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Can King Make Ram Blush? by dogplant
Can King Make Ram Blush?by winneroflife
Ram and King are in the flirting stage of their relationship, but no one has ever seen Ram blush before. One day, everyone points out that King is always the one blushin...
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Cross The Line (A TharaFrong fanfiction) (book 2) by mitchiko3
Cross The Line (A TharaFrong fanfi...by mitchiko3
Book 2 of my fanfiction called 'Cross The Line'. The story takes place directly after the end of the Thai BL series 'My Engineer' season 1. After Thara called Frong 'Non...
More Than Words - My Engineer FF by YuuYa_Haguire
More Than Words - My Engineer FFby YuuYa_Haguire
RAMKING FANFICTION! Sometimes action speaks louder than words. Luckily, King is a smart guy who can deal with the silent and distant Ram. How can Ram communicate his fe...
Love Has A Color (COMPLETED) by letmewritethewords
Love Has A Color (COMPLETED)by Lís
A soulmate-themed RamKing short story. Completed. 💕 Date Published: 7/1/20 Date Completed: 8/13/20
It Started With A Kiss (RamKing) by jrmishue
It Started With A Kiss (RamKing)by jrmishue
Sure, he kissed a lot of boys that night, but none took his breath away as much as the tattooed prince. ___________________________________ This is a slight AU based on...
Venus Flytrap ✅ by JinniesStories
Venus Flytrap ✅by JinniesStories
They say soulmates can hear each other's thoughts in their head. Whatever the other person is thinking, his soulmate will be able to understand everything without the ot...
The Seed by weatherman_08
The Seedby weatherman
~A RamKing Fanfiction~ The story starts after their scene on the campsite where the supposedly first kiss happened between Ram and King. What if the kiss didn't happen...
GAP BETWEEN US by keuliseutinnn_Eris
GAP BETWEEN USby keuliseutinnn_Eris
Finally! English Translation is here!! This novel focused only to my babies #RamKing from My Engineer The Series. Credits: To The RIGHTFUL OWNER
Ram, King, and a puppy named Venus (My Engineer ㅡ RamKing)  by flinkbisk
Ram, King, and a puppy named Venus...by Angus
King wants to show Ram he can overcome his fear of dogs. Mostly fluff and King being scared.
My Sanctuary (Is You) by HyacinthsSoul
My Sanctuary (Is You)by HyacinthsSoul
King invited Ram to visit his little sanctuary anytime. He just didn't think it would happen quite so soon. --- Crossposted from AO3
A Loud Silence by lilgrandmama
A Loud Silenceby ICE
Ram can only stand frozen when a handsome stranger runs to him and hug him. "Save me! Save me!" The handsome stranger shouted. By the frantic looks of the stra...
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BL Drama Recommendations & Reviews by muffein
BL Drama Recommendations & Reviewsby muff1n
This is going to be filled with BL shows I have watched and that I want to review!
Scars by oursinsdefineus
Scarsby oursinsdefineus
Ram loved dogs. He was a dog dad, through and through. King, however, was terrified of them. It wasn't even an irrational fear, Ram found out, when he saw the scars. (Ju...
MY ENGINEER : THE SERIES by duh_the_maniac
Duen is first year at the university, living a normal life and all that changed when he meet him..............P Bohn is a third year student at the university. Things re...
I LOVE YOU perth Talay by stewartkookie
I LOVE YOU perth Talayby zee<3
it is about an actor Perth and Talay. They both were selected to be in a BL series called my engineer which the other 6 friends of Talay . But Perth was a new guy . They...
MyCorner 7th Photobook Engineer Edition  by rinalucci
MyCorner 7th Photobook Engineer Ed...by rinalucci
The 7th photobook. This book is only contain about the actors in My Engineer Series & EN Of Love series. Look up to my profile if you curious about the other previous...
The Weird Doctor and his Love (TharaFrong) by BLTime
The Weird Doctor and his Love (Tha...by BLTime
When Thara and Frong first meet, it does not go well. The subsequent meetings do not go much better until Frong hears about Thara's acts of kindness. Frong feels guilty...
A Drunken Kiss by Ryuk91
A Drunken Kissby Nick
I wondered about RamKing. I was curious about Ram and I LOVE King and regardless of them not being the main couple they are the reason I finished My Engineer. So here is...
This is what I've been reading and watching during quarantine! If you love BL and read YAOI MANGA, this are lists of my favourites! Feel free to scan this. Xoxo
Cool Boy and Cold Heart (RAMKING)  by wid317
Cool Boy and Cold Heart (RAMKING) by wid317
Ram bared his heart open and broke down his wall for King only to be pushed away in the end.