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The Fake Marriage by guccisisss
The Fake Marriageby ur good sis 😝🤚🏽
"I don't have that many rules but I do have three that you need to abide by." He said. I nodded and he grabbed the back of my neck and made me look at him. &qu...
Just an Ordinary Human? by Daoist-Infinity
Just an Ordinary Human?by Daoist-Infinity
[State what makes you, you] "Wha-? Can you explain everything clearly?" [State what makes you, you] "Hey! I'm still a bit confused by all of this so pleas...
Chasing Him: A Zankie Fanfic by deftduffy
Chasing Him: A Zankie Fanficby ✖️cali✖️
Zach Rance and Frankie Grande hit it off in the big brother house but what happens when they both are back in the real world? This book takes a twist as Zach chases afte...
Left |Vkook| by KookieAlien20
Left |Vkook|by KookieAlien20
Taehyung came back from America with smile plastered on his Face... he engulfed the Younger in his warm and comfy jacket... but something... doesn't feel right... what c...
It's Not Over (Zankie Fan Fiction) by xOneDirectionHeavenx
It's Not Over (Zankie Fan Fiction)by Heaven
Zach Rance. Frankie Grande. Two completely different people. Two contestants on Big Brother. But what will happen to them outside of the house?
Adopted by zankie? by zankielover
Adopted by zankie?by zankielover
When justice gets adopted by her otp and then something crazy happens. Read to find out
Once Upon a Time in the Oceans by AriesStar337
Once Upon a Time in the Oceansby Leandro Gutierrez
A sudden earthquake has resounded in all the continent of the Qing dynasty. In an unknown world were the seas are dominant, the dynasty was defeated, but then, heroes sh...
The Ceo's Slave 18+ (One-Shot) by KookieAlien20
The Ceo's Slave 18+ (One-Shot)by KookieAlien20
When The Alpha's Slave Heat came... What will Happen if the Alpha cannot handle the temptation? Omegaverse*
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Nature of the Experiment by danielllejo
Nature of the Experimentby Danielle Jo
Caroline Carmichael got her unexpected twist in life the night Ben Monahan, her mentally unstable childhood friend, showed up at her window pleading for her to help him...
FRIDAY THE 13TH by ZeusDaGreat
FRIDAY THE 13THby ZeusDaGreat
Eto na naman?! Andito na naman kami? Andito na naman sila? 13? Lucky? Maswerte ba yan? Lalo na nung tumapat yan sa Friday! Patayan? Lokohan? Laro? Gagohan? Ano pa ba...
Love forgotten through Time|Taekook| by KookieAlien20
Love forgotten through Time|Taekoo...by KookieAlien20
"Your punishment for killing those innocent souls without remorse, is to see the ones you love in despair" The Deity of Life stated as she pulls a dark red or...
Longing Hearts by Archerose
Longing Heartsby rslyn
This story is about a woman who fells inlove deeply to someone who's not ready for a commitment. The love of a woman who brings chaos to his life.... Her love that pains...
Us. by nxcky_
Us.by nxcky_
The story of a summer love. We've all had one right? So did Payton.
Life as Demi Lovato's younger sister fanfic by angiestorm
Life as Demi Lovato's younger sist...by Angie Storm :)
Leeann's older sister is Demi Lovato any everyone knows her because of that but she just wants to find her own identity
Im Inlove With My Bestfriend by Project_yasuo21
Im Inlove With My Bestfriendby @mirandanians_24
Bakit kaya sa dinami dami ng tao sya pa . Kahit alam kong wla akong pagasa pero sana may feeling din sya saakin .
Hired for Bieber (Justin Bieber story) by inikki66
Hired for Bieber (Justin Bieber st...by Nikki
Nikki Rinehart was hired to make Justin happy. Nikki's mom kept it a secret until scooter wanted to meet Nikki.Scooter doesn't know Nikki doesn't like Justin.Justin is...