
❝ miss keisha? miss keisha? oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead. ❞ © 2018, jaidyn UNPOPULAR OPINIONS BOOK STARTED...
  • opinions
  • unpopular
  • rant
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Lily's Punishment by punishmentgirl
Lily's Punishmentby punishmentgirl
High schooler Lily confesses to her parents that she has been seeing her teacher romantically, and her parents, already frustrated by her absent and confusing behavior...
  • little
  • forcedageplay
  • littlegirl
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Daily Questions  by SpikeEmNat
Daily Questions by SpikeEmNat
It's extremely simple. I ask you something, you give me your full opinion. I like meeting and find out things about people and in the process people learning things abou...
  • random
  • whataboutyou
  • fun
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•Yes Master• a roleplay  by Loving_My_Demons
•Yes Master• a roleplay by Loving_My_Demons
In a time where supernaturals emerge around the world slavery returns. The lower creatures and humans are treated inferior. Where will you fall in this chaos filled plac...
  • love
  • peeps
  • yeeee
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I Just Want A Quiet Life ( Kira reader x Highschool DxD ) by ZhenXian8
I Just Want A Quiet Life ( Kira ZhenXian8
Jojo's Bizzare Adventure belongs to Hirihiko Araki P.S His works are great.GO READ IT This is my first time writing by the way, so ya, rookie mistakes.
  • highschooldxd
  • jojosbizarreadventure
  • xmalereader
Bowers Gang Preferences/Imagines by stiraandscira
Bowers Gang Preferences/Imaginesby stiraandscira
Basically, the title tells you everything. I'm not doing Belch. I don't know why, but I'm just not feeling like doing him. I TAKE REQUESTS! [ 20 February 2018: #65 - Ran...
  • itmovie
  • bowers
  • victorcriss
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EXTRAORDINÁRIO by CamillyCardozo
Extraordinário conta a história de August Pullman, um menino de 10 anos que nasceu com uma deformidade facial congênita. Em virtude de ter que passar por cirurgias const...
  • drama
The Return Of The Whitewolf by ayesha_tale
The Return Of The Whitewolfby ayesha_tale
Tears filled his eyes as he plead upon his knees. It wounds me to see him like this. My wolf whimpered, begging me to stay and comfort our mate. Begging me to tell him...
  • pack
  • past
  • werewolf
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Ship Roleplays :3 (take one) by SamIAm695
Ship Roleplays :3 (take one)by SamIAm695
My first two roleplay's bools have been reported and deleted, so I'm starting over. No, I'm not changing anything about how I roleplay, smut and all, of course you do no...
  • undertale
Descriptive Individual Roleplay by DancerGirl00008
Descriptive Individual Roleplayby DancerGirl00008
|OPEN MID FEBRUARY| Mostly male characters. Title explains it all. A detailed individual with spine chills and supernatural's along with some fascinating human individ...
  • rp
A R R A N G E D ~ Adore or Abhor? (ROLEPLAY) (Need 1 male Oc to start) by sarlenone
A R R A N G E D ~ Adore or sarlenone
an arranged marriage RP. Can love truly blossom between two strangers who meet on their wedding day? What if there's a cash prize involved?
  • married
  • forever
  • love
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Just Remember Me (sfs) by TrxllSiera01
Just Remember Me (sfs)by TrxllSiera01
NO H8. If you don't support stud for stud relationships Don't read this!! Aida Michelson is a 25 year old millionaire. She's the head of the company her father built...
  • drama
  • sfs
  • studforstud
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Evil Emperor's Wild Consort (Ch. 525 - 724) [On-Going] by Schneidens
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort (Ch. Schneidens
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Author(s) Xiao Qi Ye 萧七爷 Description She was once a famous good-for-nothing in Azure Dragon C...
  • sistercomplex
  • amnesia
  • slowromance
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<<"stars in our eyes">> [DEH RP] by Heere-n-Queer
> [DEH RP]by Heere-n-Queer
&quot;we start with stars in our eyes we start believing that we belong..! but every sun doesn't rise... and no one tells you where you went wrong!&quot;
  • 3rdtry
  • roleplay
  • fuckyou
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